Is Your Holiday Content Calendar Up To Date? We Have Everything You Need To Know


Hi there – Cindy here, Head of Community here at Magisto. The holidays are officially upon us and as content managers there is nothing scarier than falling behind. So that’s why we’ve created your holiday check list for you!

Print this out, put it on your desk, whatever you’ve gotta do to stay on top of important dates to remember.

Some ‘types’ of holiday content you can create to get the inspiration flowing include:







Thank you’s

Customer Testimonials

…to name a few but remember you don’t have to create strictly original content for all of the holidays. In fact, a lot on content you see during this season is curated. See our tips below on ways you can get inspired and recycle content for curation.

And here’s a PRO tip — don’t smash all of your content into only the actual day of the holiday. Spacing and timing your content is important for long term engagement. People have already started shopping. Think about times when you are looking for holiday items…it’s the weekend right? Step out of your normal strategy a bit and make sure that you are hitting those audiences and testing to see where engagement is the highest.

Lastly you are going to need a way to stay organized. I personally use Sprout Social and love their scheduling tools and reports, but there are plenty of other options out there that are FREE and easy to use. CoSchedule being one of them. Check it out here.

Happy holiday planning all!