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How to Write the Best Instagram Bio

It is no secret that Facebook, the social media giant, oozed into our lives in 2004 and Twitter and Pinterest followed the trail in 2006 and early 2010 respectively. Instagram is a bit of a latecomer to the game, yet this photo-sharing platform has managed to be the most popular social media platform across the internet.

Let’s dig into some stats…

The first thing users might notice in an Instagram profile is the “bio” section. Without realizing it, this section plays a huge role in attracting or shooing away leads. It creates the crucial first impression that can make or break your brand. Therefore, having a well-crafted Instagram bio can benefit in numerous ways.

An Instagram bio is comprised of 150 characters that help you explain your business or brand to your visitors/followers and it should be written well enough to engage the visitors. Besides that, another prominent thing on your Instagram profile is your customizable user name (not your handle- that is @user).

Purpose your Instagram bio needs to serve

Since you may not have much room for content when writing a bio, you need to be very clear about the prime objective of your business/brand. Here are some of the main purposes of an Instagram bio:

  • Deliver important information about your brand/product in an easy to digest form
  • Establish your unique selling points, the USPs, explaining what makes you stand out
  • Persuade users to follow desired actions, like registering an account or visiting your website
  • Engage people so they spend more time on the account and keep coming back for more

Since Instagram has so many features to use in the bio, it is possible to make your bio engaging and help hurried visitors understand what your brand is all about in no time.

Best ways to create engaging Instagram bios

Since the Instagram user-base has been growing exponentially, you cannot afford to have a mediocre bio. Below, we discuss some of the most effective Instagram bio tips for businesses.

Tip #1: Keep bio content concise:

You need to express what your brands or services are—briefly and precisely. Explain what your business offers or how it solves the customer’s problem. When visitors land on your Instagram profile for the first time, it is important to explain your business or brand in easy to understand terms so that they don’t have to read your bio twice. It is best to be concise and to-the-point.

The Instagram profile of Michael Kors briefly explains what it offers and when their business started. Rather than leaving the bio just plain text, the brand used a hashtag (#MichaelKors) that ensures greater exposure while adding a pop of color to the bland monochrome text. A shortened link at the end of the bio saves the number of limited characters, adds color, and allows the user to click/tap it to visit the website.

MichaelKors instagram bio example

Gaz Oakley, a UK based chef, adds the hashtags of the two books he authored- this immediately increases your authority in your niche

Gaz Oakley - Instagram Bio example


Tip #2: Clickable #hashtags are a must

Once solely used by twitter, hashtags are now one of the key elements of Instagram. People can also follow high volume hashtags on Instagram to see the posts under that particular hashtag. This gives great exposure, especially to new businesses. Using a hashtag in your profile bio can augment the number of clicks and steer the already interested visitors to your profile.

Nike uses its tagline “just do it” as the hashtag (#justdoit) in their Instagram bio. This helps the brand keep an eye on all the content posted under the branded tagline.  Besides, using relevant hashtags can inform the visitor what your profile is all about.

nike instagram bio example

Many brands have been using hashtags too. Apple’s  Instagram profile is running a campaign of storytelling for iPhone users under the hashtag #ShotoniPhone. Whereas, the Olympics has linked its Facebook page on its Instagram bio.

olympics instagram bio example

Besides hashtags, you can tag your own account or other Instagram accounts too.

On its Instagram profile, the renowned delivery service, UPS mentions two accounts; one is its separate account for customer care (@UPSHelp) and the other is of a different brand, Shop Runner (@shoprunner).

ups instagram bio example

FashionNova mentions all their sister accounts (@FashionNovaCURVE and @FashionNovaMEN) in the bio which allows the visitors to click on the account that fits their interest.

Fashionnove instagram bio

Tip #3: Add website link

Profile bio is, so far, the only section on Instagram to post a clickable link. It is alterable and can be changed at any time. Whether you want to link your blog, a landing page for Instagram fans, or a product page, you can link any URL to your bio. This will drive quality traffic to your linked site. Many brands, who do not want their lengthy links to take up too much space while ruining the profile look, use shortened URLs just as Pepsi and UPS did.

Zenith Bank Plc ends its profile bio with its website’s URL. This allows the interested visitors to visit the bank’s profile by just clicking the link, which eventually increases the overall traffic on the website and the conversion rate.

zenithbankplc instagram bio example

Monica Louie Facebook and Instagram ads Strategist (featured on Magisto Blog on Killer Tips For Your Next FB Ad Campaign From 10 Industry Experts article) added a link to a page. is a service that hosts multiple links in your Instagram bio. You should try it for your bio as well.

Monica Louie - Instagram Bio - adding link example


Tip #4: Include powerful call to action

When it comes to persuading the users, a powerful call-to-action can never go wrong! Whether you want your visitors to follow you, visit website, go to another channel, or simply register an account, a call-to-action works wonders.  You can also entice followers into using your branded hashtags on their posts and being featured on your page in return. And you can use more than one CTA in the bio. It is advised to start your CTA with an action/verb to save words and sound more direct.

Honda Instagram bio example

Honda, in its Instagram bio, uses two call-to-actions; firstly, it asks the visitors to follow the page for more updates; secondly, it asks them to use the branded hashtag (#HondaLove) in their posts.


Tip #5: Curate highlights 

Lasting for only 24 hours, Instagram stories are a great way to share photos and videos with your followers and visitors. Unlike Instagram feed posts, stories inform you as to who exactly viewed your story, but stories are not displayed in the main Instagram feed until you share them as a regular post.

Keeping its story game strong and leaving Snapchat (the first platform to launch Story feature) behind, Instagram rolled out Story Highlights— a way to make stories last longer and be visible on your profile. Highlights are not directly a part of your Instagram’s bio; but they are, however, a nice addition to it.

Furthermore, these highlights can also say a lot about your business. They can be seen right between the bio and the gridded feed. When clicking the highlight, viewers can see all the story posts, one by one, like a slideshow.

glow zee instagram bio example

GlowZee, a US-based beauty salon, displays a series of highlights in its Instagram profile, including testimonials from clients, a BTS bridal shoot, makeup workshops, and photoshoots, just to mention a few. Where testimonials established the credibility of this salon, the makeup workshops give the visitors an idea about the services.

Tip #6: Use emojis 🔥

Your Instagram account does not have to look too professional. Add emoji(s) in the bio to give your brand a human touch. The best thing about emojis is that they do not come with language barriers, everyone across the globe can understand the emotions they deliver.  Besides, emojis are fun and engaging too. They can increase the engagement on an Instagram account by 48%.

Marie Forleo - Instagram Bio example

Marie Forleo, a renowned entrepreneur, uses multiple emojis (📒 🎬 🎧💖) in her Instagram bio to make the text less boring and more readable. Besides, in her bio, the wisely-used emojis draw attention to the important chunks of information.

Tony Robbins - Instagram Bio

Emojis can also be used to support links and other important parts of your bio. Take the bio of Tony Robbins as an example. He used a directional emoji (👇) on either side of the sentence, “create your breakthrough”, to direct the users about the link present just below.

Tip #7: Add action button

Action buttons are one of the best features rolled out recently by Instagram. Now Instagram’s business users can use action buttons to drive more clicks, traffic, and conversions. Users can even sell tickets or other products, and take reservations on Instagram using the action buttons. You can choose between a large variety of ‘action buttons’.

Add an action button step 1

Add an action button step 2

Add an action button step 3

Creating an action button on your Insta profile is quite simple. Just visit your profile, tap on Edit Profile, go to the Contact Options, and tap Add an Action Button.  That’s it! Your action button is set.

And that’s is not all! You can also redirect your users to a third-party vendor site for purposes like booking tickers or selling goods by just adding the URL. Instagram is collaborating with a number of third-party services to ensure in-app purchases as well as reservations.


That’s a wrap!

Whether you are a not-so-famous hotel or internationally renowned sportswear, your followers and users will visit your profile out of curiosity or just for a sneak peek into what’s new. In either case, your bio will most likely be your shot at making a great first impression, introducing your brand/business, engaging the user to stay longer on your account, or enticing the audience to follow the desired action.

Make sure your bio carries the tone that complements your brand. Don’t pursue the best bio, just look for the right one for your business instead; the one that truly represents your business. And let’s not forget that it takes time. Since bio can be changed time and again, you can change it to suit your brand message as needed.