Magisto’s Head Of Customer Support – Nir, Answers All Your FAQ’s


We sat down with Nir, our Head of Customer Support here at Magisto. He and his team are responsible for all of customer support meaning: handling tickets, request, cancellations, upgrades – you name it, Nir knows it.

Nir and his team


After being with Magisto only a few months I’ve realized this team (and Nir himself) are one of the most important teams here at Magisto. Why? Because they hear from YOU our customers day in and day out – they know the product better than anyone else. Which is why we wanted to pick his brain and use for knowledge for good.

Take it away Nir!


FAQ: I don’t have any time or money how can Magisto help my business?

ANSWER: This is actually exactly why Magisto is the right solution for you! Magisto saves you time by allowing you to create awesome videos within minutes. You don’t have to be a video producer or a professional video editor. Just follow the 3-4 simple steps and you will have an awesome video result within minutes. Want an even quicker solution – use Magisto’s pre-made templates – just replace the text and/or footage or even use as is. very very simple and easy to use!

Have you had a chance to ask a Professional video editor/producer for a quote? I’ll save you the time – we are talking about hundreds or thousands of dollars per one minute video! With Magisto you get a video producer and editor in your pocket that creates unlimited number of videos. You can share the videos you create on social media, send it to your customers via email or even embed the videos in your website. The world is going through a “videofication” process and you certainly want to be a part of it. Use video = grow your business!


FAQ: How do I actually get started with Magisto right now?

ANSWER: The best way to introduce you to Magisto would be sharing this great video with you:

It pretty much explains what Magisto is all about.

I’m also including a link to our explore page, where you can see videos created by other video makers using Magisto –

I would start with simply – creating a video! here’s how you can get started – link (web), link (mobile). The video creation steps are very simple – adding footage, selecting an editing style (“filters” – creative guidelines), selecting a soundtrack – and you are good to go!


FAQ: Can I test different tiers to see what I want moving forward?

ANSWER: Yes! Magisto offers a 7 day trial period with the Professional and Business plans. You can sign up for one of those plans to test and explore the different features. The trial period we offer is fully functional without any limitations, so you can basically test everything!

Started a trial with Professional (or already have a Professional upgrade) and you want to try out the Business plan? – let us know and we will manually apply the upgrade so you can play around with the different features.


FAQ: Which tier do you recommend? / What do the different tiers offer?

ANSWER: This would depend on your needs. The Business plan, for instance, is not for everyone. It includes tools for branding, insights and analytical tools for social media sharing (views, viewer retention), access to stock footage and more. If you own a business, or if you are an entrepreneur working on growing your business – this is probably the right plan for you – it includes everything Magisto has to offer. However, if you have your own footage, do not need the analytical tools and just want to get started with video creation – the Professional upgrade should suffice and might be a good place to start. You may find a detailed comparison between the different plans on this page – link

Subscription features – Help & Learning Center

FAQ: Why do I have to put my credit card in before the trial and not after if you’re not going to charge me?

ANSWER: We offer a 7 day trial period with the Business and Professional plans so you can test and explore the different features and decide whether Magisto is the right tool for your video creation needs. Your payment information ensures that there will be no interruption in your service at the end of the trial period. Note that you can cancel the subscription any time to stop the auto-renewal, including during the 7 day trial period.


FAQ: What does it mean when you say I will have priority support from customer support with the business package?

ANSWER: Priority support means that your inquiry will be prioritized over other inquiries. The CS team will respond to your inquiry faster, your inquiry will be prioritized over other inquiries internally – with the developers and with the other technical teams, and you will have access to our live chat on the website from every page (while other only have access to the live chat on the creation page and the editor page.


FAQ: Once I have my profile, I make a movie, etc. how do I export it? Can I export directly to share on social or can I download and share that way? 

ANSWER: Magisto offers many sharing tools – starting with direct sharing to Facebook (Timeline, FB page and even directly to your ads manager), YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter, Instagram (via mobile app), and more. You can also share your videos via email (you can even share it using your email marketing platform). You can also embed your video on your own website very easily and even create a custom page for the video with your logo and with a Call to Action button. Sharing a link is also possible and easy. If the above sharing options are not enough – you can always download your video to your device. When sharing to FB and YouTube, please make sure you share the videos directly from Magisto to avoid copyright issues. As for all other platforms – you can simply download the videos to your device and upload it to the relevant platform. 


FAQ: Are there analytics on the backend of Magisto for my videos? How can I see them?

ANSWER: Yes – with the Business plan you can access your video insights and see how many views your video had, and see the average watch time/viewer retention. These analytics are available for each video you share. You can access the movie insights page on our website by clicking the relevant video and clicking the graph icon.


FAQ: What are the best features in your opinion?

ANSWER: Obviously, the stock footage is a huge advantage – tons of awesome, high quality photos and video clips that can be used in the video. However, I personally really like the B-roll tool that allows you to use the original audio from your video clips and show other footage while the audio is still playing. The integration with Google Drive and Google Photos is also very useful. I also really like the fact that you can use Magisto on multiple platforms – start the video creation on the website, and then add footage or edit it on your mobile device. Some video makers only use it on the mobile device – I would highly recommend to take a look at the website!


FAQ: What limitations do you see?

ANSWER: We know Magisto is not perfect, and we’re always working on improving the product and adding new features. This is why the video maker’s feedback means a lot to us! One of the main limitation I find in Magisto is related to the video quality. The fact that you must download the video (if you are using a mobile device) using the same device you used to create the video in order to have the highest quality possible of your video is not very clear to most of the video makers, and it is actually quite difficult to explain this as customer support agents. In addition – and this could be considered an advantage as much as it could be limiting – Magisto is based on AI and the video creation process is 100% automatic. For those who are looking for advanced editing tools, such as setting the exact timing of each scene, the exact video length or the adding a specific effect/filter to a specific scene – Magisto may not be the right tool for you at the moment.. If you want to be able to create multiple unique, high quality videos at scale – Magisto is exactly for you!


CINDY: That’s it for the FAQ but do you have any helpful links customers should bookmark to have just in case? 

NIR: Here are links to articles that explain how to get started the video creation:  

Web, Mobile. Other important links would be to the FAQ section – articles about quality, orientation and account issues (video makers that cannot find their Magisto account)


CINDY: How can users contact customer support?  

NIR: Very easy!

1) Submitting a support request: in the user menu there’s a “Contact support” button (both on the website and on the mobile app). You can also submit a ticket via – just make sure you are logged into your Magisto account.

2) Chat – you can reach out to us using the live chat on the website (available to Professional and Business video makers).



CINDY: What is the easiest way to sign up and log in?

NIR: I think the easiest way to sign up and log in would be using Facebook. Just make sure you submit your email address and verify it – so we can stay in touch with you after you sign up 😉 


And there you have it folks! Everything you need to know from the man, Nir himself! Any other burning questions? You can always reach him or his team here.

Signing off,


Head of Community + Social at Magisto