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30 Unique Social Media Marketing Ideas to Keep Your Feeds Fresh for Fall

Fall is the perfect time to ramp up your social media marketing efforts. The thrill of summer vacations are over, and the holiday’s are just around the bend. But between managing your businesses, your store, your website, your families – coming up with creative (and more importantly engaging) content ideas, is that LAST thing you have time for.

We’re here to help! We’ve put together a massive list of 30 unique social media post ideas to take the guesswork out of creating content. Your next 15 weeks of content? Consider it done!

Pick two of these ideas to implement each week. Create an image, gif, or video to go along with your post and BAM – we’re already through the holidays and into January. Can you believe it? Time flies when you’re having fun (and less stressed).

No matter what type of business or blog you run – this list is sure to spark some inspiration.


1. Welcome the new season

Did you know that the first official day of fall is September 23? There’s a lot to love about autumn — changing leaves. Mulled wines. Pumpkin spice! Announce the start of the new season with a shoutout about all of your favorite fall things. And then ask your customers their favorites to create a simple, engaging social marketing campaign.

2. Plan ahead for the holidays

The beginning of fall marks the unofficial start to the holiday season (whether you like it or not). Get a jump start on your holiday marketing so you will have everything ready to go when things start to get busy and the time to promote is upon you! Plan with these social media post ideas for: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukah, Christmas, and the New Year in one fell swoop to get it over with so you won’t have to worry about once the big days come around.

3. Create incentives

Fall is the perfect time to clean out your leftover stock from the summer and usher in a new season. Use this time to create videos to promote an end of season sale, or a sale to kick off a new collection.

4. Announce your new fall: menu, offerings, collection

Speaking of collection…your followers want to know: what’s new?! Now is the perfect time to create a video campaign that will get customers excited about what you have coming up. Whether you’re redoing your cocktail menu and want to promote your new fall lineup or have just launched slouchy sweaters – it’s time to get your fans talking.

5. Lean into trends

Ok, as much as we joke about pumpkin spice everything – it really does sell. There are some trends you jump on and some that you need to steer clear of. Now is the time to lean into those fall trends that have people sharing and tagging their friends. Think: anything with roasted mallows, haunted houses, pumpkin well, anything! A great example video here.

6. Launch a fall themed giveaway

Celebrate the season with a fall themed giveaway. Create a video announcement and let us see your face! Your fans will love to hear from you personally. At the end of the video give a clear CTA on what you want your followers to do: Tag a friend, share the video etc.

7. Update Your Facebook cover video to reflect the season

When it comes to video marketing the Facebook cover is often overlooked and let us tell you – this is prime real estate folks! And, it’s FREE! Your fans, loyal followers, and potential customers are coming to your page to see what you’re all about. Why not make the first thing they see a new video that lets them know you are active on your social page, and you have things happening that they should pay attention to.

PRO TIP: A Facebook cover video must be a minimum of 820 x 312 pixels, with a recommendation of 820 x 462 pixels. The video length must be between 20 and 90 seconds.

8. Create a video to pin to your Twitter page

On that same note, DYK: you can pin a tweet to the top of your page? It’s true! Not to mention that videos are 6x more likely to retweeted over photos, and 3x more likely to be retweeted than gifs. And overtime – watch as the video views skyrocket. Need some help on getting started? Check out our How to Post Videos on Twitter Guide.

9. Get crafty

Even if you’re NOT crafty now is the time to muster up some fall engagement and there is nothing better than creating those Tasty style videos (and they don’t have to be hard work!) Use your camera phone, a ladder, and a pair of helpful hands below to create a quick video that will win with fans. Interior Designer? Create a video that shows how to make the perfect fall centerpiece.

We’re digging this example of a blogger who teamed up with Michael’s craft store.



10. Get spooky

Halloween isn’t just for the kiddos. People of all ages get into it. Reel in your audience by creating a video with our Horror themed editing style that will make any video have a spine tingling effect. Just go to create a new video > editing style > Horror.

11. Get people in the mood with food

Fall food is EVERYTHING. And who doesn’t love food? Create a video assembling your favorite fall dish to get your followers drooling. See a great example video here:

Or try creating a video that has a special story or memory that belongs to you and your business, for example: The fall festival in your community and an interview with the farmer who makes the cider himself!

12. Host a fall themed happy hour – via video

Companies everywhere are doing this between Facebook live, LinkedIn live, and live videos hitting it off in groups – why not bring people together over video with a fun fall happy hour? Have people join in a low pressure, casual way and engage with your customers face to face.

13. Create a fall themed event (complete with a fun promo video!)

Let’s face it, you’re probably already having some kind of fall event…but don’t forget to create a promo or recap video. If you’re putting it the effort you might as well record the fun. Party video “trailers” are definitely becoming a thing and it’s a great way to get people excited for what’s to come.

14. Create a fall themed thank you video to send to your customers

Your customers want to hear from you! And fall is the season of being thankful right? Why not create a thank you video thanking the people who got you where you are today, or even create a series leading up to Thanksgiving with shout outs to multiple customer or fellow biz owners who have made an impact in your life.

15. Share your favorite fall memories

Nostalgia is real and supppper relatable. Why not take a trip down memory lane and create a video about your favorite fall memories to gather up those shares on social.

16. Recap fall events that your organization is involved in

There is always something happening, and it’s important to remember to promote the events that your organization is involved with. Create a video teaser or trailer to let your customers know you will be at the event as a vendor, or showing support and to come check you out.

17. Partner with other businesses in your industry

It is always a great time to team up with other business owners, but there is something about the fall and that really brings people together. Try creating a video to promote a local shop hop, a tailgate, or a giveaway to draw in new customers. See this great example by pretty_collected below.

18. Announce fall charity events happening in your city or industry

‘Tis the giving season and charity events seem to hold even more weight in our hears this time of year. Create a video to shine a light on organizations that are doing good in your city and let your fans know how they can get involved.

19. Create a fall themed contest

We. LOVE. Contests! Who doesn’t. Here is a great example from fossil.

And another great example of how to repurpose existing content and make it fresh again!


20. Celebrate your city

There’s no arguing that people love bragging about their city. Lean into this and create a locally focused video promoting all of the great things about your city! It has the opportunity to connect with other locals and to get shared across social media. You can also find a way to connect a #ShopLocal campaign to promote the other great local businesses in your area.

21. Create a travel video with the best places to take a fall break or weekend getaway

As October rolls in so do cooler temperatures, which means it’s time for some fall weekend getaway trips. Promote the best places to go for autumn activities like the best cabin rentals in the woods, great foliage viewing locations, campgrounds, festivals and more!

22. Black Friday

Ahhh… Black Friday — you love it or you hate it. Whatever your feelings on the “holiday” are, there’s no question that it is a fantastic time to take advantage of the national hype this day receives. Create a series of special Black Friday only promotional videos that will help draw in the holiday shopping crowd. Again, connect #ShopLocal to everything you do during the holiday season to promote sense of local pride.

23. Countdown to Christmas

A Countdown to Christmas marketing campaign is a great way to instill a sense of urgency in your customers while also keeping your business top-of-mind. For example, create a short 15-second video for use in your Instagram/Facebook Stories for every day of the week with how many days until Christmas it is and then include a featured product / promotion to go along with it. You can then create a Instagram Highlight with every day to keep on your profile for new visitor’s to see.

P.S. the #countdowntochristmas hashtag is poppin’ with 400,854 tags and endless social media post ideas! It’s definitely a good idea to jump in on this conversation to snag some of those eyeballs. Here is a great example.


24. Daylight Savings Time

Create a Daylight “Savings” Time special promotion. If you have a brick and mortar store, create an offer or special savings for “1-hour only” to celebrate the time change! You can also do an online version of this on your website by offering discounts or gift card specials during your Daylight “Savings” Time event.

25. Celebrate the season of giving

There is just something about the holiday season that makes people more charitable. Prepare for #GivingTuesday (December 3) by creating a marketing campaign that celebrates your local charity (or charities). It’s a great way to promote exposure for the local charity and your brand at the same time. You could also create a video and set up a donation campaign on Facebook to help raise money for the charity on your brand’s behalf.

26. Pump up employee moral with a video invite to your next event

Evites are SO 1998. Kick your company invitations up a notch with a kick-ass video showcasing the event in full living color! Make it funny, energetic, inspirational — really whatever is going to make your employees WANT to come to the event.

27. Get to know your customers

Ask your customers to submit videos of themselves talking about their personal experience or what they love most about your business. To increase participation offer some incentives in return. Then, create a video montage with all of the submissions for use across social media and even your website. This is a great way to show and not tell your potential customers about you by using your already satisfied ones.

28. Create a video series for National Customer Service Week October 10/7 – 10/11

Customer Support is a pillar of any successful business and National Customer Service Week is a great way to show your customer’s that you strive for excellence when it comes to customer support. Each day of the week showcase a different member of your staff with video tributes about how they went above and beyond in their job and praise them for being an integral part of your team.

29. Celebrate or pay homage to the entrepreneurs in your life for National Entrepreneurship Month

Inform and inspire entrepreneurs everywhere with a video about how your venture came to fruition. Share personal stories about the journey you took to get where you are or simply create a video about someone you look up to and who inspired you in your lifetime. People love personal, vulnerable videos that help them get to know you as a person.

30. Give a shout out specifically to women entrepreneurs for Women’s Entrepreneurship Day on November 19

Go a step further and specifically recognize the women entrepreneurs of the world who are helping to inspire an entire generation of little girls everywhere. Shoutout specific women in your city or industry that have helped pave the way for future entrepreneurs!


Looking to take the guess work out of getting started on these social media post ideas? Check out our recent post featuring our new fall templates here.

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