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Our Favorite Moments and Milestones from 2019

2019 was one for the record books. We joined forces with the Vimeo family, released powerful new features, and above all else, tons of beautiful stories came to life with Magisto and none of it would have been possible without you, our community, so thank you!

While we’re on the feel-good train, we thought we’d give a fun recap of the numbers, the crowd pleasers, and some of what we’ve been up to this year.

Let’s review!


This year our community created over over 19 million videos with 5 million of those being shared. That is no small feat! In addition you guys watched these videos 91 million times 😲



Collectively your favorite editing style was Memories which you can find here. Memories is a film strip style video that is perfect for really any occasion. We like to use this style for post vacay vids, and those moments in life worth capturing: birthday parties, graduations, weddings, the works.

Your favorite soundtrack (out of our 750+) was Golden Hour by Janik Riegert. You can find this track under our editor’s choice recommended music section.



Towards the end of this year, we got the news that we had been chosen as part of the #BestOf2019 Trends of the Year on the App Store, under “The Storyteller Within” trend which is a HUGE honor! “In 2019, these apps helped us discover our inner creators — in whatever form they took,” Apple wrote. “With their help, we became podcasters, photographers, designers, videographers, and authors.” For more on that, see our post here.

In even more exciting news – in April we found a new home with the Vimeo family. Since joining forces we have been able to offer you all of the video tools you need in one with our new power packed integration that includes: collaboration, hosting and management, distribution, analytics, monetization, live streaming and more. More on that here.

And if you think that’s the end of it, you ain’t seen nothing yet! Big things coming in 2020 🚀



Wishing you all the best,

Team Magisto

P.S. We’d love to connect with you even deeper in 2020! Join our online community here.