What Is A Magisto Video Template?

Hi folks – Cindy here, Social Media Manager + Head of Community here at Magisto. I’ve been getting a lot of questions about how to use our Magisto video templates lately so I thought I’d do a quick tutorial to answer some FAQ’s.

P.S. Have I mentioned how excited I am that you are here? This tells me that you are ready to learn and take your video skills to the next level. Read on friends — you’re already on your way to becoming a video rockstar!

Q: What is a “template?”

A: Templates are videos we (the Magisto video + creative experts) made for your use. Essentially – we already did the work FOR YOU! The video is pretty much already created. You have the option to replace the text and can swap any of the footage with your own, or simply use the template as is and it’s ready to share on social media!

Q: When and WHY would I want to use a “template” vrs just creating my own video? 

A: In a nutshell? They save you time and look INCREDIBLE with very little effort on your part. I like to use them when I’m short on time because it really is just plug and play OR when I have a call to action that is pretty generic. Example: We have some GREAT new fall sale templates that are beautiful and already put together all you need to do is add your logo and/or customize the CTA and BAM! In less than 2-3 minutes you have a beautiful, professional looking video to use for all your marketing needs.

Q: Where do I find the templates? 

First step in the template process? Choose “Make a Video” from there it will open up this screen:

Click “Customize a template.”

From there — it will open up this page:

Let’s say we have a big announcement coming up and need a teaser for our social media marketing strategy. Click “Use this template” on the one we want.


This will open up to the storyboard you are used to seeing. All of your assets will already be laid out for you.

From here (if you want to make changes) you can add footage using the + sign in the right corner, or add/personalize text by clicking on the T. I always like to add our logo, you can do this by clicking “Video settings” in the top right hand corner. This opens up a suite of options you can customize.

The video orientation is also super important depending on where you are going to use your video. Another thing I LOVE about Magisto that saves you time PRO TIP here. After you create your video or in this case video template, you don’t have to make it ALL OVER AGAIN to get a different size. You simple click “make a copy” and then you would come into this “Video settings” tab again and switch it over to whatever size you need for that occasion.

From this step, you’ll want to save and preview. Make adjustments if needed. After that hit “Save movie” and you’re all set.


Congrats on making it through your first template tutorial. I promise that after this you will be obsessed with how quickly you can create this. Video marketing doesn’t have to be intimidating, with Magisto it really is no experience needed.

Interested in even more template inspiration?

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