App Of The Year

We’re Apple’s App Trend of the Year

We’re closing 2019 with some great news: we have been featured as part of the #BestOf2019 Trends of the Year on the App Store, under “The Storyteller Within” trend. That’s big! “In 2019, these apps helped us discover our inner creators — in whatever form they took”, Apple wrote. “With their help, we became podcasters, photographers, designers, videographers, and authors.” Well, thank you. 

We’re incredibly humbled to finish such a great year with this honor. It was a year of big news (Magisto joining Vimeo!), powerful new features, and above all, tons of beautiful stories that came to life with Magisto by our beloved community of video makers. And by that, we mean you, so thank you!

Next year we’re committed to making video creation even better, faster, and simpler. Stay tuned, cause big things are coming your way. No matter what video you need, make it with Magisto. Let’s have another year of wonderful stories!