Terrified of Video? Use These 3 EASY Steps To Get Started


Hello and welcome to our blog! Today’s post is a guest post by Lital, our Head of Content here at Magisto, her job (among other things) is to go through and analyze ALL types on content from over 100 million of our users. If anyone has the inside scoop on what makes a successful content marketing video, it’s her. 

Take it away Lital!

Hey friends – these steps may seem simple, but if used consistently can be very impactful. Most business owners are terrified of using video and have no idea where to start. Use these three simple tips to get your video game off the ground, and you’re guaranted to see results.

Step 1: Before you even start creating videos — think about what you are trying to convey and what the end goal should be.

This is crucial in leading the viewer where you want them to go, AND in choosing what type of video you want to create.

Do you need to create a tutorial video?

A how-to guide?

Do you want to do a live demo of your product?

Are you looking for a brand ambassador? Try interviewing your clients to create a testimonial video.

Are you running a sale or special promotion to announce your new product?

You will probably need all the options above at some point, but for beginners – choose one to focus on.


Step 2: Timing is everything – take advantage of the opportunities you are given.

All of the above are different avenues you can take when creating your videos, but in order to be effective – the timing needs to be right. For example, If you hear that your customer is really happy with your service, remember that in that same conversation consider saying something like: 

“Hey! We are thrilled to hear your feedback, if you have a minute would you mind sending that over to us in video format so we can share on our social channels? It would really mean a lot to us, and we’d love to feature you! “

Creating a testimonial video is a great way for your brand advocates to tell your story FOR YOU, instead of you just talking at your audience. Testimonial videos are also a great tool to showcase that your business or product is reliable, and that you are trustworthy — and this is priceless in the online world we live in with endless buying choices for consumers today.

Another tip? The videos that usually perform the best are: short, authentic and creative. 

Match the right type of video with the right opportunity / story and you will see that creating videos will be much more fun and natural. 

Step 3: Match your strategic video content plan with your current business plan

Traditional communication, and press releases are pretty much non-existent these days. In fact 82% of IP traffic will be video by 2021 (according to Business Insider).

Are you having an event next month? Great! Invite your customers with a FB video. Do you have a new product coming up in two weeks? Create a coming-soon video and spread the word.

It’s definitely ok to be dynamic and spontaneous, but it’s also important to use a content calendar to prepare what you need to create content marketing videos that fit into your weekly, monthly, or even quarterly outlook.