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How to Add Multiple Instagram Bio Links – The Full Guide


If you’ve been using Instagram for any period of time now, you have probably heard or seen the phrase ‘Link in bio’ before. We know that for a while there was one option: one link, with one CTA.

Now, there are a ton of platforms available to help you optimize your Link in Bio section (and make the most out of that ONE master link) with multiple links! After we’re finished here, you will have a firm knowledge of how to set up a proper Link in Bio that can begin driving even more of your followers *exactly* where you want them to go. 

In this guide we will cover:

First things first, let’s start with answering the question: “What the heck is the bio on Instagram?” A bio is a small description on an account page. On the screenshot below, you can see an Instagram account. You can also see that clickable link. That’s what the link in bio is on Instagram. 
magisto bio linktree multiple links example

Since there is no way to include a clickable link in the caption of a regular post, the only way to bring a call to action and to have your audience leave Instagram to go to your website or any other external link, is to refer to the ‘link in bio’ in your post. 

The only other place where you can have a clickable link on Instagram is in stories. In Instagram stories, a link is accessible to users by swiping up. However, this feature is only available if you have more than 10,000 followers. That limitation makes the link in bio the only clickable link on Instagram for most users.

Here is an example from Magisto’s Instagram page:

How do I set up a link in bio?

Doing so is relatively easy, although we have to admit that Instagram doesn’t make it as accessible as some other social media platforms. 

To put a simple link in your bio, you need to:

1. Go to your profile, then click the ‘Edit Profile’ button.

2. The link in bio is under the section ‘Website’. Putting a link in that section will make it clickable. 

Once you’ve done that, you’re all set.

Keep in mind that your clickable link will appear at the end of your bio. Therefore, it can be a good idea to explain what the link is and why they should click on it. 

Where to redirect your audience

Now that you know what a link in bio on Instagram is, and how to set it up, let’s discuss what sort of external link you can put on your profile.

The most obvious choice would be your website. That way, you would be using your Instagram account as a way to get traffic to your site. If you are a photographer, for example, it may be a good idea to redirect people to your website or your portfolio so that they can learn more about your business and decide if they want to hire you or not. 

However, you can also redirect people to other places. For example, you may want to redirect someone to where you post your main content. If you’re a Youtuber, you should perhaps consider redirecting to your Youtube channel. If you’re a Twitter star, it might be worth redirecting to your Twitter account, and so on. You can even redirect to your mailing list if email marketing is your main form of communication.

Selling something or having a massive sale? If you’re running an event and you have a Facebook event link, putting it in your bio can be an excellent way to drive extra traffic and extra awareness to that event page. 

There really are no rules. People can redirect wherever makes the most sense regarding their content and business. 

Having trouble deciding on just one link and where to send your followers?

What if there was a way to create MULTIPLE links in you bio?

Multiple links tool Shorby

Shorby allows you to to create a straightforward, one page list with all your links on it. This way, when your audience and visitors click your Shorby link in your Instagram bio, they go to a page with all your links for: social media, website, event, mailing list, and more! You know have the ability to direct them anywhere you’d like them to go.

Setting up a Shorby link is fairly easy.

1. After signing up to create your own link.

2. Pick the URL for your link and title

3. Now, choose the links you want to add to your page. You can add as many links as you want, but keep the list concise and orderly. A few ideas would be to link to your website homepage, your app, your product page, your blog and to your social networks. Tip – you might want to include a link to a special offer for your Instagram audience.


4. Customize colors and buttons, here is a setup we liked

***Shorby is a paid tool and starts at $9/month, there is no free account.

Multiple links tool #2

Linktree is a free tool for optimizing your Instagram traffic, whether you’re a blogger, an artist or run a content platform. You’ll get one bio link to house all the content you’re driving followers to. Their motto: “Let your content live longer than the feed.”

The beauty of is that it’s free!

1. Start by registering your free account here:

2. Directly sync your instagram account.

3. Follow similar steps such as customizing your link name, and adding title captions to your links. See example here:

4. Choose the look and feel under Settings:

5. Want to take it a step further? Upgrade to a Pro account for $6 a month and get even more features.


Some alternatives that also allow multiple links are:

Multiple links tool #3 Manylink

Manylink, as the name implies, is a service that allows you to showcase many links on one page. It’s a free and intuitive tool that does one thing and does it well. They don’t offer advanced features others do (customizable profile or analytics), but it can meet your needs.

  1. Register here:

manylink - multiple instagram bio links


  1. Edit your profile:

manylink - multiple instagram bio links

  1. Create your links and drag and drop them to the right order:

manylink - multiple instagram bio links


  1. View your profile and share its link on Instagram:

manylink - multiple instagram bio links


Multiple links tool #4 offers more than just a page to host all of your links, but a customizable online card where you can promote whatever you like beautifully. There are three memberships plans: basic (free), silver (5$ a month/ 36$ annually) and gold (12$ a month/ 96$ annually).

  1. Register here:

tapbio multiple links in instagram bio section tool


  1. Create your profile – add a picture, avatar, title, bio, social links, email, tags, Google analytics ID and Facebook pixel ID. 

tapbio multiple links in instagram bio section tool


tapbio multiple links in instagram bio section tool

tapbio multiple links in instagram bio section tool

  1. Create your links:


tapbio multiple links in instagram bio section tool 


Jennifer Borget, a journalist and blogger, uses to direct her 80k+ followers through her many different endeavors:

tapbio multiple links in instagram bio section tool


While these solutions seem ideal, they require one more step on your audience’s side, which can make people give up in the process of following you on a different platform.

Here are a few examples of leading Instagram accounts that use multiple links in their bio and are doing it well:

1. Marie Forleo, a leading entrepreneur, uses to direct her followers to a landing page with multiple links.

Marie Forleo bio example

Marie Forleo bio links page


2. Mailchimp – an all‑in‑one email marketing platform


3. Crossfit legends Tia-Clair Toomey vs. Mathew Fraser Instagram link in bio battle:

Tia-Clair Toomey and Mathew Fraser are the winners of the 2019 Crossfit games. They both compete in the same niche, however when you take a look at Tia’s bio you can immediately notice that it is very clean and organized. Thanks to the emojis and the short descriptions, you can totally understand who she is and what she does. Tia takes advantage of having one link in her bio that points to a multiple linking page (using You end up on a landing page that redirects you to her book, her Youtube channel, fitness programs and so on.

Mathew Fraser’s bio, on the other hand, is a lot messier, and the link, by not being shortened, looks very unattractive. Besides looking messy, we have absolutely no idea where that link might redirect the users. A short description or call to action might make it clearer, but a general optimization and clean up of his bio and link really seems necessary in order to optimize conversion to the link in his bio.


More tips

If you have a business profile on Instagram, you have access to analytics. While Instagram has straightforward and not so thorough analytics, the tool will still tell you how many people clicked on your link in bio in the last week. Compare that link to your number of profile visits. If a significant proportion of your visitors end up clicking your link, that probably means that your bio is on point.

However, if you have a lot of views of your profile but almost no clicks on the link, consider tweaking your bio to make your link and profile more appealing. Remember, social media is all about trial and error. If something is not performing as well as you would like, there is probably some tweaking you can do to make it better.


How To Advertise Your Link In Bio

Most Instagram users are familiar with the phrase ’link in bio’, so you can use that phrase instead of having to explain every time where to find your website, online shop or landing page. 

The easiest way to drive traffic to your link with Instagram account is to make it clear in the caption of your posts that you can bring value to your audience if they click that link (by clicking, they can get more information about you, or more information about your latest event or they can get a 30% discount on your shop or other offers). 

As you’re writing your caption, try to make it as clear as possible that they should click on that link by using emojis, spaces and other punctuation subtleties to make the phrase ‘click the link in bio’ stand out! 

For extra efficiency, you can always create a story and advertise that link again and add a simple SWIPE UP gif. 

However, keep in mind that advertising too much can have the opposite effect that you were expecting. It’s all about balance. Try to make it clear that you want to redirect people somewhere, and that clicking on that link will bring value to them. Be sure to regularly check your stats to see what content usually performs best. If your stats are up to your standard, maybe you were a little too pushy, or perhaps not clear and transparent enough.

By trying different techniques and noticing the effect these changes have on your stats, you’ll be able to figure out what works best for you and your audience. 

In any case, by being the only clickable link on the platform, the link in bio on Instagram should be a part of your acquisition strategy on your website or any other social media to which you would benefit extra traffic. Users are aware that this is the only clickable link on the platform and most of them won’t be discouraged by the extra step of having to go to your profile to access your link. Just make sure that the value that you are bringing to your audience is clearly stated. Make sure that your link verbiage stands out in your captions and stories so that your audience can effortlessly see that there’s extra content available on your profile. 

Links in bio are underestimated and underused by most marketers while it is the most effective way to make your Instagram a significant source of traffic for your business or online presence.