Meet: Myra – a Blogger (Before It Was Cool) And A Magisto Pro User


Hi all! *waves* and welcome to our blog. This time around we’re going to be interviewing one of our Magisto Pro users, hearing her story, and learning all about how she uses Magisto and video marketing in her daily life (and on her journey around the world) Enjoy!


Cindy: Hi Myra! Of course, we know you. But for those that don’t could you tell us a little about yourself and what it is you do?

I often daydreamed about auditioning for the Amazing Race – a reality TV show, where contestants happily traverse the globe vying for a million dollar prize.  I could easily see my ultra-competitive self surmounting numerous obstacle courses, outsmarting the competition with my travel savvy, and out-eating them with my insatiable, hobbit-like hunger.  Since I was born a full blown workaholic (started working at age 13), this ongoing daydream, however, seemed extremely far-fetched.

Reality Bites (2007):  Knee deep in an actual rat race, I was unhappily working 100+ hour work weeks wishing I could eat what I want, drink what I want, and do what I want – anywhere in the world.  After several months of grueling demands, I finally had a breakthrough. My gut told me that it’s time to explore the world and shed anything that was detrimental to my well being (including my financial lifeline).

While most people would have sulked and succumbed to common excuses (I can’t afford to do that. I don’t have time or money right now), I did the exact opposite.  I quit even though I had a mortgage. I left my stable, lucrative job even though I had no idea where my travel funds would come from or how I would survive a solo backpacking trip across 11 countries, especially in India. I made a highly uncommon choice back then and LOVED every second of my global sojourn.

No regrets.

After 14 months of pure jet-setter bliss, I returned to the daily grind incredibly re-freshed, knowing that someday my extreme wanderlust would overtake my soul and beckon me to repeat history.

Reinvention (2015): After 7 post-world exploration years of schlepping through several demanding jobs (including my most recent senior executive role), I have now chosen to reinvent myself and my career. This time, for the rest of my life. At least, that’s the goal.

I like to refer to it as Myra 2.0, the life I was originally meant to have.  The second iteration will be filled with more laughter, more joy, more “living” than I ever thought possible. The older i get, the more precious time has become and how it’s spent.

Eat Drink and Be Myra™ is a tribute to those who want to live vicariously through a cuisine-loving, globe-trotting, candy-toting, wine/cocktail enthusiast.

This site showcases my initial sojourn as well as my future worldwide (and local) galavants. Can’t wait to Eat Drink and Be Myra™ as often as I can, anywhere my thirst and hunger take me.

Cindy: Wow so much to unpack here. Your story is insane! So how does all of this bring you to Magisto? How are you currently using it, and how has it helped you grow your following / business?

Myra: I utilize Magisto’s advanced editing features (both mobile and desktop) to create compelling videos that showcase my globetrotting adventures on social media. It’s not easy promoting my website on a global scale. Magisto helped by driving traffic to and exposing my brand to the masses.  I started using the service 3 years ago, and I’ve received an uptick of visitors and followers ever since. Under the professional plan, I can add my logo and business details to each video. Doing so increases overall brand exposure.

Cindy: Nice! I too, am also obsessed with the brand it template and logo feature! Tell us — how many videos have you created so far?

Myra: 123 videos covering an entire gamut of travel hotspots such as Peru, Colombia, Morocco, Cuba, Switzerland, and countless others.

Cindy: WOW – that’s a lot. No wonder you are a pro 😉 You seem to have the social media marketing side of things down pat! How would you describe Magisto to someone who has never used it?

Myra: Magisto is my go to resource for effortless video creation. The process is extremely simple – upload footage, select the editing style, choose the music, then let Magisto’s technology work its undeniable magic.

Cindy: On average how long does it take you to create a video you are happy with?

Myra: I spend 5 minutes to an hour tweaking footage (highlighting, re-ordering, adding text) depending on how much content I’ve uploaded. I also test numerous professional editing styles until I find the perfect one. It’s definitely worth the effort since I’m usually pleased with the results.








Cindy: What is your FAVORITE Magisto feature?

Myra: I often narrate my travel segments. B-roll allows me to overlay photos as I share tidbits about my featured travel destination. B-roll always adds depth and visual appeal.

See example here:








Cindy: WOW! I love your style, almost like taking us along for the ride! After knowing all that you do about Magisto — would you recommend it to others?

Myra: Heck yes! You don’t have to be tech-savvy to create visually-appealing videos like a seasoned pro. I used to spend hours editing travel segments via iMovie. With Magisto, I spend less time editing and more time traversing this amazing planet. Such a time-saver!


And there you have it folks. All you need to know from a Magisto Pro. To keep up to date with Myra on her magical Magisto adventures give her a follow here.

Until next time, Cheers!


Social Media Manager + Head of Community at Magisto