Meet: Ramon – a Global Speaker, Entrepreneur, Author, and a Magisto Pro User

Hi all *waves* and welcome to our blog! This time we’re going to be interviewing one of our Magisto Pro users, hearing his story, and learning all about how he uses Magisto in his busy life as an entrepreneur.

Cindy: Hi Ramon – of course, we know you. But for those that don’t, could you tell us a little about yourself and what it is you do?


Ramon is…

an entrepreneur, global speaker and best selling author. He also loves burnt pancakes, bacon, eggs, 2 cold glasses of milk and pancake syrup on the weekends.

If you’re looking to have someone inspire, energize, and inform the attendees at your next event, ask Ramon to speak.

Few people have been invited to the White House to present to the President’s staff; testified to Congress; graduated from the FBI Citizens Academy; or have worked at the United Nations.

If you’re a journalist looking for input on a story – ask Ramon.

If you’re a business owner looking for help – ask Ramon.

Ramon started four companies and sold one. He has years of hands-on experience in marketing, sales, personal branding, technology and more. He most enjoys traveling around the world helping audiences grow their businesses.

Ramon is also an in-demand speaker to young professionals and college students.

That’s just a few things about me ; )

Cindy: Wow! Looks like you have a LOT on your plate! AND a breakfast guy? Now I know we’re going to be best friends. 

Next question — How would you describe Magisto to someone who has never used it?

Ramon: Magisto helps you simply create great videos, with minimal effort for maximum result.

Cindy: I love that! How are you currently using Magisto in your social media marketing efforts?

Ramon: I use Magisto, primarily, to help put together amazing event videos. I take video of the attendees and event; do an opening segment about the event I’m at and then put together an amazing video about the event. I also uses Magisto for other types of video – like this special on on an obstacle course with my daughter:

What was your day like today? Mine? Mud… Water.. Barb wire… Fun….rope… Mud… Fun… Water… Dirt… Fun…

Posted by Ramon Ray on Saturday, June 23, 2018

Cindy: How NEAT! I love that you do event recaps. I also do them now and wish I would’ve started doing this earlier. Question for you about this, on average how long does it take you to create a video you are happy with?

Ramon: Well I always shoot lots of video and images – so in about 10 minutes or less I can easily create an EPIC video.

Cindy: See that is super quick! A lot of people don’t know you can create something so great in just minutes. With that being said, what is your favorite Magisto feature?

Ramon: Just love the AI and that I don’t have to think (too much) Magisto knows when I’m talking and when I’m not and does the rest!

Cindy: How has Magisto helped you grow your following / business?

Ramon: Video humanizes and personalizes your brand. With Magisto I make amazing videos that people are jealous of – until they start to use Magisto! 

Cindy: Hahah Indeed. Jealous is a great word. The usually think you are some sort of video whizz when in reality – it’s Magisto! Would you recommend Magisto to others?

Ramon: In a heartbeat – in fact many people have started to use Magisto because of me. I’m a secret Magisto evangelist.

Cindy: It’s no secret Ramon! We thank you for spreading the good Magisto word, and are thrilled to share your story with the rest of our community, until the next event — cheers! 

And there you have it folks. All you need to know from a Magisto Pro. To keep up to date with Ramon and his Magisto adventures give him a follow here.

Until next time, Cheers!


Social Media Manager + Head of Community at Magisto

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