Editors’ Choice: August 2019


Welcome to the inaugural online celebration of our Editors’ Choice award winners! We wanted to create a place where our community could get inspired by real videos created by real Magisto users. All of the videos featured here have been hand picked by our content team here at Magisto.

Without further adieu… let’s kick things off with our August 2019 winners. We hope you can take a little something away from each of these to put into action in your own way. Enjoy!


1) Automotive – Personal Car Tour

WHY WE LOVE IT: Sales employee Chandler, does a full car tour for a specific client. Talk about a personal touch! This simple yet effective video begins with him introducing himself.  He then clearly describes each of the product benefits while incorporating some great footage of the car in detail, which helps to get a lot of information to the viewer in a very short amount of time.

PRO TIP: Adding contact info and sharing to Facebook ensures this video can get maximum exposure and help you grow your audience. Featured here is the “no filter” editing style for a crisp, clean look at the product he is selling.

Video by: Chandler Elise


2) Real Estate – House Tour

WHY WE LOVE IT: This video combines excellent shots of the house and a clear introduction from the realtor with specific details about the house he is promoting.

PRO TIP: This video expertly incorporates titles that describe the various rooms of the home alongside photos, videos, and upbeat music. Need help getting started with titles on your own videos? We got cha covered here.

Video by: Jeremy Briggs


3) Food – Recipe Demo

WHY WE LOVE IT: Our Food editing style really helps this tasty-style food demo come to life beautifully. This video captures both the ingredients and the steps viewers need so that they can easily recreate the recipe at home. The music is a classic and fits perfectly with this crowd favorite. The visuals and camera angels really make this video POP.

PRO TIP: This user also took advantage of our business card feature showcasing all of her business information at the end of the video. This is a great call to action for anyone creating videos like this in order to draw traffic for more info, or to your website.

Video by: Jordan Hansen


4) Automotive – Special Car Event

WHY WE LOVE IT: This promotional video for their special car sale uses a combination of high-quality images and subtitles to explain the essential details of the event conveying everything we need to know.

PRO TIP(S): This high-energy video incorporated premium Getty stock footage from our library. They also took advantage of our customizable editing style “Kids” which has our Brand It features built right in. The company was then able to upload their brand colors to make a memorable high-impact video.

Need help adding your own brand colors? See our step by step guide here.

Video by: New Nissan Hansen


5) Fitness – Instructional

WHY WE LOVE IT: This DIY style video opens with James, our personal trainer for the day grabbing the viewers attention. He directly walks us through specific exercises that are demonstrated and accompanied by subtitles to help viewers and trainers alike, succeed in doing the exercises at home.

PRO TIP: This user utilizes our logo, and business card features for easy brand recognition. And you can too! Check out our how to guide in our help center here.

Video by: James Gordon

That’s it for us for August 2019. Stay tuned for more Editors’ Choice winners coming next month. Until then, keep your eyes peeled on our Explore Page or join our Video Marketing Community here to get even more daily inspiration!