Introducing Chant – A New App From Magisto



Introducing Chant  – A New Tool From Magisto Designed To Help Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs Utilize  the Power of Social Video Marketing to Grow

At Magisto, we’re keenly focused on supporting the booming number of entrepreneurs and small businesses, and in doing so, we constantly strive to provide and/or improve the tools necessary for them to succeed. That’s why we’re very excited to introduce our newest product, Chant.

What is Chant?

Chant is a social media growth power-tool designed to help small business owners and entrepreneurs boost growth with video on social media. The app bridges the knowledge gap for entrepreneurs who are unfamiliar with video and allows them to begin an effective video marketing strategy without a steep learning curve.

By providing initial ideation, high-quality content, powerful video production, easy social media distribution, and live analytics, Chant simplifies and streamlines social video marketing with A.I. to suit the busy lifestyles of small business owners and entrepreneurs.



Initial Ideation | Entrepreneurs know what they want to achieve. Chant provides a place to start.

Forty-Seven percent of marketers say that it’s not the price that prevents them from utilizing video in their marketing solutions, but the time it takes to create. Designed for busy entrepreneurs and social media managers, Chant asks you about your goal and provides a simple, effective way to get there. Chant includes hundreds of templates — from product promotions, to sales advertisements, to company milestone announcements — each optimized to specific use cases, giving small business owners the ability to quickly identify their goal and create unique, effective video content.


Content | Most small business owners aren’t also professional videographers…

Each template suggests a pre-selection of content, specific to the chosen use case and relevant to today’s audiences, then puts everything together a cohesive story. Our team of researchers and social experts continually analyze market trends to see what messages and content are working and what’s not. Magisto handles all the market research so Chant users can rest assured that their video content will effectively perform.


Agility | Solving strict template limitations with artificial intelligence.

Traditional template solutions solve for time, but are strictly limited in their ability to be customized to fit a brand. Chant is the first template-style video solution to streamline video creation and allow for complete customization. The employment of our A.I. algorithms, within the provided templates, offers users the flexibility, customization and ownership that are extremely important in the early stages of a business. Authenticity is what resonates with today’s audiences, and with Chant, users are able to create a personal brand narrative and drive their own conversations with unique content. The content that small business owners and entrepreneurs create in the critical early stages should be what defines their brand, and with Chant, they have an easy, inexpensive, fully customizable solution to create the content that will tell their brand story.


Why now?

Rising, “post-Google” generations prefer to watch rather than read, and as they continue to gain influence in the market, the need for social video marketing increases. Our past research found that 84 percent of marketers plan to create more videos for their marketing activities, and social video was cited as having the highest return on investment of any channel. Yet the barriers to utilizing video remain high. Video marketing has traditionally been the domain of larger businesses with sizable marketing budgets, and 47 percent of marketers say that it’s not the price, but the time it takes to create which hinders them.

With the launch of Chant, we hope to level the playing field for small business owners and entrepreneurs by offering a complete marketing resource with intuitive workflows for creating fully customized, effective videos from simple templates. We hope you enjoy.

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