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When Is the Best Time to Upload a YouTube Video – 2019 Insights

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If you are posting videos on YouTube on the regular (and even if you aren’t), it’s always a good idea to make sure that you are doing everything you can to drive the most views and the highest engagement on your content. Otherwise, what’s the point?

In general people spend a lot of time trying to master the process of creating an epic YouTube video, what people do not pay attention to however, is the way in which you post that piece of content. This can be a huge misstep, since so many variables have an impact on the performance of your video.

The type of videos, your niche, and when you post are all essential variables to consider when you’re planning to release a video. If you’ve spent THAT much effort writing a video, filming it and editing it, it’s better if that piece of content reaches more people, right?

Today, we’ll dive into: How to optimize the posting process so you can drive more views and engagement to your YouTube videos. Since YouTube is so popular, enough data has been collected to tell you when it is best to post on YouTube, and when you should not be posting. You should try to consider these metrics next time you’re uploading a video on YouTube so you can get the best results possible.


YouTube Metrics You Should Know

Before we get started, it is useful to keep these metrics in mind about YouTube:

#1 – Most YouTube users are from the United States. But, remember that YouTube is also extremely popular in other countries such as Brazil, the UK, China, and India.

PRO TIP: If you are not providing content in English, consider at least having English subtitles or transcription to make sure you are not missing out on a broader audience.

#2 – People from 18 to 34 years old spend more time watching YouTube than television. If your brand has a comparable audience, then spending time creating a strong YouTube strategy may be beneficial (and also a lot cheaper than creating TV ads) for your brand. YouTube - where we watch our content


#3 – Demographics: There is an equal proportion of men and women on YouTube. Contrary to popular belief, YouTube users aren’t all single dudes. YouTube users are also more likely to have a college degree. If your brand speaks to a younger audience, you then better be on YouTube to make sure that you can reach them! YouTube users are a lot more diverse than they used to be. That means that you have an advantage over your average competitors. 

Youtube statistics

#4 – YouTube is the second largest search engine. The first largest is Google. But what that means is that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) should be an ESSENTIAL part of your YouTube strategy. People tend to search for content directly on YouTube. An optimized title and an accurate description will drive more organic traffic to your content than a not so appealing title and a blank description, or funny, private joke.

youtube 2nd biggest search engine

#5 – Unlike other social media sites, YouTube’s indexing algorithm isn’t instant. What this means is that, if you want a video to be searchable at a specific time (let’s say Friday evening), you need to upload that video a few hours earlier (so probably Friday afternoon). YouTube is behaving more like a search engine than a social media platform.

PRO TIP: keep this in mind when uploading content. YouTube needs a little time to figure out what your video is about- if it’s high-quality content or not if people are engaging with it and so on before the site makes it searchable and before your content starts being recommended to people.

So, YouTube is not only a prevalent tool; it also leaves room for opportunities, especially since YouTube is performing more like a search engine rather than a social media platform. While that doesn’t seem like an advantage at all, this means you can still grow and reach people through optimization and by posting relevant content at the right time instead of only having to rely on your following.
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This is what can make YouTube a fast-growing platform for some users: you can go from unknown to having million of views through good content and robust optimization. That’s a lot harder on social media since social media relies on your following base to determine if your content is worth being seen or not.

The Best Time to Post on YouTube

Even if YouTube is more watched than TV by a younger segment of the population, the watching habits are roughly the same. To give you an example: people tend to watch YouTube mostly in the evening and on the weekend, peaking on Sunday. So, those times are what you should aim for.

Youtube engagement by hour

Like we’ve discussed before, try to post a few hours before these peak hours so that your video can become searchable and can perform better. Keep in mind that the searchability is a significant factor on YouTube since YouTube is behaving more like a search engine rather than a social media platform.

There is one exception about the evening posting, which is for Sunday. On Sundays, videos that were posted earlier usually performed best (we’re talking approx. 9 am EST). The reasoning for this is since Sunday is the best days for views and more YouTubers and marketers are posting, the competition is higher, therefore, by posting earlier than everyone else, you can start building views and make your video seem relevant to the algorithm before it gets lost in the outstanding amount of content that will be posted later on in the day. 

Youtube engagement by day

It’s kind of like social media in that you want to post when the most people are using the site, but at the same time, you don’t want your content to be lost in the crazy amount of content that is posted daily. That’s why posting a few hours before rush time is beneficial. So, by the time every YouTuber posts their video, your video will have views, engagement, it will be searchable, and the YouTube algorithm will more likely recommend it. Posting a little earlier is always an excellent strategy to bypass the competition, to an extent. 

Of course, posting a little earlier than everyone else is not the only thing that will make you get views, and that will make you go viral. But it’s a simple way to make sure that your content will be seen and appreciated by your audience and by other users on the platform before it gets lost in the middle of highly popular videos released by video studios or famous influencers. By posting earlier, you’re making it easier to build a community and a base of loyal watchers, and that’s what YouTube is all about.

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Keep Improving Your Titles and Descriptions

Because YouTube behaves like a search engine, you need to spend time on your titles and descriptions. By optimizing your keywords and by making sure that all links are working and redirecting to the right website, you are making your content more searchable. 

The best time to post on YouTube is when your content is ready. If you don’t have time to write a proper title and description and the end of the day is getting closer, reschedule your upload for the next day. Even if you’re following the best time to upload on YouTube, if your copy is average, you’ll get very average results as your video will not be searchable. Therefore, your content won’t reach a new audience and your growth will be limited. 

Youtube title and description

How to Post on YouTube

Now that you know when is the best time to upload a YouTube video, let’s get back to basics – how to even post a video on YouTube at all. It’s pretty simple, so let’s walk through it step by step. 

How to post on youtube - step 1


First of all, you’re going to need a Google account to post anything on Youtube. Once you’re logged in, click on the upper right corner on the little video camera icon and select “Upload a video”. 

How to post on youtube - step 2

If it’s your first video on that account, YouTube will show you an onboarding pop-up. Click “GET STARTED” to, well, get started.How to post on youtube - step 3

Then you’ll see the uploading screen. You can either drag and drop a video file or select it from your computer and upload it the traditional way.How to post on youtube - step 4

After your file is uploaded, you’ll have to fill the video’s title and description and to pick a thumbnail (you can also upload an independent thumbnail that’s not a frame from the video). You also can add your video to a playlist and you’ll be requested to declare if your video is suitable for kids. You can also give additional information like tags, language and more. How to post on youtube - step 4

How to post on youtube - step 6

How to post on youtube - step 7The next step is a screen that offers you “Video elements”. From here you can add an end screen (a promotional screen at the end of your video) and cards (content “stickers” on top of your video”. How to post on youtube - step 8

If you’ll skip adding video elements, you’ll enter the visibility screen, where you can choose who will be able to see your video and when. That one’s important – so pay attention.How to post on youtube - step 9
 That’s it, your video is uploaded! Congratulations. You can now go to your video’s page, embed it or share it on social platforms. Enjoy! 

How to post on youtube - step 10

How to Post a Magisto Video on YouTube

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The easiest way to create a video and post it on YouTube is with Magisto. First of all, create your video the usual way, pick media, select editing style and choose music. How to share a magisto video on youtube - step 1How to share a magisto video on youtube - step 2How to share a magisto video on youtube - step 3

Then, finish up by adding a title and setting your video’s length.How to share a magisto video on youtube - step 4

Once your video is ready, you’ll get a sharing pop-up. After you’ll click “see all” you’ll be able to choose YouTube. How to share a magisto video on youtube - step 5

The title will be the same as the title you’ve created on Magisto. You can also add description and choose the video’s privacy. How to share a magisto video on youtube - step 6

That’s it, your video is on YouTube. How easy is that?How to share a magisto video on youtube - step 7

In Short: What’s the Best Time to Post on YouTube?

You can’t go wrong by posting every weekday at around 3 pm EST. This way, your video will have time to reach your audience, and it will have time to become searchable.

On the weekend, try posting earlier. Because Saturdays and Sundays (especially Sundays) usually provide more views, YouTubers tend to post more on the weekend. It might be smart to post earlier (like 9 am EST) so that your video doesn’t get lost in a sea of content.

While consistency is key in terms of content marketing and content creation, the best day to post on YouTube would be Sunday if you’re posting once a week. If you’re posting several times a week, the best practice would be to post regularly on: Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, while keeping in mind the videos on Friday and Sunday might perform a little better than the ones on Wednesday.

Be aware that because YouTube behaves like a search engine, even if you upload a video at the best time possible, it might not be entirely optimized if you don’t spend time on your title and description.

PRO TIP: Having good copy is even more important than posting at the right time. Like we explained before, the best time to post on YouTube is when your content is fully ready. Make sure that everything is good to go before your press that upload button!
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