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Our Collection of Social Media Editing Styles is Your One Stop Video Marketing Shop


When it comes to growing your business, you need a streamlined process to managing your video marketing content. At Magisto, your wish is our command. We’ve taken the guess work out of choosing an editing style. It is now easier than ever to boost engagement and reach new audiences with convenient editing styles that are uniquely optimized for each channel specifically.

Enter: Our new collection of social media editing styles.


Go ahead…I’m listening…

We’ve created a one-stop marketing hub to help you promote your social video marketing content. As a Magisto Business user you can now choose from: Story, Posh, Facebook, App Demo, Selfie, and YouTube to promote your business.

See examples below:


Tell me More!

First decide on a video concept to help share your business with the world: promote your products or services, contribute to the conversation within your market, share insider industry knowledge, or introduce the team behind the scenes at your company… the content is up to you!

Next follow these 5 easy steps below to see how it works:

1. Select Create a video:

2. Upload your Media: 3. Choose editing style > move over to select Social4. From there choose your music. We have over 750+ music tracks and our Music department even recommends the best options for that style making it easy as pie! 

5. Hit next and Voila! Your first video draft will be made. From there you can open up your storyboard and begin editing or hit save as is and be on your way.


And just like that, you’ve created an optimized video that is ready for social.

Ready to check it out? Create a video now: magisto.com