Meet: Angela – A Wife, A Mother, And A Kick-Ass Real Estate Agent Growing Her Business With Video


Hi all! *waves* and welcome to our blog. This time around we’re going to be interviewing one of our Magisto Pro users named Angela, hearing her story, and learning all about how she uses Magisto and video marketing to grow her business.


Cindy: Hi Angela! Of course, we know you. But for those that don’t could you tell us a little about yourself and what it is you do?
Angela: Im a mother, a wife and passionate Florida realtor. My goal is to help sellers sell their homes for the most amount of money in the least amount of time. And, I also help Buyers purchase Homes where they can create memories to last a lifetime…


Cindy: How are you currently using Magisto?
Angela: I use Magisto to showcase the properties I sell. I love to tell a story through video. It is a great opportunity for someone interested to sample the lifestyle of living in that home. I also use Magisto to showcase brief interviews with local influencers in my real estate market.


Cindy: I LOVE that you are doing different types of videos, not just the same thing over and over. The influencer interviews are genius, and who wouldn’t want to see a home via video instead of those tiny real-estate pics?!

I think people want to know, on average how long does it take you to create a video you are happy with?
Angela: 5-10 minutes

Cindy: CRAZY. I think a lot of business owners (especially in real estate) want to use video but are afraid it will take too much time. I love that you we are able to share your story as a great example. 

Next question – what is your favorite Magisto feature?
Angela: The music selection and video templates. I can appeal to my clients heart strings with these tools.

Cindy: True that. How has Magisto helped you grow your following / business?
Angela: Magisto helps me capture my clients attention in a way that regular photos or text can not. Buying and selling a home is a very important transaction and I make the experience easy and enjoyable by implementing video. I can work with buyers and sellers all over the world by using the power of video. It makes it easy for them to feel so close even if they are far away.


Cindy: Would you recommend Magisto to others?
Angela: Absolutely! I already have.

Cindy: How would you describe Magisto to someone who has never used it?
Angela: It is like a genie in a bottle. You just tell her want and she makes your dreams come true!

Cindy: HAHAH I LOVE THAT! Anything else you would like to include or have other business owners in your situtation take away?
Magisto is my sharpest tool and one I always go to when I want to make a great impression. Thank you Magisto.


And there you have it folks. All you need to know from a Magisto Pro. To keep up to date with Angela and her awesome real-estate & social media marketing tips give her a follow here.

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Until next time, Cheers!


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