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Spice up Your Video Marketing Efforts with Our New Fall Templates

It’s officially pumpkin spice season folks! Speaking of spice, there is no better time to spice up your seasonal marketing campaigns. Get a head start by taking advantage of four new video marketing templates here.

*Templates available for professional and business users only.

Fall Templates for 2019

Templates are videos we (the Magisto video + creative experts) make for you to use. Essentially – we have already done the work FOR YOU! The video is pretty much already created. You have the option to replace the titles, text, and can swap any of the footage with your own, or simply use the template as is and it’s ready to share on social media.

Now, let’s get into the fun stuff!

Peep our four new fall templates below.

Let’s Celebrate Fall

Entice users to comment and interact with your post while reminding them of sweet and nostalgic fall memories.

Shop Our Fall Sale

Make your fall sale a reason customers love the season.

Fall for Our Sale

Give followers the opportunity to fall in love with your latest autumnal sale.

Must Do Fall Activities

Boost comments and likes on your post by asking followers to celebrate the best aspects of the season with your brand.

FAQ: When would I use a template and where can I find them?

In a nutshell – templates save you time and look professional with very little effort. In 2-3 minutes you have a beautiful, professional looking video to use for all your marketing needs minus the brainstorming, and coming up with the idea part. Because, let’s face it – ain’t nobody got time for that.

To access our templates, head on over to our template library here. We are always updating it for daily inspiration!

Still not sure what a template is or how to use it? Check out our full template tutorial here.


Enhance Your Videos with our Fall Editing Style

Looking to add some fall flair to the videos you already have in the works? Look no further. Our fall editing style was created to give off all the cozy vibes. Complete with falling leaves, golden colors, the feeling of crips fall air — this editing style has everything you need to capture the feeling of fall.

To access go to: create a new video > editing style > Fall.

Example video below:

Editing styles are what add style and flair to your videos with beautiful graphics, masks and transitions.

In addition to this new Fall style, we’ve built a collection of editing styles that video makers can select to determine the style and mood of their video. The editing style you select not only denotes the type of effects you’ll get, but it also serves as a roadmap for the algorithm, telling it how to treat your footage, from the editing speed to the mood and general look and feel of your produced video.

We hope this post inspired you so that you may now go forth, and create all the pumpkin, cozy, coffee content your heart can handle.


P.S. Want even MORE daily inspiration like this? Keep your eyes peeled on our Explore Page or join our Video Marketing Community here.