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99 Unique Content Ideas for Your Blog

If you have a blog, or run a blog for your company, chances are at one time or another you have run out of ideas. We get it. Keeping up with a blog and posting content regularly is hard, but it is crucial nowadays to gain traction and visibility over a particular niche.

We’re here to help! With this article we’re going to deliver the inspiration you need to help you get started with a new piece. Here are some ideas or perspectives that you may not have thought about before that will help you get those first words down on that previously blank Google Doc of yours.


This list is sorted by category to help you find the prompt or idea that will best suit the tone you’re looking for. Use these categories if you don’t want to get overwhelmed by the number of ideas listed here. You don’t want to suffer from the opposite issue, which would be to have way too much inspiration to get started!


Tell Your Story for Your Content Marketing Blog

Tell Your Story for Your Content Marketing Blog

1. Tell your readers how your career started

Sharing your own story is an easy way to help readers to know you. They will understand why you’re doing what you’re doing. They’ll realize that your personality, your passions, and hobbies all match the project you’re working on. It’s an excellent way to introduce yourself and show your authority and knowledge about your niche.


2. Talk about a missed opportunity

We’ve all been there. Try being vulnerable and sharing a time that you turned down something that turned out to be pretty great. People will appreciate the honesty, and they’ll appreciate that they’re not alone. Being vulnerable and human can only bring your audience closer to you.


3. Share your milestones

Did you reach a new number of followers,  visits to your site, or any other major milestone for you? Why not share that with the people that follow you?

Sharing this metric not only shows that you’re humble and grateful, but it also makes your audience more valuable because they feel responsible for your achievement, and they feel rewarded by your gratefulness and pride.

Also, depending on the numbers, it can improve the social proof of your blog.

Here are two milestones we shared here at Magisto:

  1. During last August (2019) we announced that Magisto and Vimeo join forces
  2. At the end of November 2019 Apple chose Magisto to be one of Apple’s App Trend of the Year


4. The one piece of advice that never worked for you

‘You have to work harder,’ ‘you should wake up earlier,’ ‘stop all working at 5 pm.’ Advice is constantly being thrown around on the internet today. While it all seems great, some of it might not have worked for you. Share your story with this advice that didn’t work for you. Explain why it might sound good but didn’t apply for who you are and for the way you work.


5. Share the newsletters that you subscribe to

We all follow gurus, blogs, and websites. We all have newsletters that we enjoying reading for multiple reasons: motivation, advice, entertainment… Showing your interest in communities is an excellent way for your audience to relate to you and feel more connected to you because they’re following the same kind of people. Also, promoting someone else’s newsletter is a nice way to drive traffic, and even a nice way to introduce your readers to your newsletter! Here is a list of the best blogs for SMBs you should consider reading as well.


6. Answer an email in the form of a blog article

Did someone ask a question about you, your products, your services, your business model? Instead of replying privately to that email, make it into a blog article. People asking you questions directly are the best source of inspiration possible: you already know that at least someone has a deep interest in that topic, and if you were going to respond to that email anyway, why wouldn’t you make it more efficient and productive by writing a valuable piece of content that will help others that may have the same question. Decided to send emails? this is how you could add video to your emails


7. Share parts of your strategy

Of course, you don’t want to give away your entire plan and all your ideas. But you can, for example, give a couple social media tips, or your email marketing vision. It doesn’t have to be very thorough, just sharing a couple of practical tips, or your philosophy about these small aspects of your business can be perceived as extremely valuable, and these tips are usually great for searchability and discoverability.


8. Link a trending topic to your niche

One great way to gain traffic is to take a trending topic and link it to your field. The more unrelated these two topics are, the better. Not only are these articles are extreme clickbait (because when you see two separate ideas together, you want to find out what the deal is), but they’re also highly appreciated by the audience as they feel like learning something more in-depth than what’s usually around in your field. Being able to link two unrelated ideas is hard, but if it’s done well, it can show your authority on the subject.


Your Action Plan:

Be more authentic; don’t be afraid to share who you are as a person and as a professional. People are not going to dislike you for who you are or for sharing things that you do or don’t do. Authenticity pays off in the long run as people feel closer to you, as you share more and more about your life and business.

Blog Banner Personal

Articles That Show a Different Perspective

Articles That Show a Different Perspective

9. Share what you’re passionate about

Ranting every once in a while about things you believe in is an easy way to seem a lot more personal and unique. It gives you the chance to provide a new perspective on a topic. If done genuinely, this will give you a more organic, more fluid, and overall a more personal tone to your blog. Give it a try!

10. Share an interesting habit that you have

There is, for sure, something that you do differently than most people. Maybe it’s a hack or a whole new approach on a very well known productivity tip. In any case, sharing a more personal, unique perspective on something that people usually think they know is precious for your audience as it peaks their curiosity and creativity.


11. Describe your morning routine

People are usually really inspired and interested to know how successful people get started in the morning. If you think your morning routine is a crucial part of how much you can get done in a day, or if you feel that your routine is an essential element to your happiness, you should consider sharing it on your blog!


12. Share your workflow when you’re out of office

Like most people, sometimes you need to get stuff done when you’re not in the office. Whether you are working from home, a coffee shop, the streets, or a hotel on vacation in a different country, you should consider sharing the way you work in a different environment. Working remotely is hard, and changing your working environment is usually something that decreases productivity. Share your tips to manage and get work done!


13. Made a bold choice recently? Let’s discuss it!

We all do things that are unconventional from time to time. Whether you decided to stop posting on a popular social media platform or you chose not to have a website and sell everything directly from Facebook. We all have something crazy that is working for us, and that makes us unique. That’s an excellent way to keep your audience interested in you and your business.


14. Share advice to your younger self

It is always interesting to reflect on this. What is the advice that you wished you heard at the beginning of your career? This blog post would be great for people starting out and for people looking for real-life advice. It’s always an excellent way for you to remember where you come from and all that you’ve accomplished throughout the years.


Your action plan:

Focus on what makes you truly unique as a person. Don’t be scared about sharing your unique point of view on things people usually agree on. Having a unique perspective on things is what will differentiate you from all the other bloggers our there. Don’t hesitate to let your feelings and intuition speak!


Inspirational Blog Posts

Inspirational Blog Posts

15. Share your vision

If you started a business, or a blog, or any other sort of project, it’s because you’re driven by something. Your drive and passion is the reason why you’re finding meaning in doing what you’re doing. It’s what makes you keep going. It’s what makes you motivated to take the risk. That’s your mission statement. And you should share it. People will most likely be inspired by it. Remember, passions are amazing, and extraordinarily relatable – not to mention sharable.


16. Your favorite quotes

We all have some that we live by. Quotes are something that say a lot about an individual. It’s like a reflection of the way a person’s mind works. It shows the way that a person perceives the world, and it confirms their mission statement. It’s such a simple way to share what your beliefs are and who your role models are.

Looking for quotes that will inspire you, here are a couple of real estates quotes that will fit any business and quotes for any celebration.


17. Your role model

Or your mentors. We all have someone that we admire and that we strive to learn from. It’s a person that we find fascinating. Sharing who your role models are is an easy way for your audience to get to know you and to relate to who you are.. Again, that will help you gather a community and attract people to your blog.


18. The way you take breaks

Taking breaks is part of productivity. Often, the things we decide to do outside of work are things that help us stay creative or that are somewhat linked to our field. Share these activities that you do for self-care with your audience. It might give them ideas on what to do to relax, and it can take the guilt out of their shoulders for not working 24/7.


19. Describe the way you get in the flow state

It’s that state in which you’re intensely focused on what you do. You get both extremely inspired and productive. You get a lot done. Nothing can stop you. Time disappears. Everything in your environment and in you seem to work out: you’re getting a lot done, it looks easy, you can’t stop. Some people are better than others at getting in that state. It usually brings a lot of happiness, and people are always attracted to that state of deep focus.


20. Share what you’ve learned from a recent challenging situation

Sometimes, we face tough phases in our work lives. Sometimes nothing seems to work out. Sometimes, it just feels like the universe is testing us because absolutely everything seems to be conspiring against us. Share one of these moments and insist on how this situation helped you grow, or how you coped during the frustrating moments.


21. Your favorite inspirational podcasts

Inspirational podcasts are an excellent way to stay motivated while working out or while commuting to work. If you don’t feel comfortable giving inspirational quotes and inspirational content and advice to your audience, this is the way to go! Moreover, providing free shoutouts is always appreciated by the creators, who might also share your content in exchange! It is definitely a thing worth exploring.


22. The one book that made you start everything

We all have that one book, that one video we watched, that one movie, or that article that we consumed, and that was the trigger to change our mindset. Lots of people started feeling entrepreneurial after reading the The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferris. What was your trigger? Maybe you’ll help people get inspired to start something new!


Your action plan:

We all love motivational content. It makes us go forward, and it helps us remember why we do what we do. So try to understand why you create content. What’s your drive? What started all of that? What do you think about when you start going off track? How can you stay motivated? What kind of content do you consume to remain highly focused on your tasks? These are all answers that can be of high value to your audience.


Share Your Best Advice

Share Your Best Advice

23. A day in the life of…

Insert your job there. People are always interested to see how people work and how a typical day looks like. More and more people are choosing their career considering their values, passions, and also lifestyle. Providing lifestyle insights can be very informative for your audience as they will be able to relate to what a regular day looks like.


24. Interview an influencer or a leader in your field

People love interviews. Interviews are great because they show the personalities of both the interviewee and the interviewer. It’s also an excellent way to gain lots of followers. The person interviewed will be very likely to share the blog post or the podcast that you created together, which will redirect a small part of their followers to your content.


25. The primary skill required to work in your field

Most people, in a job interview, will use very plain words to describe their skill set, such as autonomous, driven, passionate, and perfectionist. But since you’re working in that particular niche, you can provide what’s necessary to either do your job or to be successful in your field. This advice will help people get a perspective on what it takes to be successful in what you do.


26. The main challenges that you’re facing

It can be helpful for a professional to share the most challenging parts of the job. Whether it’s dealing with stressful clients or short deadlines – sharing the most challenging aspects of your job can be extremely informative for people considering a similar position.


27. Debunk myths about your job or field

The internet is a fantastic source of information. However, because of the volume of content, there are a lot of articles spreading false beliefs about either your job or your field. A great way to show your authority on the subject to set your content apart and bring more value to your audience, is to help your followers know what is real and what’s false about what it is you do. Share your experiences to help others along the way.


28. Share the best books, courses, and resources to get started in your field

It can be very overwhelming to start a new project. Because of the amount of information available online, it is hard to know where to start. But you, as a professional and as someone that has a way more powerful curation ability, can point beginners in the right direction. Give essential references and a couple of original ideas to start. Take a look at the best blogs for SMBs you should follow.


29. List the major players in your field

Understanding who is involved in an area can be very tricky, but it can be a great starting point for your audience who want to understand how your niche works. Again, the free shoutouts will be appreciated, and some shoutouts back can be anticipated. Setting yourself apart by actually talking about your competitors and people sharing the same passion and drive as you do can be beneficial for your brand and online presence.


Your action plan:

Share your best advice. Always. But most importantly, prove your point by sharing experience and real-life situations. Not only will you show your knowledge and expertise on the subject, but you’ll also be taken a lot more seriously than by ‘just saying’. People love real-life examples and stories they can relate to.


Evergreen Blog Posts

Evergreen Blog Posts

30. An annual round-up post

Okay, this is not precisely evergreen, as you’ll have to update that post every year to make sure that it is updated and that it gives you the best SEO ranking and traffic possible. However, annual round-up posts perform very well because they feel updated, current, and relevant. A well written round-up post can help you drive significant traffic for an entire year, and they only require minor adjustments.


31. Write a case study

Case studies are relevant forever. They’re very interesting and relevant because they give a real-life perspective to more abstract theories and concepts. Because they’re applicators to real-life situations, these articles don’t need to be updated as the context makes it relevant, no matter the updates or the years. Case studies get less and less consistent over time, but they have a more significant relevance span than a more trendy blog post.


32. Checklists and cheat sheets

These are very valuable, especially if you make them downloadable as it’s like a gift to your readers. While practices change, you can give away the basic ideas and logic into the form of a cheat sheet.


33. Write a review about a tool you use

We all have digital tools that we use to help us be more productive or to help us create. Writing a review about one of them is not only good for the discoverability of your blog, but it is also excellent evergreen content as your review will stay relevant until a next major update or an entirely new version of the software, which can sometimes take up to years to get released, for example – we listed here the top tools that can help you get more  followers and engagement on social media.


34. Display your working workflow

How do you get things done? That question fascinates people as they’re eager to learn new tricks and the next techniques to get more things done during their day. You don’t have to go as in-depth as if you were writing a review, but you can still mention the tools that you use and benefit from the traffic that that will get you.


35. Why did you start blogging

Sharing the reason that pushed you into writing a blog is probably not going to change in the future. Take that opportunity to share your passion, your concerns, your mission statement, your vision, and all of these things that make you unique as a person and as a blogger. Dedicating a blog article to that matter is an excellent piece of evergreen content.


36. Best of all four seasons

At the end of every season, write a blog article about your best blog articles of that season. Maybe you can identify a theme in all these posts that you’ve published in these three months. These links to articles of your blog, with the keyword titles and some optimization, can boost the discoverability of your blog and help it get ranked better on Google.


Your action plan:

Think about your set-up. What is it that you do and that you have that you can create content out of. Thinking about behind the scenes is a straightforward way to come up with evergreen content. Documenting anything related to you or the way you work are great starting points into creating content that will last a long time, and that will genuinely help your blog to rank better on Google.


Share Your Writing Process

Share Your Writing Process

37. Describe your writing routine

Such a big part of blogging is about writing. To write and to be consistent and inspired, you probably have some writing routine that you follow to make sure that you can provide enough content for your blog. It can be very daunting to start a blog because of the amount of writing that it involves. Beginners would love to have your take on the process and pitfalls along the way.


38. The way you come up with ideas

Not only is the writing time consuming, but coming up with new ideas regularly is a critical skill to develop if you want to be successful in blogging. When it comes to being creative, we all have our ways. Some will start reading content in their field. Some will go on a walk or take a nap. What’s your approach? Write a blog post about it!


39. Your writing software

There are a lot of different types of writing software out there. From highly customizable, to extremely minimalist, it is easy to get lost in all of those and it can be tricky to understand which one would be best for someone that is just beginning to write. You may also be using some software to correct spelling and grammar too. Share these tools, you never know – even the most experienced writers could benefit from them.


40. The keywords that drive the most traffic to your blog

That may feel like giving away your secrets, but it can be fascinating for your audience as that can give them the right keywords to type to find other blogs in your niche, leading to a more educated audience. Also, the exercise itself of noticing which words are driving the most traffic will be beneficial to you as that means that you would know what content to write next time. Lastly, imagine the traffic that a blog article full of your most successful keywords would bring..!


41. How to come up with titles

Coming up with a title can be very challenging and also quite stressful as the quality of a title has such a direct impact on the traffic of your blog. Sharing the techniques that you are using to come up with the best title possible for your blog can provide a lot of value to your audience, and it can even drive traffic from other bloggers who might be interested in finding better titles for their articles.


42. Write a post about your favorite blog posts

Whether it is the quality of the writing that caught your attention, or a fascinating article about your field, or just a friend’s blog, writing about what you like and what inspires you can be a great way to get your creative juices flowing. It’s also important to keep in mind that all these bloggers will appreciate the shoutout and might start writing about your content as well!


43. Your writing timeline

It’s always interesting to know how much a writer is working on their blog. You can, therefore, answer that question by telling your audience how much work you are putting in each post. Some people spend more time editing than on the writing itself. Some people do hours of research before starting the first draft. Some people edit as they write… There are tons of ways you can write, and one article may take 2 hours to write for someone, and 8 hours for someone else. Document how much time you spend on writing.


Your action plan:

Because writing is the primary skill needed when writing a blog, you probably have a lot of experience doing it. Sharing that experience will be perceived as valuable by your audience who will get to know you better by learning your process. Beginner bloggers that are looking for tips, advice, and experiences can get started and become more efficient at blogging. Talking about writing the writing you do is an excellent way to attract a new audience to your blog.


Fun Blog Posts

Fun Blog Posts

44. Share a secret about yourself

Who doesn’t love secrets?! Secrets are an easy way to get to know someone and to develop a deeper relationship with them. It may not be easy, but by sharing a secret that you’ve never told anyone before, people will feel closer to you as a person, and they might even share secrets with you in return.


45. Do a 30 day challenge and share your results

Even if you’re not blogging about personal growth, it’s always a good idea to learn more about yourself. And what better way to get to know yourself then by doing a 30 day challenge of something you’ve never done before? 30 days without social media, 30 days eating vegan, 30 days of waking up at 5 am… Pick any that suits who you are or you want to be, and share your genuine results with your audience.


46. Display your old creations

If you’re a creator, you probably still have the old creations that you’re hiding from the world somewhere. Well, now it is time to publish them and show to your audience how years of practice turned you into the creative genius that you are today! It’s harder than it seems, but everyone has to start somewhere, and absolutely no one was good when they started. Sharing those with your audience can be very motivational for them as they’ll see the massive progress, and they’ll be full of hope for a similar journey.


47. Write a time-capsule post to your future self

What would you tell your future self? Let’s say you can talk to your future self in 2 years, what is the advice you would give? Or the things you want your future self to remember. On top of being fun and entertaining, this blog post can be very insightful for you, and it can help you remember why you’re doing this blog, your values, your goals, your struggles.


48. Do a behind the scenes post

What if you were to tell your audience about your daily life once a week or every two weeks? It doesn’t have to be related to your niche. It can be the things that happened to you, the last book you read, the last movie you watched. Just something that happened to you and that you remember well because of the emotions you felt. People don’t like to read about serious, deep stuff all the time, reminding them that you are also a human, going on the journey of life can help them connect with you on a more personal level.


49. Random emails that you got

As a blogger, you probably receive lots of emails. Whether they’re about partnerships or paid articles, some of these emails are very random and sometimes a little weird. Tell your audience about them in a post. On top of being a great behind the scenes post, people will have a better understanding of what blogging is about, which sometimes means receiving these weird partnership emails.


50. Your ideal life if money were not an issue

What would be your life if you had infinite cash and no job that required you to be living in a specific location? What would your life look like? It’s different than just imagining how your life would be in the next 5 or 10 years as it lets you imagine how your life would be if there were no restrictions.


Your action plan:

You don’t always have to talk about things that are relevant to your niche. People who read your content also appreciate the person that you are, and taking a break from the highly valuable, serious content can make that connection with your readers stronger as they’ll be able to relate to you as a personal level as well. Blogging is all about relationships, and taking a break sometimes can genuinely help you bring a new, more organic dimension to your blog and content.


The 10 Top/Best/Most List Blog Posts

The 10 Top/Best/Most List Blog Posts

51. The top 10 tips to getting started in your field

Gather the 10 most essential pieces of advice that you wished you knew when you had just gotten started in your field. Whether these are practical, skill sets that are necessary, or books to read – gather everything in a list. List blog posts perform well, and you will attract lots of traffic with a post like this.


52. The 10 best productivity hacks

People love productivity, and they love hacks. People love shortcuts and unconventional ways to get things done. You probably have some techniques that you use in your field to achieve maximum results in the least amount of time possible. And you probably use some more known and common ones to manage and organize your life. In any case, gather all those and make a top 10 (or any other numbered) list!


53. The 10 best work locations in your field

If you’re blogging about the film industry, it is probably better to be based in Los Angeles than in the middle of nowhere in the country. Depending on your field, some locations are usually more relevant than others. Even if you’re a digital nomad and can work anywhere as long as you have an internet connection, there are probably cities and countries that are better in terms of quality of life to live in.


54. The 10 best apps for blogging

As a blogger, you probably use lots of apps. From a writing app to an editing app, a photo editing app, a design app, a newsletter app, WordPress plugins, and so on. It is very easy to get lost in all the information out there on how to make your blogging experience more manageable and better overall. Gather all of the best tools that you can’t live without and create a blog post about it. Don’t hesitate to talk a little about your workflow, as tools and workflow are usually related.


55. The 10 best blogging ideas

A list similar to the one that you are reading right now. Because of the consistency required to be a successful blogger, most of them will run out of ideas after a couple of weeks. Giving away some ideas can, therefore, be a precious piece of content for the bloggers in your audience.


56. The 10 best coffee shops in your area

As a blogger, you have probably tried all of the coffee shops in your area, and even in other major cities. Coffee shops are a great alternative to regular offices and usually help freelancers, and digital nomads get work done. Make a list of your favorite ones in your area or in the cities that you’ve visited. Not all coffee shops (and free wifi) are created equal.


56. The 10 best blogs that you read

It’s time to give away free shoutouts to your favorite bloggers out there! These blogs don’t have to be related to your niche. Be genuine, and list the blogs that you read. The authors will appreciate the free shoutouts, and they might talk about your content, while your audience will enjoy learning more about what you like and your opinion on these other blogs.


Your action plan:

Listicle blog posts are an infinite source of content. They tend to drive a lot of traffic, and they’re usually quite easy to come up with. With a list article, there is no need for a complex storytelling structure, all you need to do is gather information and resources, make them into a list, and write a little bit about each point. Another bonus thing with lists, it’s that they’re usually viral, entertaining, and people love to share them on social media.


Talk About Your Blog!

Talk About Your Blog!

57. Share your traffic stats

Let’s show your audience how much traffic a blog like yours can get per day, per month. From all this data, maybe you can identify some characteristics: perhaps you have more views on the weekend? Maybe most of your traffic happens at night? Maybe your traffic comes mostly from desktop or a specific location. Noticing trends and unique things about your traffic will show how your blog is unique compared to the mass of other blogs.


58. Reveal the traffic money that you are making

Money is always a nice subject for readers, but it is usually a lot harder for bloggers to talk about it. A more comfortable topic would be to be talking about the money that you’re getting from your traffic. Share with your audience how much a blog like yours can expect in terms of revenue with ads and a couple of display banners on your site. It should demystify a couple of preconceived thoughts about blogging.


59. Talk about your email marketing data

Among the data that is never shared, those of email marketing are the most secret of all. People never say how many subscribers they have, how many of them open their emails. And, the most secret of all, they don’t share their click-through-rate nor their conversion rate. Are they afraid of it? Are they making too much money out of their followers? There is at least something! Bloggers tend to speak more about their income than their email marketing metrics! Break a taboo and write about it!


60. What about the future of your blog?

Share the next topics that you want to talk about or the new blog theme that you are thinking of purchasing. Write a post about how you plan on changing your blog. Your blog is yours! You can do whatever you want with it. From adding new categories, changing the layout, or enabling comments. There are so many things that you can do to your site. Share your perspectives with your audience. Ask for their opinion and their feedback as they’ll be the ones reading it anyway.


61. Your best social media posts

You probably use social media to drive traffic to your blog or to strengthen your brand and global online presence. Maybe now is the perfect time to figure out which were your most successful social media posts on each platform, and give away a behind the scenes look at the strategy behind your social media content. This post would also be ideal for reminding people to follow you on each social media channel.


62. What are your next goals and milestones

Now that you’ve talked about your blog traffic metrics, it is time to set some goals! We recommend working on just one metric at a time. You can’t both double your traffic and multiply your traffic earnings by 7. Just choose one, tell your audience why you want to achieve it. Maybe even announce something that you plan to do when you reach that milestone, like a contest or a giveaway. That will push your audience to share your content to help you out.


Your action plan:

Share a peek behind the scenes. Be transparent and authentic. What it is that you want to achieve with your blog? What have you already done? Write about your progress, where you do well and where you have to work extra hard. People love seeing genuine posts on the internet. It makes it seem a lot more organic and a lot more humble, even if that may seem a little counter-intuitive.


Controversial Blog Post Ideas

Controversial Blog Post Ideas

63. The open letter

Frustrated? Write an open letter and publish it on your blog. Open letters tend to go viral because the content is usually raw and unfiltered while still being full of strong emotions. Writing an open letter is entirely a more comfortable exercise than a typical rant as a letter is more personal and usually meant to be sent to one person. Filters, complicated words, fancy structures are not to be expected in an open letter. It is merely a flow of facts and emotions.


64. Imagine the future of your field

Give your perspective on your field in the next year, or the next five years if imagining something longer-term is easier for you. Get as specific as you can. Other experts and people passionate about your field will probably jump on the opportunity to leave comments and discuss that vision that you have, whether they agree or not. You don’t have to share a wrong perspective, try to make it as precise and personal as possible, and people will naturally react to it, and share their point of view.


65. Reply to a blog post

Recently read a blog post with which you disagree? Write your answer and explain your point of view in a blog post instead of just keeping it as a comment. By giving a different perspective on something that is usually accepted and consensual can set your content apart.


66. The mainstream media talked about your field? Share your reaction!

Did a popular TV channel host a debate talking about your field? Or did a show talk about something related to your niche? Give your perspective on it. Discuss whether or not what they shared was accurate or not. Taking advantage of the traction from a famous TV channel or a popular show can have a significant impact on your traffic in the next few days after publishing.


67. Debunk the main myths in your field

There are lots of popular myths on a particular subject. Take each one of them and explain why they’re not right, source it, and correct the false beliefs. This is an excellent way to set your content apart and to set your authority on a particular subject. Share your expertise by adjusting people on what they might not know yet.


68. The one universal opinion you disagree with

Is there one opinion that everyone you know agrees with? French fries are the best form of potatoes or Game of Thrones is the best TV show every made? Instead of feeling weird about it – share your opinion with your audience. You may realize that you are not alone, and these types of posts often go viral.


Your action plan:

Controversial posts are great for showcasing a unique perspective on a subject. They show that you are an expert in your field and someone with a different approach than most experts. Controversial posts tend to be very clickbait-y by nature, as people are eager to learn about unique views and perspectives of what they think they know. Make sure you deliver some interesting value that will spark some healthy conversation.

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Promote Your Own Business and Services

Promote Your Own Business

69. Explain how you are different from your competitors

A blog post explaining how your products or services are different from the other companies in your industry is an excellent way to educate potential customers and to help them decide whether they want to work with you or not. The point here is not to ditch your competitors, but rather to showcase how you do certain things or more specifically what your products and services are when you get down to it.


70. List some fun things about your products

You probably know some fun ways in which you can use your products. Or maybe some fun facts about them. Gather them all and make a listicle! Perhaps you can even share the unique use cases from your clients as well! Make it fun and make it unique. These are things that will set your products apart from your competitors.


71. Tell your story

Your story is what makes you unique, whether you are a blogger or as a business owner. Try to connect your story and experience to your products or services. Explain how your story has an impact on what you do nowadays, and how your past led you to where you are in life now. Such a post is an excellent opportunity to give some background and history to your brand, even if you just got started.


72. Share your customers’ reviews

Share the best reviews that you got so far, whether they are from your website, or a rating website, or via email. Gather the best reviews that you got so far and put them in an article to show how your products and services can have an impact on the life of some people.


73. Teach your (future) customers how to use your product best

A blog article like so has two goals: it teaches your new customers how to use your product correctly, and it gives a real, practical example of how to properly operate your products to the people that don’t have it yet but want to buy it. An article like this shows how your product behaves in real life and can show your product solving problems and pain points. Here are some tips we shared with our readers on how to create the best Halloween videos using Magisto.


74. Re-imagine the future of your product

Gather all of the feedback you have gotten from your clients and customers. From there create a post to show to your existing customers that you care about their inputs. Re-image what the future looks like based on their suggestions – they’ll feel valued and heard, and it proves to others that they too can have an impact in the design of a newer version.


75. Your long-term vision for your company

Chances are if you decided to have your own business that you have a long-term goal or vision that you want to achieve. Share those in a blog post! It will help your audience understand where you’re going with your products and services. And if they agree with your long-term plan, chances are that they’re going to become your best customers.


Your action plan:

Focus on what makes you and your business stand out. In today’s noise filled feeds it is easy to get lost as a customer and to go to with the first service you find. By affirming your differences and focusing on your unique benefits, you’ll make your future clients’ jobs a lot easier. They will understand you and your brand, and down the line, they’ll be more likely to become true ambassadors of your products.


Lifestyle Ideas on Your Blog

Lifestyle Ideas on Your Blog

76. Your morning routine

The way you start your day is a crucial part of your lifestyle. It sets the mood for the day. Your habits are what give you structure and help you get things done for the rest of the day. Share your morning routine with your audience. People are often curious to know how bloggers and digital nomads start their day and find inspiration to create.


77. Your favorite playlist

Most of us listen to music as we’re working. The problem with streaming music is that the extensive catalog makes it hard to find what to listen to, and it can get very time consuming to find the perfect vibe you’re looking for. Share your favorite playlist or artists that you listen to while working or on your daily commute. This is a great way to get your audience engaged and to reply to you by sharing their favorite songs.


78. What’s on your phone

This is a classic! We do so many things with our phone – it’s UNREAL. From planning to getting things done, and playing games, the possibilities are endless. Your smartphone is such a beast of a tool and it does what you want it to do. Share your favorite apps and the way you use your phone in general. Topics like these are getting increasingly popular.


79. Pictures of your workplace

If you work from home, this will be super interesting for your audience! Some people just don’t know how to be productive at home. That’s the reason why most people book office spaces or work in coffee shops. If you have a home desk setup that helps you get things done, take a picture of it and share it with your audience. People will love to know how you manage to stay on track, cut out distractions, and work from home.


80. Your favorite podcasts & YouTube channels

We are consuming media constantly. We listen to it while we commute, while we cook, while we work… But like the rest of the internet, there is so much content available that it can be overwhelming to know what to watch or listen to. Share your favorite media content with your audience. Chances are  the creators will enjoy the free shoutout and your audience will be pumped they don’t have to scroll endlessly for their next binge watch.

81. The way you relax after a long day

Burnout is real. And these days everyone is looking for the best ways to prevent it. Share your ideal relaxation rituals. Whether that is self care tips, best meditation podcasts etc. Describe what you’re already doing, or what you plan on doing in the future. These types of posts are extremely relatable and reach across all industries – we are all human and need a break.


Your action plan:

People not only follow your blog, but they also support you as an expert, a creator, a writer. Sharing more personal details about your  lifestyle can be a great way to deepen the relationship you have with your audience. In return your audience will share with you some aspects of their lifestyle, which might inspire you to modify yours or to implement some elements of theirs into yours. Writing a couple of pieces about lifestyle is an excellent way to ensure growth, on both ends!


Ask Your Community for Feedback

Ask Your Community for Feedback

82. Start a poll

If you are curious about what  your audience thinks about a specific topic, or even about you, the best you to figure it out is to ask directly. Write a blog post where you give your opinion about something and ask your audience about it. Maybe even use a poll tool to see how your audience reacts to specific subjects. This will save you time, and it will help you learn a ton about your audience.


83. The pain-point talk

It is often said that it is the job of marketers to create the need for a product. Identifying a pain point and solving it with a product is a way more accurate description of what marketing truly is. The best way to understand the pain point is to ask your audience directly about it. How can you pretend that you have the solution to a problem if you either don’t understand the issue entirely or either don’t even know if it is an actual problem?


84. The indecisive blog post

If you are feeling uninspired, lost, or if you don’t understand how you can bring more value to your audience (through content, but also new products), sometimes it is worth asking your audience directly. Ask them what they liked the most about your content or the reasons why they read you and follow you.  Sometimes, understanding your audience’s expectations can be very helpful.


85. Search within your community

Are you about to start a new exciting project? Or do you plan on changing your entire logo / brand? Instead of spending hours for a qualified freelancer, maybe you can ask for talents in your community. The people that follow you already know who you are and what your brand is. Maybe you can even host a contest! Either way sourcing for help and freelancers in your audience is usually a safe a qualified starting point.


86. Create a space for your most loyal fans

Identifying your true fans and bringing them together to share a common interest is extremely powerful. Create a slack channel, or Facebook group with concrete value (discounts, priority support, beta testing etc.) and let your true fans come to you! Wink wink , nudge nudge, now is the perfect time to join Magisto’s FaceBook community!


87. Ask your customers for feedback, and offer incentives

Stumped on which direction to go next? Have you thought about reaching out to your customers directly? This feedback is priceless as they can help you design the next version of your product. Want to sweeten the deal to ensure participation? Try a little incentive like a discount on their next order, or a small freebie. This way, you’ll see who is engaged, and increase feedback overall.

Your action plan:

Remember – you are not alone. If you feel lost or don’t understand a current problem your customers are experience, you can ask! People love to help. Your audience is not your enemy. It is made up of a bunch of people that appreciate you and your content. They will tell you what they want if you ask. Don’t forget to include audience feedback in your next major decision making process.


Educate Your Audience About Your Niche

Educate Your Audience About Your Niche

88. Share what the market is about

Who are your competitors? Who’s your target audience? What’s their problem? What’s your solution? How is your solution better than others? You can still promote your products and expertise as you’re educating your target audience about your industry.


89. The history of your industry

Talk about the past. How was the market before you entered it? What were the products available? How is yours more advanced, better, more modern than those previous ones? Your solution comes from somewhere; you created it by taking what existed and made it better, or more specific. Share your knowledge about that.


90. Talk about a leader in your industry

You don’t have to take them down – instead, show your admiration. Explain how they got where they are now and paved the way for others. Explain how you plan to compete, show what makes you unique! There is room for everybody in an industry, as long as you’re different from your competitors. Take advantage of that post by showing who you truly are.


91. Share a case study

There is nothing better than a case study to showcase your expertise on a specific topic. Explain how you identified the issue, what went through your mind while looking for the perfect solution, then share your action plan to solve the problem. It can even be the story of how you came up with your product. Share your thought process, your ability to solve problems, and your humility.


92. What does it take to be a professional in your field

Depending on the job and the industry you are working in, you may be required to have different skillsets to be successful. As a professional in your industry, describe what it takes to do your job. List the qualities that are necessary to be productive, efficient, and successful in your industry. This kind of article can help you give more clarity in case you’re hiring, you’ll be setting up expectations upfront.


93. Reveal the one secret no one knows about your industry

Because there is always one. Show how transparent and confident you are by sharing it with the world. Despite the clickbait title, revealing such a thing can set you apart from your competitors. It can showcase a disruptive, more modern approach to your audience.


Your action plan:

Educate your audience and explain why your brand and products are unique. You can’t expect your readers to trust you and to understand your positioning if they don’t know what your industry looks like. It is part of your job to provide them with the knowledge necessary so that they understand your authority and how great your solution is to their eventual problems.


Productivity Blog Posts

Productivity Blog Posts

94. The way you manage your emails

Let’s be real – managing your email sucks. Between the avalanche of newsletters you’re getting, the emails that you don’t care about, the personal ones, the ones you’re in the loop of, it can be extremely time-consuming to manage them and reply to all of them. Share your strategies on how to tame the dreaded inbox and you’re sure to see some engagement.


95. The productivity tool you can’t live without

Everyone has that centerpiece of software that helps them accomplish everything. It helps you your life together. It helps you keep on track with your job and your to do-lists at home. It’s the tool that saves you precious minutes every single day. Create a review post and introduce it to your audience. That tool might work as well for them!


96. Reveal the way you run meetings

The average worker spends an enormous amount of time each week in meetings. Explain to your audience how you and your team came up with a unique way to run meetings. Not only it will help your readers save a ton of time per week, but it will also show your approach to teamwork, and it may reveal a lot about you and the way you manage your team.


97. Your secrets to turning off distractions

Share how you do your best work by eliminating distractions. With all of the apps and devices that we are using, it gets tricky to manage and understand which distractions to turn off and which ones to leave on. Most important of all, teach your audience to go back into focus mode after being disturbed or distracted. These posts are always getting picked up and republished.


98. Your goal-setting philosophy

You can’t reach your goals if you don’t have any. When it comes to setting up goals, several strategies and techniques may work. Talk about the way you set up goals and milestones for you. Share how you celebrate when you succeed and how you learn when you fail. Setting goals is an excellent way to keep track of your achievements while also remembering that you are making progress, even when you feel stuck.


99. Share your knowledge on mindfulness

Mindfulness is like exercise, the more you do it, the better you get at it. Journaling or meditating are excellent mindfulness tools that can help people recharge, and that can train the brain to focus on one thing. Educate your audience on those mindfulness tools; their link to productivity and mental health are still mostly underrated and under-documented.


Your action plan:

Everyone loves productivity hacks! And as a blogger, creator, entrepreneur, or creative, you’ve read a LOT about it. You may not even realize how many  productivity techniques you have mastered. Share your successes with your community. Everyone loves to hear about shortcuts, or how to get more done in a day.

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