Magisto’s VP of Creative Shares: “Video Is Not The Future, It Is Already Here.”


We sat down with Itzhak Garbuz – our VP of Creative here at Magisto (and a video editor/producer in the business for over 30 years) for a chat about all things video. One of the most interesting things he said when asked why video was important —

Why? “Because your competitors are already doing it.” Having been with us for over seven years Garbuz has seen the rise of video in a VERY big way. Read on to hear what he thinks makes Magisto stand out among the rest.


Cindy: So in your opinion, what makes Magisto different from all of the other video apps out there?

Garbuz: Magisto makes the art of cinema accessible – we won’t teach you how to make films – we will HELP YOU express yourself better with the language of video.

We will help you democratize content creation. We will help you make movies that tell a story and can evoke emotion. For so long this was a thing that involved expensive equipment and staffing, production teams etc. I’ll give you an example… when I saw that a small child in Bangladesh with only her cell phone create a story using Magisto (and it was a good one…) I knew we were onto something.

We give access to this world of storytelling. The AI takes you by the hand. You don’t need to write a script or hire anyone for that matter – we will do the heavy lifting. 

If you ask a person who has no experience to “plan a video” they will never know how to do that. However if you show him a video about his business first as a draft, he can relate by seeing it and GET IT. He can tweak it and use it, and that’s it! Business owners and new users especially, need some accessibility and the form of creation at the beginning. They are terrified to start the creation process themselves and I think we can alleviate that better than any other product on the market.


Cindy: Why should business owners be telling their stories through video?

Garbuz: At Magisto we allow the business owner to express themselves by BEING themselves. People already know who you are in your community. You are a baker? BE A BAKER. Give us all of your raw materials of you just doing what you do: photos, videos etc. and our AI will create a video for you. If you try too hard to “make a video” and be someone you are not – it will look fake, staged, and unauthentic.  


Cindy: How does Getty play into this when we are talking about being authentic? 

Garbuz: Getty is a fantastic tool and it let’s me “upgrade my videos” but most important is being authentic. That you can see me (the business owner) as I am. Not in a costume. Tell your story the best way you can. Getty is a great way after you give us your raw footage to fill in those gaps. Without hiring a studio, and lighting etc. you have access to clips and material in seconds. If you are a mechanic and you need a video of satisfied customers – with the help of Getty, we can now give you that. 


Cindy: So I’m convinced! I’m a Magisto fan. When it comes to Editing Styles how does your team decide what assets to create? 

Garbuz: We approach an editing style to make sense of the world. We try to break it down in a sense that it will make whatever the user is creating with it, feel whole. Like a complete story. 

We start with a reason: we want to provide users a way to promote their business during the holidays. We start with a vertical: fashion etc. we see bloggers and fashion boutiques using our product in droves – we work backwards to help create a design that will encourage this group to express themselves. We start with content, a reason: funny – we want these to go viral etc.

But mainly, we start with WHY.

We think about the components >>> who are our users and what do they want? We want to provide solutions, music etc. and give the user the feeling that they have the best of the best when it comes to help with content creation. 

When you use our editing styles you will see it feels like your story is round, whole, and complete.


Cindy: What is the best way to utilize our templates?

Garbuz: Templates are good because it saves time – you find exactly what you need. And it’s already there made for you. All you need to know is your intent, then add your logo, change a few titles and you have a brand new professional video to add to social media. My advice is for first time users, don’t even get fancy — just pick a template download it and use as it. You will see how easy it is – you don’t have to do a THING! Then after you feel more comfortable, you can start to customize and get creative. 


Cindy: Where can users find templates?

Templates are available for pro and business users and can be found at in our library there.

Cindy: So these seem simple and easy sure. But what if I am a business owner who is just afraid to start. I have no idea how to “tell a story.” What do you say to these people?

Garbuz: It really is simple. Start with your intent: why do you need to tell your story and what do you want it to be about. Join Magisto Pro group here (I am in there and if you are terrified I will direct to you give you honest feedback about your video. This really is entry level editing software. Find what you are comfortable with. If you are terrified of video, you don’t have to talk to the camera. START SOMEWHERE. Don’t try to do everything and use all of our effects at once. 


Cindy: Any other tips for getting started?

Garbuz: Find us on social @Magisto / @Magistoapp and learn from our examples. Find our explore page here — see what other business owners are doing.

Look at examples! I cannot stress that enough. Shift your mindset from “I can’t do it” to “If I don’t do it my competitors will.” People keep saying the “future is video” the future is here and video is now. Even if you “don’t like video” everyone is talking in the language of video — you need to learn to speak the language.

We offer a lot of support, our support team is always available. Get rid of your fears and just start swimming! Once you do courage will come, you will sell much better. Your business will perform better – guaranteed.