How To Use Video Marketing To Generate Leads


Hello Cindy here *waves* Social Media Manager and Head of Community at Magisto. I’ve been getting this question a lot from our community – “How do I use video to generate leads?” With our huge user base of car dealers, real-estate agents, and fashion boutiques this is a topic that seems to have a dreary cloud hanging over it. So let’s clarify with some video marketing tips below.

1) Generate Leads By Adding A Video To Your Landing Page

Adding a video to your landing page can increase conversions by 80%! In addition, Studies show that viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to only 10% when reading it in text.  And a recent study done by Forrester revealed that 1 minute of video is actually worth 1.8 MILLION WORDS. Think about how much copy + text you would need to write to create the impact that a simple video has.


2) Add a Lead Generation Form / Turnstile

Not only are you getting a jump on grabbing their attention, but WHILE they’re engaged this is the perfect time to snag their information for them to learn more about your brand, business, and what you do. Now I’m sure you’re wondering what is a “turnstile?” According to Wistia a “Turnstile is a great way to identify high-quality leads with video. Connect your account to your favorite email provider, then add an email capture gate to any point.”  


3) Gate Your Video Content

But Cindy – what does “gate” even mean? Gating simply means that a user has to enter some kind of information in order to gain access to what they are viewing, in this case – your content marketing video. There is a time and a place for gating, and this article does a great job at explaining this in depth. Moreover, you are going to want to gate things where the user is further along in the buyers journey and, where you are providing deeper value to them. Webinars and e-books are a GREAT way to do this. On the flip-side, you do not want to gate general awareness content that will help you drive them into the top of your funnel i.e. blogs, newsletters, etc.

This is another great example to see it in use.


4) Know The Goal + Understand The Purpose Of Your Video:

If your goal is to generate a high amount of leads you will want to use “awareness” or “top-of-funnel” videos. Those are usually informational or educational videos designed to appeal to a wider audience or someone just getting introduced to your business for the first time.

If your goal is to gain quality leads, use your “decision” or “bottom-of-funnel” videos. These are typically videos of your product or purchase related and designed to appeal to users that are further along in the buying process.

Simply knowing which videos you need where will help you pinpoint where customers are along in their journey and help you target them at the right time.

5) Use Strategic Calls To Action

Some people are afraid of being too pushy when it comes to call to actions but really if your viewer has already made it to the point of your call to action – they are genuinely interested in where to go next. It is perfectly OK to say “click this link” “follow this form” “send us an email at” these are very easy to add and you’ll want to add these at the end of your video. YouTube does a great job helping users by offering annotations and cards to create very specific CTAs throughout videos. Point being – always, always add a clear call to action. Put yourself in the buyers shoes and think “what was the point of that video?”

I know this may seems like a lot of information coming at you at once, so feel free to break this article down in chunks and take some time to process it.

I hope you found this article helpful and that it will aid you in your digital marketing journey! If you did find it helpful, give us a share @Magisto on social.

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