Magisto Is Joining Team Vimeo!

Magisto Is Joining Team Vimeo!


To our Magisto family: For nearly a decade, we have focused on building tools that guide both consumers and business owners through the video creation process, so that they can more effectively share their stories with the world. Today we are THRILLED to announce that we’ve agreed to be acquired by Vimeo. Yes, Vimeo – the video community that is home to more than 90 million video creators in over 150 countries.

There is a clear synergy between the missions of Magisto and Vimeo: we are both committed to empowering our customers to effectively communicate with their audience. We share a similar belief in the power of technology to lower the barriers to quality storytelling, and we seek to build intuitive user experiences and simple, powerful video tools that are accessible to all. By coming together, we will soon enable professional video creation and distribution in a single home, providing you with the most complete, end-to-end video solution in the market.

So what does this mean for you? Magisto’s apps and service will continue to operate as usual. Not much is changing on our end, except that list of creative requests you’ve been after. You know, more editing styles, new themes, etc? It will now be closer than ever. By combining forces with Vimeo, we will be able to offer you a more valuable all-in-one video marketing solution that goes way beyond creation to include collaboration, hosting and management, distribution, analytics, monetization, live streaming and more.

We could not have done it without YOU. To our employees, customers, partners, investors, and you, our users: thank you sincerely for all of your support over the years — we would not be where we are today without you. We are incredibly proud of the company we have become, the products we’ve built and the inspiring ways in which you use them. We are even more excited for this next chapter with Vimeo. We hope you are too!

I look forward to serving you well in the future.



CEO Magisto