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How to Get Verified on Instagram

Oh, the desirable little blue check. Many want it, few get it, even fewer know how to get it. That symbol next to your name implies you’re officially Instagram Verified, which means you’re the person that you claim you are. But the truth is, that badge says much more; its exclusiveness makes it prestigious, reserved only to the known, rich and famous – or at least insta-famous.

How do you get it? Can you buy it? And is it worth the fuss? We’ve got all the answers in our post below. TLDR type of person? Here are the short answers to the FAQ’s:

  1. How many followers do you need to get verified? Your following number is not a criterion in Instagram’s decision whether to verify you or not.
  2. How long does it take to get Instagram verified? Nobody knows, and Instagram doesn’t share the secret sauce. Since they have to review every request, it may be days to even weeks. The good thing is, eventually you’ll get a response – approved or rejected.
  3. Is it easy to get verified on Instagram? No. It’s technically easy to send the application, but only a few lucky ones actually earn the badge.
  4. Can you get verified on Instagram without being famous? Well, it depends. You must be “notable” and to appear on various websites and news articles when google-searched.


How to Get Verified on Instagram?

For a long-time, Instagram verification was a mysterious process that Instagram didn’t share with the public. If you were lucky enough to get it, it would just miraculously appear on your profile. Lately, the company has decided to be a little more transparent about it and to allow verification requests. It all happens through the Instagram app, and if another person or service offers to sell you a verification badge – never trust it. 

The process of applying for verification is relatively simple, technically speaking. First, go to your Instagram profile, click on the menu button (the three lines), and choose “Settings”. 

How to get verified on instagram step 1

Then, click on “Account”:

How to get verified on instagram step 2- account

And under the account menu, click on “Request Verification”:

How to get verified on instagram step 2- request verification

Now it’s time to fill out the form. It’s short and straight forward: Username, full name, known as (if you have a stage name, for example), and category (music/sports/fashion, etc). Then upload a photo of your ID, to confirm your authenticity. It can be a driver’s license, passport or national identification card. 

How to get verified on instagram step 2- apply for Instagram Verification

How to get verified on instagram step 2- request Verification

That’s it, you’re done. Now, you wait. Instagram doesn’t specify a timeline for how long it takes to get your request approved or denied. When it happens you’ll see a message from Instagram in your notifications – whether it’s a yes or a no. 


How Does Instagram Decide Who Gets a Verification Badge?

Ah – the trickiest question of them all! Instagram’s official requirements note there are four factors that determine if a profile meets their verification criteria: it must be authentic, unique, complete, and notable. Let’s break it down:

Authentic – This means that the account represents a real person or business.

Unique – You can’t have multiple accounts, and Instagram says loud and clear they don’t verify general interest accounts (example: @puppymemes).”

Complete – Your account must include a bio, profile picture, and at least one post. In addition – your profile can’t contain links to your other social media accounts.

Notable – Here’s the tricky one. By now maybe you’ve thought to yourself “what’s the problem? I’m eligible?” But are you notable? Instagram’s definition is “a well-known, highly searched for person, brand, or entity. We review accounts that are featured in multiple news sources, and we don’t consider paid or promotional content as sources for review.”

As you might notice, Instagram doesn’t mention anything about the number of followers. While sometimes a lot of followers indicates you are “notable,” you’ll see many accounts with millions of followers and no badge. On the other hand, there are some accounts with thousands of followers only that got the badge. So, in verification badges too, size doesn’t matter. We reviewed more than 10 tools that might help you track your activity get more followers and engagement

The bottom line is, while Instagram offers a general explanation, you can never really tell if they’ll approve your request or not. They also do not explain their decision. Since you can always re-apply for verification, you have nothing to lose by trying. 


How to Get Approved: Tips and Tricks

Even if you got refused for a verification badge, there’s still much for you to do to increase your chances for next time. Here are some ideas: 

  1. Exist outside of Instagram – Instagram notes that they “review accounts that are featured in multiple news sources.” That help if you appear on articles and websites outside of Instagram, and not on paid media. You can reach out to bloggers and writers and offer them to write about you, your story or your business. Send press releases about newsworthy stories from your business – a new service, offices, or anything else. 
  2. Post frequently – that’s a good practice to follow, whether you’re aiming for a badge or just Instagram success.  Instagram officially says that your account should have at least one post, but posting regularly and maintaining an active account is essential to building up your Insta-reputation. Here is our guide on how to kickstart your Instagram marketing  plan with more than 25 viral posts ideas
  3. Don’t lead followers to your other social media accounts – this one is important since it’s stated very clearly on Instagram’s requirements description. Instagram, naturally, doesn’t like cross-promoting, and it’s something you can cost you a badge.
  4. Play right – Instagram expects you to play by the rules. Don’t buy followers or likes, and don’t be tempted to buy a badge from a third party – because it simply won’t work. In case you do, Instagram can easily spot your ill-intended attempts, and that’s not the right way to go with them. 

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What’s so Great About Getting Verified on Instagram Anyway?

It’s undeniable that a blue check next to your name is impressive. It means, above anything else, that you’re somebody. Besides, if you’re suffering from Instagram impersonators, the blue check confirms you’re the real you.

But it doesn’t end there – verified users enjoy some cool perks that can really support their Instagram marketing options. They are usually the first ones to try out Instagram’s new features before everyone else, they’re able to add links in stories, a super useful tool to generate traffic from Instagram (we wrote a guide on how to add multiple links in your bio) , and more.