New Study Finds Video Content Is Key Factor for Students When Deciding on a University


Prospective students today are spoiled for choice when it comes to picking a university and program. This is only intensified for those who are considering the possibility of studying abroad. Not only do they need to choose a university and program, but they also must decide which country they want to study in.

For many students, where and what they will study is the first really big decision that they have ever made – and they really want to make the right one. To reach these students, universities need to reach out on the right platforms and give them content that helps them decide where to go and what to do.

A recent study of over 20,000 international students by found that, when it comes to influential content, video is king. When making the initial decision to study abroad rather than stay in their own country, the influence of video content has increased by 6% (between students who are thinking about studying abroad and students who have already studied abroad).

However, once a student has already decided to study abroad, the influence of videos on where they will study has grown by 22%, with 67% of students surveyed saying that video content was an important influence over their choice of country to study abroad in. Additionally, 79% cited videos as an important factor when choosing a specific university!

Wondering which group of prospective students are most influenced by video? Northern Europeans are 100% more likely than those from any other region to cite video as a major influence on their decision.

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