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Create Your Own Halloween Themed Marketing Videos in Minutes

Halloween is just around the corner and right now is the perfect time to jump in on the conversations and the hashtags. Helllllo – #Halloween2019 is already trending! This year we have an entire creative suite of options to lift your spirits. (See what we did there?)

Because we like to creep it real, let’s go over what’s in store for this blog post.

Here we’ll cover how to:

  1. Use our NEW Halloween templates
  2. Take advantage of our Halloween Editing styles
  3. Choose a Spooky soundtrack
  4. Customize the color in your videos to match the season

Okay, enough with the puns, let’s ghoul to it shall we?

Check out Our New Halloween Templates

Short on time but want to create some pre-Halloween promotions? Check out our easy plug and play templates below. These are super quick and easy to use. Simply choose a template and use as is – or add your logo, edit/add a few titles and voila! You have some new social videos to upload in minutes.

Available now for professional and business users at: 

Full tutorial on how to use templates here.

Take Advantage of Our Halloween Editing Styles

Want to dig a little deeper and send a spooky message to your fans? Upload your own footage (or integrate our istock footage by Getty) and pair that with one of our Halloween themed editing styles to take your video to the next level.

Halloween Editing Style 

Our Halloween editing style is chock full of animation and will liven up even the simplest of footage. Witches, jack o’lanterns, and ghosts – the gangs all here for this one!

Pro tip: This editing style is perfect for party invites and store promotions. The best part? All of our editing styles are available in square, landscape, and portrait – so no matter where you are publishing on social – we’ve got you covered 😉

To access: Create a new video > editing style > choose Halloween.


Horror Editing Style

Want to create a video that will scare the skin off folks? This Hollywood level audio/visual style complete with dust, shrieks, and sharp red titles delivers an ‘on edge of your seat feeling’  that is seriously terrifying.

Pro tip: Use this style to create suspense, or a countdown – people love it!

To access: Create a new video > editing style > choose Horror.

Choose a Spooky Soundtrack

Not only have we put together a stew of options for you when it comes to creative assets, we’ve also updated our music library with suggested soundtracks curated by our music team to ensure your videos evoke the *exact* mood you are going for.

We’ve got everything from spooky to downright creepy. And before you even ask – yes it is copyright free! So you are good to go to upload on social without any issues.

After you’ve uploaded your footage, and chosen an editing style, you will come to a page that looks like this:

Here you can choose anything your heart desires. No matter your mood – we’ve got the music to make your video magic ✨

How to Customize the Colors in Your Videos

Tis the season for all things spooky! And with the season’s change – it’s time to update that color palette. Fun fact: DYK – if you are a professional or business user you can easily swap out your brand colors for any color you want? It’s true!

Instead of sticking with the same ‘ol same ‘ol. Try swapping your brand colors for any of these hex’s that will make you feel like, dare we say it – a “real designer.”

See this video for a quick walk through on how it’s done:


Hopefully this post has inspired you. Go ahead and trick or treat yo’ self to all the goodies we have mentioned. And if you want even more inspiration be sure to join our Video Marketing Community here to see what other people (like you!) are creating on the daily.

To create your own Halloween video now head on over to our iPhone appAndroid app or

Happy haunting!