5 Tips For Using Video In Your Social Media Marketing Strategy


Over 500 million (half a BILLION) people are watching video everyday on Facebook alone (via Forbes). And DYK: social media marketing videos generates 1200% more shares than text and images COMBINED?!

If you’re going to invest the time into making videos (and I think you should) Don’t let it overwhelm you. Here are surefire ways to make sure that your videos are successful on social.

1) Think about “second zero”

Our CEO Oren Boiman recently attended a FB partners summit and one of their top tips for FB video & FB video marketing re: generating engagement was to remember that video may take 1-2 seconds (depending on internet speed) to buffer. During that “black screen” time you could lose your audience. “Second zero” simply means making sure that you have something purposeful there that captures attention (usually text or people’s faces) even before your video starts which brings me to our second tip.

2) Don’t forget about your thumbnail

This one is often the MOST overlooked. A small tip with a BIG impact. Your thumbnail is often what draws people in. Make sure that you are not breezing past this step during the upload phase. Choose from auto-generated images, custom image, or video frame that is impactful but not auto-generated.

3)  Know your video goal and deliver that to your audience first

Ricard Butterfield’s Power of Persuasion discusses the art of perfecting a “powerbite” Watch this short video here to get the gist. Point being, what is the conclusion you are trying to get the person watching to? With today’s attention spans at a measly 6 seconds (less than a goldfish) and respect for your audience’s time – deliver the goal / conclusion first.

4) Deliver value

Now that your audience has stayed with you, reward them with value. Solve a problem, answer a question, deliver EVIDENCE that what you are watching is worth the investment and WHY.

5) Finish with a CTA (call to action) 

Again, this one seems simple to understand but after watching hundreds of brand videos you’d be surprised at how many can drift off leaving the viewer wondering “that’s it? What was the point of that?” Always, always have a CTA even if it is just “click the link to learn more.” It drives your audience where you want them to go, and if they’ve made it to the end of your video that is a HUGE feat that deserves capturing more of their attention – capture them WHILE they are engaged.

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