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20+ Time Management Apps and Tools That Will Help You Run Your Business Like a Pro

‘You will never find time for anything. If you want time you must make it.’  – Charles Buxton

Have you ever wished that you had just a little more time to complete a task? Perhaps you would like to have better control over your time? Time management is an issue that everyone has to deal with. It is necessary for effective business management, striking the right work/life balance, and improving productivity. Time wasted is time lost. Technology now allows us to use time management apps to better manage our time so that we can deploy resources where they need to be to get the job done.  

Many of us struggle with time management issues. Consider that the average worker sends/receives 190 messages daily; clearly time management is incredibly important.

Distractions and improper time allocation can lead to sub-optimal outcomes. Dr. Donald E. Wetmore conducted research and found that the average person uses 13 different time management methods, and gets interrupted once every 8 minutes (50 – 60 times a day) causing tremendous loss of productivity (4 hours lost daily – whoa!). Experts have found that 12.5% of business telephone calls have to be repeated because crucial info was omitted.

Perhaps the most stunning finding is this: 20% of the average workday is spent on important issues, while 80% is spent on issues that add minimal value or no value to the workday. Time management apps are powerful resources you can deploy to maximize personal and team performance. Studies suggest that 80% of outcomes result from 20% of effort. 72% of small business owners continually complain about not having enough time in the day, even though they work overtime and on weekends. Clearly, time management is a major issue.

Time Management is not doing the wrong things quicker. That just gets us nowhere faster. Time Management is doing the right things.’  – Dr. Donald E. Wetmore 

Let’s get started with the most impressive time management apps on the market.


20+ Time Management Apps and Tools


#1 – 1Password (Site / Google Play / App Store )


Think of how much time is wasted trying to remember, recover, or record your usernames and passwords. Forgotten passwords are a major bugbear. But that’s not the only concern. There is also the safety and security of stored passwords to consider. 1Password is a highly regarded password manager solution that can help you save lots of time by automatically generating unbreakable passwords with the highest levels of safety and security. 

Plus, you don’t have to write anything down in a journal, diary, or file on your desktop. Everything is saved in a secure application which automatically completes forms, fills in passwords, and works across multiple operating systems, browsers, and devices. As an SME, this is one of the best tools to stay organized at work. This powerful life planning app is one of the finer management tools on the market, and it is a great work organization tool to have.

1Password offers plans for families 2.99$/m – 4.99$/m teams at 3.99$/ and businesses at7.99$/m billed annually

#2 – Clockify (Site / Google Play / App Store)

Clockify-Time tracker

Clockify is a time tracking tool which monitors your work hours, allowing you to determine your payroll more effectively. It’s also a great resource for ascertaining time spent on productive activities and recreational activities. Once you set up an account with Clockify, it’s possible to select your preferred method of tracking time. Clockify is not quite a time blocking app, it’s a time management tool with teeth.

Clockify includes a Manual Mode for manually entering data, and a Timer Mode which allows you to simply click stop once you’ve finished your work activity. This time management app is available for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux, Chrome and Firefox.  Clockify is designed to provide businesses with important time management data for productivity enhancement.

#3 – Timecamp (Site / Google Play / App Store)

Timecamp - a complete time management softwareTimecamp is a complete time management software, created for both companies and freelancers. It offers automatic time tracking that logs hours in the background, assigning time entries to the appropriate tasks by keywords. What’s unique among the competitors, its tree structure allows creating unlimited numbers of tasks for each project at any level. The structure helps you organize time spent on working for different clients. The billing feature allows you to set an individual income/cost rate for projects and users. Then you can quickly create and customize an invoice based on the time gathered for a specific project or fill the blank one. With the extensive reports, you’ll be able to track the team’s workflow, productivity, and efficiency. The app tracks the activities in the background, so users can easily fill their timesheets. Timecamp also serves the companies as an attendance management tool, offering vacation hours/holidays, breaks, remote work and leaves monitoring. What is more, combining attendance and billing rates for each employee, gives you a payroll system inside Timecamp!

Single users can get Timecamp for free, for teams the affordable pricing plans were prepared. The tool is available as a web app, desktop app for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Ubuntu, as well as a mobile app for iOS and Android devices. As you can see, it’s not just another ordinary time tracker, it’s a full time management suite!

#4 – TMetric (Site)

TMetric header imageTMetric is a time tracking application that smooths out your business process for higher profit, fulfilled customers and more cohesive teams.
It allows you to manage multiple projects from project management systems within one click. It is easy to track activity especially working with remote teams of freelancers, change time entries and generate reports with TMetric.

TMetric provides wide opportunities spector. Offline time tracking, automatic time capture, timesheet management, billing & invoicing, vacation\leave tracking, screenshots, categorizing time with labels, setting reqiured fields for time entries and many more. Feel free to use TMetric desktop, browser extension or mobile app. You can use both the free version and the paid one at a valuable price.

#5 – RescueTime (Site / Google Play / App Store)

The Internet is peppered with distractions. RescueTime is designed to tell you EXACTLY where you’re spending your time. It also tells you how much time is being wasted on unproductive activities. This time management application provides detailed reports of time spent on different activities – leisure and business. 

You can easily discover how much time is spent on email, in meetings, doing research, or on social media. By reviewing your time reports, you can manage your workday much more effectively. This software runs securely in the background on PC, Mac, and mobile and it provides detailed reports on your work day, based on your activity.

As one of the most effective time management tools for business owners, RescueTime is best in class for setting daily goals, measuring productivity scores, and summarizing weekly performance.

#6 – Toggl (site)

Toggl the time tracker

Toggl is a time tracking application. It is a great resource for project management, client management, and team management tasks. It’s easy to manage teams by inviting them to participate in a project, and track team time activities. As a premium subscriber of this service, you can review detailed reports, optimize time management, and manually add entries. 

Toggl is a powerful time management application for optimizing time spent on tasks, reviewing inefficient usage of time, and tracking activities across multiple devices, browsers, and add-ons. Toggl is available as a free time management app or a premium time management app. It’s compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices. This daily planner app is great for managing team members.

#7 – Remember the Milk (site)

Remember the Milk רקהןק׳

Remember the Milk started off as an effective grocery list management tool, but it has evolved to become a highly effective time management app. This software is a fantastic resource for organizing tasks. Color-coded tags are assigned to each task, and projects can be broken down into subtasks, shared with others, and managed effectively.

It’s easy to use this time management app for sending reminders via social media such as Twitter, email, Instant Messenger, or text messages. Remember the Milk is available in a free version and a premium version, for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices. Its best features include the ability to create unlimited numbers of lists, instant synchronization across multiple devices (even offline), and effective organization of tasks. This is not a deadline app, it’s a focus booster app that works.

#8 – Evernote (site)

Evernote - Your notes. Organized. Effortless

Here is a time management app that really works. It allows business owners and employees to easily save sections of websites, make notes, and access them. It works across all platforms, and allows you to formulate an agenda, create schedules, evaluations, reminders, and better organize the workflow. Evernote can be accessed from any device – mobile, PC, or Mac, and all of your information is securely stored in the cloud.

Evernote is ideal for managing projects, capturing ideas for better business management, and tracking tasks and deadlines. Its team collaboration features are extraordinary, and it’s seamless to access popular features such as document scanning, syncing across multiple devices, notebooks and tags, and document searches. Evernote can be integrated with other applications too. If time management planning is something that you need help with, Evernote is worth checking out.

#9 –Todoist (site)

Todoist is a powerful task management application designed for different types of projects. It’s free to use, and it provides real-time reminders of all your ‘To Do’ list of activities. It works across all devices, even when they are off-line. This app makes it easy to prioritize and organize projects, allowing for better time management. Daily, weekly, and monthly goals can be measured and evaluated. 

As a business owner, you can track employee progress and deliver on time, every time. The planning of projects is much easier with Todoist, since you can assign responsibility to certain tasks, and sync across 10+ platforms so that everyone is on the same page, at the same time. This allows for better collaboration, effective project management, centralized admin, and a real-time activity log. Todoist tools for a time management system have proven effective with businesses all over the world.

#10 – Focus@Will (site)

Focus@Will - Scientifically optimized music to help you focus

This is somewhat of a detraction from the other time management software applications available on the market. While most apps focus on things like scheduling, task management, team management, and project coordination, Focus@Will is actually a neuroscience-styled app which is designed to increase productivity. In a sense, it results in better time management and increased productivity. If you routinely waste time, this time blocking app will focus your energy on what matters so that you can get tasks done.

This is ideal for personal projects and it works as a great time management app for students. This time manager helps with reading, and concentration, as well as work-related projects. The science behind Focus@Will is predicated on optimized music for better focus. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a student, a logical thinker, or a creative thinker, Focus@Will provides music streaming which purportedly boosts focus and productivity. It works across PC, Mac, Android, and iOS devices and has been proven to increase your focus 400%.

#11 – Loop – Habit Tracker (Android

Bad habits are the reason why so many people are unproductive. This powerful app is designed to help people achieve their objectives, personal and business. It’s based on open source software and its ad free. The user interface features a selection of habits that people participate in on a daily basis, including cooking, eating, sleeping, exercising, reading, learning, working, et cetera. 

Detailed stats and charts make it easy to see the history of your habits. It has been optimized for smartwatches, such as Android Wear, and the user interface is geared towards easy adoption and synchronicity across multiple platforms. You simply list the habits you want, set up reminders, and you can easily visualize your history to see whether you are achieving your objectives with those habits.

Loop Habit Tracker screen gif

#12 – Trello (site)

Trello lets you work more collaboratively and get more done.

Trello is a powerful resource designed for managing teams of people. This project management tool is ideal for personal and work projects, and great for teamwork. There are cards, boards and lists which allow SMEs to prioritize work activity in a flexible and meaningful way. Project managers can easily add comments, attachments, and time-sensitive data to assignments. This ‘Team Playbook’ provides all the boards needed to successfully complete projects. It has been optimized for use across multiple platforms and systems, including Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

Trello boards can be customized to your preferences, including orders and requests, assigned cards, in progress cards, approval, completed, and other lists. This is great for managing teams of freelancers all over the world, or simply team members in your company. Menu items can be changed including boards, backgrounds, cards, stickers, and other options. Trello certainly deserves a place in the top 10 best time management apps.

#13 – TimeTree ( Web / Google Play / App Store )

TimeTree - Everyone's schedules on one calendar

TimeTree is a time app which is available on TimeTree Web, the Google Play Store and the App Store. It’s a useful tool for managing regular calendars for regular members, and sharing your work schedule with anyone – even those who don’t use TimeTree. To get started with this software, simply download it, and share it with friends, family, or team members. It is just as useful for managing personal appointments on a calendar as it is for work appointments on a calendar.

TimeTree allows for multiple calendars simultaneously, and these can be displayed by simply toggling the on/off button at will. There are many changeable colors, and communication features for different schedules. It’s a useful resource for saving memos and events that you’ve penciled in, and it works on PC as well. The software can be accessed from your web browser, but since it is still in beta mode all features aren’t readily available. It’s best to use the apps to enjoy maximum functionality.

TimeTree is available for Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari.

#14 – Kiwake Alarm Clock (site)Kiwake Alarm Clock - Waking up made easy


Kiwake is an alarm clock. Anyone who is looking to maximize productivity will certainly benefit from staying awake and being on point. This app has a ‘powerful wake-up process’ that is designed to wake up your body and get you moving. It does this by requiring you to take a picture of something that is far away from where you sleep. That way, the app knows that you are not at home in bed wasting time. 

It also offers mini games designed to stimulate your mind and get your creative juices flowing. This is a great attention grabber. Kiwake also provides goal-oriented reviews to help keep you alert, awake, and achieving. This time management app doesn’t let you sleep when you’re supposed to be up and about. It really works.

#15 – Clara (site)

Full-service scheduling support for every interview

Clara is for appointment scheduling, interviews, and coaching. It allows you to focus on sourcing the right candidates, scheduling introductions with them, and optimizing every interview conducted through your company’s HR department. Recruitment, staffing, and hiring processes can be complicated and time-consuming. With Clara, it is much easier to have your interviewers plan better, and manage these activities more effectively. Even if schedules change, Clara is effective at mitigating conflict situations, and rescheduling quickly and easily.

This time management app is geared towards many powerful integrations such as reserving rooms or conference lines, staying in control of all interviews and interviewers, including scheduling activity, and it allows you to work from Lever or Greenhouse. The typical response time to requests is less than 30 minutes, and the system has already scheduled some 300K meetings and is trusted by 325K partners.

#16 – Wunderlist (site)

wunderlist - Keep your life in sync

Time management doesn’t get much easier than this. This is useful keeping everything in sync, including sharing shopping lists with friends and family, completing work projects, or simply managing your professional to do lists much more efficiently. Wunderlist allows you to plan for anything and you can organize as much work as you need to. There are plenty of useful reminders with this app, with due dates, assignments, reminders, and full collaborative features. 

Among the many features of this service are: folders, comments, sharing lists, notes, due dates, reminders, notifications, hashtags, mail options, print features, and more. Wunderlist support is particularly helpful, with comprehensive FAQs, email assistance, and chat functionality available. You can access Wunderlist from anywhere, including the web, Kindle Fire, Windows, Mac, Android and iOS devices.

#17 – Harvest (site)


Harvest - Time tracking software for those who value insight.Harvest describes itself as tracking software for those who value insight. Already, some 50,000+ businesses use Harvest for better time management, and it has been going strong since 2006. This time management app is feature rich, and is designed expressly for better management of time and expenses. 

It’s ideal for teamwork, projects, collaboration, scheduling, and invoices. If your company has ever wondered where your time is going and how much projects really cost, Harvest has the answers. This software collates timesheets and data and provides a visual summary of performance. It’s also ideal for professional invoicing, keeping track of projects, and planning for the future. Harvest works on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices. The service also comes with a 30-day free trial.

#18 – Freedom (Site / Google Play )

freedom - anti distraction tool

Freedom is an anti-distraction tool. It is designed to stop you, or your employees from being distracted by your iPhone, tablet, smartphone, PC or Mac. Already 1 million people have signed up to use Freedom for better time management. It allows you to stop wasting time on social media, video games, online casino games and other annoyances and channel for your energy into the tasks at hand. There are 7 blocking sessions in the trial version and unlimited blocking in the premium version. 

Freedom will block distracting apps and websites, thereby redirecting you to what you should be doing. It syncs across all devices and is best for entrepreneurs, executives, students, coaches, researchers, editors, writers, journalists, illustrators, and professional people across the spectrum. This service offers a free trial and the premium service begins at $2.50 monthly.

#19 – Forest (site / Google Play / App Store )

Forest Stay focused, be present

Forest keeps things simple. This time management app allows you to stay focused and be present. It’s available at the Google Play Store and the App Store. The concept behind Forest is simple: whenever you want to focus, simply plant a tree. Once you have installed the app, the tree will begin to grow. It is compatible with Facebook, Twitter, Firefox, and others.

If you stick to the program, the forest will flourish and your focus will increase. This time management tool is ideal for office-based work, managing quality time with friends and family, and for study purposes. To date, forest has helped to plant 483,786 actual trees, in collaboration with Trees for the Future. This environmentally friendly time management software is the eco-friendliest app with real-world applications.

#20 – Mind42 (site)

This software is used to formulate mind maps. These structure diagrams are used for better information management. In terms of time-saving benefits, Mind42 is great for organizing events, to do lists, and for brainstorming sessions. 

These mind maps can be shared with colleagues, co-workers, friends, and family. There is no iPhone manager or apps manager Android with this software, and it doesn’t work on mobile devices. If you have office employees, or employees on PC or Mac devices, this is a useful way of improving focus and productivity. This time budgeting software works by improving mental acuity.

#21 – Dropbox (site)

Work better, safer, together

There is no special reason why Dropbox is #19 on our list. Dropbox has been around for ages, and its already proven itself as an effective time saving tool especially when you’re moving large multimedia files all over the place. This app is great for transferring content from one computer to other hardware devices. 

The benefit of Dropbox is that it is 100% free to use, and it’s packed with plenty of features. Dropbox business comes in three premium plans including Standard, Advanced, and Enterprise, but there’s no reason why you can’t get started with the basic plan which is free. Among the many benefits of this system are: live-support, advanced security, and space for collaboration and sharing.

#22 – Tomato Timer (site)

Tomato Timer

Tomato Timer is an easy work organization tool to use. All it is, is a timer with a green start button, a red stop button, and a grey reset button. Various keyboard shortcuts are available to take a short break, a long break, or a Pomodoro. You can change the volume on audio via the settings function and get notifications on Safari, Chrome, or Firefox browsers. 

What is the point of Tomato Timer? It basically allocates you a set amount of time (5 minutes for a short break, 10 minutes for a long break, and 25 minutes for a Pomodoro) to get whatever you need to get done before alerting you that you are out of time. This is a simple, yet effective fun time device.

#23 – ProofHub (site)

Time management is crucial to deliver projects on time and ProofHub facilitates that in every way possible. Teams can track the time they have spent on various projects. They can use the timer or can manually enter time in timesheets. You can set time estimates at the beginning of your projects and compare them later on with the time spent. This way, you can keep a record of your productivity and work towards time management.

ProofHub is a solution that helps managers and teams save and manage time by making processes easier and effortless. With ProofHub, managers do not need to call a meeting to discuss every small thing. Rather, they can initiate new discussions on ProofHub, make important announcements using the Announcement feature. On top of that, they can allocate tasks without calling any meetings. With ProofHub, everybody gets clarity about who is doing what. Notifications are yet another powerful feature that saves time by keeping people informed. Every time a task is completed at one stage, everyone gets notified so that the next concerned person can take action.

These time management tools are consistently rated as the best tools to stay organized at work. Popular options such as Dropbox, Trello, TimeTree, Clara, and RescueTime routinely rank in the top 10 online organization tools. Some free time management apps also come with premium plans with added features. It’s always a good idea to evaluate the cost-savings benefits of these options.