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How to Save Instagram Videos

While scrolling through your Instagram feed, you see a video of your friends doing something silly, or you see that hilarious meme posted by your favorite memelord. And at that moment, you are probably thinking: how do I save videos from Instagram? Whether you want to repost it or share it with your loved ones, there are several things you can do to make sure that the video you just saw doesn’t get lost in the abyss of social media. 

The first thing you might notice is that there is no way to directly download a video within the app. There is no button to click. There is no download option when you right-click the video on the desktop website. There is no proper way nor hacks within the app or website to download videos. This means that you will need to get a little creative!

How to save an Instagram video to your collection

You can add posts (photos, videos, carousels) to a collection. This feature is built-in to the app. It won’t save the video to your phone, but you will be able to access it at a later time. This feature sort of works like Pinterest: when you pin a post, and you can add it to different boards (called collections on Instagram). While this feature doesn’t give you access to the actual file, it can help you create mood boards, or it can help you gather posts that you would like to share with others and so on. 

How to add a post to a collection:

To add a post to your collection: tap the bookmark icon at the bottom right of a post. The person who posted the content will not know that you bookmarked it. The only information that a person can access is the number of times the post has been added to a collection. 

how to add a video to collection

Similar to Pinterest, you can sort these bookmarked posts into different collections. To manage your collections, you can either tap and hold the bookmark button at the bottom right of a post, or you can access it from your settings, under ‘Account’, then ‘Saved’. These collections allow you to sort all of your saved posts into different categories. The person that posted the content will not get notified that you bookmarked their post and also won’t know in which category you decided to sort it in. 

How to add a video to collection step2

Your collections are private and cannot be shared. However, you can still use the DM feature (using the send icon under a post) to send it directly to your friends. 

While this feature doesn’t give you access to the actual file, it is a helpful and quick way to make sure that these posts (videos or not) don’t get lost in the abyss of the internet. You can access them later, just like you would on Pinterest.

How to save a video an Instagram story

There are two different scenarios here. You can either save a story that you posted, or you can save an Instagram story posted by someone else.


How to save your NEW Instagram story:

After you recorded a video using the Instagram story tool, you can preview and edit your video story before you post it. Located at the top of that screen, there is a download button. Press it, and your video will be saved to your phone. You can download that video before you do any edits, or you can do it after all your edits with tags, emojis, hashtags and so on, and it will be saved exactly as it shows on your screen. You can, therefore, end up with a simple vertical video or a fully edited, Instagram story style vertical video.

How to save your OLD Instagram Story:

  1. Go to the insights (top right navigation button)
  2. Pick the Content tab
  3. Scroll down to Stories
  4. Pick See All
  5. Choose the story you want to save
  6. Click More and then click Save Video
  7. Done!

How to save your old instagram story video

How to Save other’s Instagram story videos

While there is no official way to save another user’s story on Instagram, there are a couple of tricks you can use. 

First case scenario: if you want to send that story to your friends, you can use the send button at the bottom right of the screen to send that story to someone you follow or a group chat using Instagram direct. 

Send instagram video story

Second approach: if you care about the actual file, there are a couple of tricks you can use. 

  1. First, you can use a website such as Storiesig. This tool is simple to use: type the username of the person, and you will be able to download all their Instagram stories (photos or videos) as files. Other websites offer the same feature, such as Instadp or These tools often go offline, so it is wise to know a couple of them, just in case your favorite tool isn’t available when you need it!
  2. On the other hand, if you are on a mobile device and you are looking for a super easy and quick way to save these stories, you can use the screen capture feature on your smartphone. This feature allows you to record your screen (just like a screenshot but as a video) and play the story directly on Instagram. And that’s it! It’s that easy. You may want to crop the top and bottom of that video to get rid of the username or the message bar at the bottom for a cleaner result, but it is still a technique that works and gives you an excellent quality file.

screen capture

 How to save an Instagram video as a video file

So what about saving an actual Instagram video post? 


The easiest way to do this is to, again, use the screen capture feature on your phone. While this is not the cleanest way to do so, this method is still the easiest and the quickest for when you are on the go. With this technique, you don’t have to leave the app. You can record your screen as the video is playing. For cleaner results, you can then crop the video to hide the rest of the Instagram interface. While this is not yet possible on an iPhone (but it will be soon with iOS 13), cropping is reasonably easy on an Android device. This method, while being the quickest, is not the best in terms of quality of the output file. That is why we would recommend using the second method if you can.


All you need for this method is the URL of the post. To get it, tap the three dots icon on the top right of the post and select ‘copy link’. Then, you can use a website like w3toys, paste the link, click download and wait for your file to be saved! Like before, some of these tools sometimes go offline for a short amount of time, so it’s always an excellent idea to keep several of these in mind just in case: DownloadGram  and DownloadInstagramVideos are other resources that allow you to do the same thing, the same way, at the same speed.

About reposting user-generated content

If you are looking for ways to save Instagram videos because you are going to re-upload the content on your Instagram account, keep in mind that you should always give credit to the original creator and that you should always ask for permission before you do so (even if your product or brand is featured in the video).

The idea behind this is to make sure that you have the right to post something. Keep in mind you have to be careful about who created the content and if that person is comfortable and agrees with the idea of his/her content being reposted. Also, you must make sure that you have the right to use any of the music that can be heard in that video and you have to make sure that you are not editing, lowering the quality of the original video unless you discussed that specific point with the original creator of the content. 

It is always safe to double-check with the creator before you post. While it may seem that the process is highly time-consuming, it takes less time to make sure you are doing the right thing in advance than it does to take the content away and find something else to post. It, also, obviously takes a lot less time to ask in advance than to deal with the consequences of posting something that someone doesn’t want to be shared.


In short: How to save a video from Instagram.

  • If you are looking to send a video to your friends: use the share feature built-in in the app. It will send a direct message to your friends and your group of friends, and it is the quickest way to share a piece of video content on the app.
  • If you want to save it for archive and research purposes, use the bookmark feature and sort the posts into a collection. This way, you can use Instagram roughly the same way you would use Pinterest, and that way, you are sure not to lose all the posts.
  • To actually get the file, you can use the screen capture feature on your smartphone. While this feature is effortless and doesn’t require you to leave the app, it is not the cleanest way to do so. For cleaner results, try the websites listed above, you will get a much nicer file, even if the method takes slightly more time. If you are planning on using these downloaded files for your Instagram or any other public use, please make sure that you have the right to do so by asking the original creator directly.