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Best Sites For Free Stock Video Footage

Free Stock Videos and Footage Sites:

  1. Darefull
  2. Pixabay
  3. Depositphotos
  4. Iris 32
  5. Videvo
  6. Free 4K Timelapse
  7. Motionarray
  8. Shutterstock
  10. Dreamstime
  11. 123RF
  12. Pond 5
  13. Can Stock Photo
  14. Pexels
  15. Stock Footage for Free
  16. Clipstill
  17. Videezy

Top 5 Paid Stock Video Footage Sites:

  1. Shutterstock
  2. GettyImages
  3. Videohive
  4. AdobeStock
  5. MotionElements

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The Top 15 Free Video Footage Sites to Use

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#1 – Dareful


This website offers free video stock to visitors in spectacular 4K resolution. What’s great about the royalty free videos on this site is that they’ve been hand selected by pros to ensure that the quality is excellent. Unfortunately, Dareful only features several dozen videos, but they are excellent quality. You will find a wide range of world-class videos of the cityscape, fireworks displays, aerial photography, time-lapse photography, nature and so forth.

darefull free video footage site

These videos are all offered in Creative Commons 4.0, meaning that they are free to use but accreditation is advised. The beauty of Dareful is evident in the video photography available to users. Everything is 100% free, and users can easily download the content they want and use the content for personal and commercial purposes. A registration is needed to start downloading video content, but no payment is required. We counted 41 videos at the time of writing, and each one of them is amazing.


#2 – Pixabay


Need royalty free videos quickly? Pixabay is for you. This platform features 1.5 million+ royalty-free stock videos and royalty free images. The community that comprises Pixabay uploads content and all of their free stock videos fall under the licensing agreement known as Creative Commons Zero (CC0). In simple speak, this means you don’t need any permission to use these royalty free clips, or to edit them.

pixabay video footage for free

We recommend giving credit where credit is due however. It’s always appreciated when the royalty free video creator is acknowledged for providing content. Many of the free stock videos on Pixabay are superb and include 4K videos, high definition footage and even motion graphics. Sublime video footage is available from deep within the oceans to the mountaintops, and everything in between.


#3 – Depositphotos


Depositphotos contains royalty free videos and images and premium services where you can pay for the right to use content too. At last count, there were at least 80 million vectors, videos, royalty free photos, graphics et cetera. Each category within the Depositphotos library is laden with options.


depositephotos free video site


Depositphotos offers a wide range of 4K stock videos as well as free 4K stock footages. Users can search for videos according to any number of category tags such as 4K video, lifestyle, 4K Ultra HD, factory work, nature, woman and so forth.

The company offers a comprehensive set of video plans for individuals including SD (240p/480p), HD (720p/1080p) and Ultra HD (4K), with different pricing options for premium subscribers. Video downloads with Depositphotos are valid for a year after they have been purchased.


#4 – Iris 32

( | YouTube)

Iris 32 also offers free stock video footage to users. The difference between Iris 32 and Dareful is evident in the quantity of videos available to users. The man to thank for bringing Iris 32 to life is Frederick Tschernutter. He has been hard at work filming the world using a RED Epic and RED One.

His generosity got the better of him, and he decided to donate all of his content to users for free. This means that everything is available to you courtesy of Creative Commons 4.0. Unfortunately, it’s not so easy to figure out how to download the content, since you have to navigate to the videographer’s YouTube page first.

Once you’re there, you will see a lesser quality version of the videos, not the 4K version. Check the video descriptions, enter the validation code at Iris 32, accept the CC0 and then save the royalty free video to your hard drive. Luckily, there are tons of free videos for commercial use so you’ll have no problems finding something that’s just right.

#5 – Videvo


Videvo was started in 2012 by Tom Limb as a source of free stock video, motion graphics, and audio, and has expanded over the years to become a go-to destination for high-quality free stock assets. There are thousands of free clips to download, and although a free account can be created to gain access to favoriting videos and creating collections, no registration is required to download any free files.

Free assets are offered under Creative Commons 3.0., the Videvo Attribution License, or Royalty Free licencing. The first two require some form of attribution, while royalty free assets are free to use in commercial projects with no attribution needed. Several filters are offered to help you best navigate the library by asset and license type. Furthermore, navigation is intuitive and organized thanks to a robust search function and content organized by categories, tags, and curated collections.

Apart from their ever-growing free library, Videvo also offers two affordable subscription plans: Videvo Plus and Videvo Pro. These plans offer access to a vastly extended video and audio library with guaranteed Royalty-Free licensing and starting at HD quality.

#6 – Free 4K Timelapse


Fans of the Big Apple will go gaga for the royalty free video loops available at Free 4K Timelapse. This is a different type of royalty free video download site, since everything is presented in a scrolling page, without actual video thumbnails.

You simply pick a RAW file by clicking on the requisite link and downloading it. The content is limited to Times Square, but it is bustling with activity and hugely popular with users. The 4K time-lapse photography is free to use for videographers and YouTubers.free4ktimelapse footage

Max Lee, the brains behind the content, attests to the difficulty involved in creating 4K timelapse content. He used his Canon 6D as well as a Tokina 11 mm -16mm lens mounted on his Manfrotto Tripod. All the content on this site is Creative Commons Attribution 4 .0, and must indicate that it is authored by Max Lee.

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#7 Motion Array


Motion Array - stock video

Motion Array offers a variety of video and audio assets for content creators including stock video footage, royalty-free music, and video templates for Premiere Pro, After Effects, and more.

You can download unlimited assets with no restrictions as a paying member. They also have a free plan which gives you access to hundreds of free stock videos, music, and templates at no cost. The stock video footage files range from HD to 8K and are available in QuickTime format with a variety of codecs and frame rates.
All files at Motion Array have a simple to understand license that covers both commercial and business uses. There are no extended licenses or artist credits required. At last count, Motion Array had over 150,000 stock files available and they are adding more each day

#8 – Shutterstock


Shutterstock offers users an estimated 200 million royalty free images and an impressive number of free stock videos too. Of all the leading stock video sites, Shutterstock routinely ranks in the top 10 and for good reason. Their library of HD stock videos and royalty free 4K footage spans millions of impressive titles.

Shutterstock offers a user-friendly interface, detailed search options, and the ability to select videos by FPS (frames per second), or video resolution. Naturally, the higher resolution videos go at a premium rate with increasing costs as you move from SD, to HD, to 4K.

Shutterstock free video stock footage numbers 186,669+ videos. The content is generally high grade and video clips are typically under 30 seconds. With well over 1,867 pages of free videos to download, Shutterstock is up there with the best of them.


#9 –


Coverr offers what it deems, ‘Beautiful, free videos for your homepage.’ categories include food, mood, nature, tech, art, aerial, animated, animals and more. began as a side project in 2012, alongside The objective of Coverr was to provide anyone with free videos for products they were building.
coverr free footage
The company rolls out 7 videos at a time and all of them are free. The company espouses the belief that there is an abundance of beautiful video footage in the world, but the costs of acquiring that footage are preventing it from being seen and shared with the public. To this end, offers free videos to the public.


#10 – Dreamstime


Dreamstime is a name that many in the industry know well. This company has built up a solid reputation for itself over the years, and typically provides free stock images and subscription-based images for a nominal fee. With Dreamstime, users can download professional royalty-free video footage instantly.dreamsite footage free video

The registration process is free, but footage pricing begins at 10 credits per video. We ran a ‘free videos’ check at Dreamstime and found scores of free videos stock footage available. You can refine your search by subcategory, select your preferred royalty-free or extended license videos in multiple MOV formats including 640 x 360, 1280 x 720, or 1920 x 1080 pixels. A registration is required to download free video clips at Dreamstime.


#11 – 123RF


123RF is a refreshing addition to the royalty free video content arena. This site provides millions of stock photos, music files, vectors, and video clips, most of which are available at low prices. The video clips can be selected according to resolution, with 240 WD, 1080 HD, 480 SD, 4K/UHD, and 720 HD.

The stock footage and royalty free videos at are surprisingly sharp, clear and high quality. Users can search for royalty free videos according to multiple categories such as abstract, babies, business, communication, education, fashion, lifestyle, romance, technology, transportation, vintage, or weddings, etc.123rf video free

This royalty free video content supplier currently features 103 million+ royalty free audio files, video footage, photos, and vectors. The index of royalty free stock footage at 123RF features thousands of videos, some of them are completely free footage, each of which is associated with an ID number, description and thumbnail. The video sizes range from 240 pixels, to 480 pixels, to 1080 pixels. Their support page indicates that they provide users with free content and free images, provided that users cite and reference 123RF.


#12 – Pond5


Pond5 was launched in 2006 as a platform for providing stock footage. By 2013, a lucrative acquisition took place with the stock photography website Pixmac. Presently, Pond5 offers HD stock footage on site, with many unique royalty-free stock video footage options available. This includes 11 million video clips in 360° video, HD video, and 4K video.pond5 free footage video

Pond5 claims to have the world’s largest collection of royalty free video content. The popular stock video footage options cover multiple categories including politics, smoke, rain, underwater, nature, animals, people, military, business, food, cities, holidays, time-lapse photography, free 4K footage and slow motion among others.


#13 – Can Stock Photo


Here is a royalty free stock photography platform which offers over 28,000 high-quality images daily from a global supply pool of talented artists and photographers. As one might imagine, the professional stock photography at Can Stock Photo covers dozens of popular photo image categories.canstockphoto free footage

Otherwise known as a microstock photography agency, Can Stock Photos offers images and footage for instant downloads. The most cost-effective footage is low resolution footage, with 4K video content fetching a premium price. At the time of writing, they boasted 80,339 contributors and an incredible 922,261 members all over the world. When users create an account at Can Stock Photo, they can get a free download every week.


#14 – Pexels

( is well-known when it comes to downloading professional HD video clips with no attribution required. This free image and royalty free video download platform offers plenty of variety, HD video quality, and a user-friendly platform. Unfortunately, there are no 4K videos available.pexels free video

All of the video content is available under CC0 licensing, free for personal and commercial use. What we enjoyed most about were the time-lapse photography, outdoor adventuring, and underwater dives. The royalty free video clips are available in HD and MP4 formats.


#15 – Stock Footage for Free


Stock Footage for Free is precisely that – unlimited downloads, no fees, and no catch. Users get to enjoy HD quality video and images all with a royalty-free license (CC0) with no attribution required. This means that you can source premium quality video clips and use them for marketing or personal purposes.

Examples of content include aerial city footage, people stock footage, sports stock footage, slow motion, construction, international locations, looping stock footage, panoramic views, hiking trails and nature reserves, et al. While there is no free 4K video stock footage, the high-quality is evident throughout.

All of the videos are in MOV format and the video clips will suffice for most purposes. Users will want to read the licensing agreement before they use the content to ensure compliance. Registration is required before any downloads can be made./>


#16 – Clipstill


If you’re in the market for cinemagraphs (stills with repeated animation in a loop), Clipstill is for you. This is great stock footage free to use for personal or commercial use. One cannot help feeling hypnotized by the video content on site. Fortunately, the HD content is updated monthly and this is definitely a site worth bookmarking.clipstill footage

The cinemagraphs download in the form of small video files. Clipstill features a section known as ‘Free Cinemagraphs’. These royalty free videos are available in 640 x 360 format for the web for free, or in a standard definition 1280 x 720 for a nominal fer />


#17 – Videezy


Videezy offers free stock footage of HD videos for users. The content includes a fantastic selection of 4K clips and aerial photography (through drones) for users to enjoy. All of the content on Videezy is 100% free to use for personal and commercial purposes. There is enough HD content to do the trick, but if you’re looking for 4K, Videezy also provides quality footage.videezy free video

The videos are provided in MP4 format. All of the free video content is easily found and labelled as free download. The premium content has a green stripe on the top left corner and bears the word ‘pro’ on it. Resolution varies from SD, HD-720, HD-1080, 4K, and Ultra HD. Formats include MP4 and MOV files.


The Top 5 Paid Video Footage Sites

Magisto, the world’s only engagement video creation app driven by AI (Artificial Intelligence), allows its users to access the iStock image and video library. IStock is owned by Getty Images, the world’s biggest supplier of stock images. Magisto’s business users can use more than 3 million NEW videos and 25 million premium quality photos on their own videos.

The quality of the footage used in videos makes a big difference to viewers. The point of Magisto is to allow its users to generate videos in a matter of minutes both with the footage they captured and with iStock’s professional looking videos and images. You can start using Magisto’s video maker with our 7 free trail


#1 – Shutterstock


Shutterstock features prominently among the top paid video footage sites.  The cost per download depends on the resolution of the video. Shutterstock currently offers 14 million SD, HD and 4K stock footage. The cost for videos typically begins at around $65. An estimated 104,417 new stock video clips are added every week.

All of the royalty-free stock videos are available for use at any time.  Shutterstock videos cover multiple video categories including slow motion, animation, business, nature, people and technology. A wide range of curated videos is available too. Users can easily customize features, add music and enhance their video projects with top-tier graphics with the option to use watermarked videos before purchasing royalty-free videos.


#2 – Getty Images


Getty Images offers users an inspirational selection of creative video footage. These include a wide range of HD and 4K clips, both of which are identically priced. Getty Images has partnered with dozens of world-class companies including ABC News, Bloomberg, Discovery FootageSource, Sky News, BBC MOTION GALLERY, Walt Disney Studios and Warner Bros. Entertainment among others. Terrific video footage is provided by SONY PICTURES, Smithsonian Channel, Lighthouse Films and others. The flexible pricing scheme includes Large images 4K and HD videos, Medium images SD videos, and Small images web videos. There are no limits, and no seat licenses required.  Popular video categories include female leaders, family time, and alternative therapies. All in all, there are 6.2 million+ videos and B-Roll footage available.




VideoHive offers over 828,231 video effects and stock footage for users. The royalty-free videos include after effects, premier pro templates, Apple motion templates, motion graphics, stock footage, cinema 4D templates and add-ons. The video licenses are single use licenses with 1 client, or multi-use licenses for unlimited end products and unlimited clients. The after effects library features a standard license for all content. This community of users is an active marketplace for stock footage.


#4 – AdobeStock


AdobeStock videos include HD and 4K content. The videos are premium-grade quality, with HD content starting at $79.99 each, and 4K starting at $199.99 each. Credit packs can reduce costs for bulk purchases. All AdobeStock videos are royalty-free across the board. AdobeStock videos feature dozens of categories, including everyday people, international women’s day, motion graphic templates, visual trend videos, travel and drone footage.

As one of the most internationally recognizable brands, Adobe Stock videos are among the best and there are many royalty free videos included in the mix. The company also offers a 30-day free trial to download up to 10 royalty free videos and then cancel your subscription before the free trial expires.


#5 – MotionElements


This Asian-facing royalty free video site offers over 3 million video and music files. Users simply need to buy the video files once for unlimited use, thanks to the royalty-free license. MotionElements allows video files to be used for commercial purposes for marketing and broadcasting too.

The stock video footage includes backgrounds that loop, space, particles, clearing and filleting fish, mushrooms, and hundreds of other options too. From beautiful tropical beaches to regional trains and rural landscapes, MotionElements offers premium-grade stock video footage for users.


What Is Free Stock Footage and Why Do You Need It?

Free stock video footage is an instant hit with people. Remember the old economics acronym TANSTAAFL – There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch? Well, we’re here to tell you that there is and it comes in the form of free stock video content. In fact, no other form of online content is more engaging, immersive, and converting than video. Free stock video footage is even better because it’s really free.

There are scores of marketing and analytics reports supporting video as the go-to medium for people who purchase products and services. A leading video agency named Wyzowi found that 81% of people who made a purchase did so because of a converting sales video. Video has been found to be the main driver through the sales funnel, familiarizing customers with products and services, extolling the virtues of those products and services, and converting customers with a powerful call to action.

Marketing departments are relying more heavily on video content to drive home their message. The good news is that customers enjoy watching branded videos, and an estimated 85% of people would like to see even more videos. Given the cost and complexity involved in creating high quality videos, many marketing departments are turning to stock footage free videos with amazing results.

You may be wondering about the benefits of free video stock footage? Luckily, that’s an easy one to answer. Free video footage is free – no budgets are needed for the marketing department. More importantly, free online videos do not require you to have any technical or video expertise. This means you don’t need a sack of cash, or a programmer’s knowledge to get started.

We are going to list 15 of the finest free stock footage websites where you can easily download video clips. Use these free stock videos to add substance to your social media campaigns, and your websites. Remember, it’s all completely free and it really won’t cost you a dime!

Licensing Differences Between Free Stock Videos

Nobody doubts the effectiveness of video in marketing. If a picture is worth a thousand words, can you imagine what a free video can do for your social media campaign and your website? Think of a rudimentary image for a second – if it’s the right image, it’ll cause people to stop what they’re doing and stare at their screen. It’s hard for text and banners to drive home sales as effectively as well-placed images and videos.

Remember what they say: you only get one chance to make a good first impression, and the right video can truly transform your marketing campaign. Videos and images on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram often have carefully chosen thumbnail images to promote online content. The right image is like a golden halo hovering above your content, asking viewers to click the play button.

There are many internationally accredited sites offering royalty free stock footage. It’s always a good idea to source websites offering free videos for commercial use, with no accreditation or licensing required. Anyone found to be in violation of using licensed content can be sued by the rightful owner of that content, or the site making it available to users. Let’s take a look at licensing and how it all comes together with free stock videos.


Let the Licensing Begin

Royalty-Free and Rights-Managed Licenses – in the case of a royalty free video, a buyer simply pays the artist once to use the video as many times as required. There is no exclusivity with this type of licensing agreement. A rights-managed contract is different, and is based upon usage, duration, location and other variables.

With royalty free video, you can use video clips for free, without crediting the video creator with attribution. In terms of publication, you will be required to make an edit on the video clip before you publish it. This means you may need to add music, text overlays, a business logo or similar edits.

Attribution – attribution simply means that you can use a video but you must credit the author by adding text your video, or writing the author’s name underneath the video that you’re using. Be advised that the clip must be modified in some way, shape or form before you publish it on social media portals, or websites et cetera.

Artist Royalty – if you are the one creating video content, you will get a percentage payment every time your content is sold. This ranges from 20% to 50% of the selling price.

Non-Exclusive and Exclusive Agreements – anyone with a non-exclusive agreement can continue to retain rights to their video content. Exclusive agreements mean that a contract is set up with a specific company and only that company.

The Creative Commons 3.0 Unported License – the difference between this and attribution is that you don’t need to edit the clip with Creative Commons 3.0. You can distribute the clip as it originally appeared, but you cannot generate revenues off the clip by selling it without making modifications first. If you decide to sell this free video clip, be sure that there are no individuals, brands or private property in the clip. Always give credit to the author of the video clip whenever you distribute it online.