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How to Make a GIF from a Video or Image

If video killed the radio star, it seems like GIFs killed the need for any verbal communication. That popular file format, which is actually one of the most ancient formats there are (just turned 30!), is taking over the internet in recent years. It’s no surprise: they’re fun, light-hearted, and extremely expressive. A short GIF can go a long way when it comes to communicating the tiniest nuances. 

GIFs are used pretty much everywhere. They’re prominent in social media, with GIF keyboards on Facebook and Twitter. Adding a GIF to an Instagram story is a common practice that adds an extra sass to an already entertaining platform. GIFs are also a great way to add humor and lightness to blog posts, newsletters, websites, and more.

But GIFs can be used for more than just amusement. They’re ultimately a short, light-weight video that can also be used for infographics, how-tos, tutorials, and more. They’re an easy way to crop a few frames out of a long video and to show something instead of telling it. The possibilities are endless!

How to Convert Your Videos into a GIF

The first thing you’ll want to ask yourself is if the GIF you want already exists. Finding the answer to that is quite simple – look it up on the big GIFs search-engines like Giphy, Tenor, or Imgur. If you still haven’t found what you’re looking for, time to make your GIF! It’s actually pretty fun. There are a few GIF-making tools available.

Here’s a brief review of some of them:


Besides being a GIF search-engine, Makeagif offers a friendly Gif-maker. On their homepage, you can select what do you want to turn to Gif: pictures, youtube video, facebook video, a video file, or record one live from your webcam. 

How to create a gif with makeagif step1

If you upload images, you’ll enter the GIF editor where you can resize your images, add a caption or sticker, and control your GIF’s speed. Notice – you’ll have to join the Premium Plan in order to remove the “Makeagif” watermark or to make high-quality GIFs. 

How to create a gif with makeagif step2

How to create a gif with makeagif step3

If you upload a video or enter a video URL, you’ll need the select where do you want to start the GIF and to determine its length and speed. You’ll also have options to add a “ping pong effect”.

If you’re a free user, the video quality can only be low or medium. Also, the maximum length is 10 seconds only. Premium users can also add subtitles. 

How to create a gif with makeagif step4

Before you’ll finish creating you’ll need to give your GIF a name and select a category. If you want, you can also add tags for better exposure. Once your GIF is ready, you can download it or share it on various platforms. 


Giphy is one of the most popular search engines online, as it also has a keyboard on many chat platforms. It offers a simple yet feature-packed GIF maker tool, and the best part is that it’s completely free.  To make a GIF, on the homepage click on “create”. 

How to create a gif with GIPHY step1

From there you’ll enter the GIF maker, where you can either upload photos or videos or insert a video URL from YouTube, Giphy or Vimeo.  

How to create a gif with GIPHY step2

If you’re creating a slideshow-GIF, you’ll have the option to add, remove or reorder it. You’ll also need to choose the image duration. 

How to create a gif with GIPHY step 3

Once you determine these settings, you’ll be able to edit and decorate your GIF: write a caption, 

Change colors, pick a style, add stickers and filters or even draw freely0 on the GIF. 

How to create a gif with GIPHY step 4

Once your GIF is ready and uploaded, you’ll have the option to copy the link, get an embed code, and share it on various platforms. 


Imgflip enables you to create either a Meme, GIF, Chart or a Demotivational Poster. Since we’re talking about GIFs in this article, we’ll let you explore the other options on your own and focus on GIF creation only. 

How to create a gif with imgflip step 1

The GIF maker allows you to make GIFs from video files, Youtube, video websites, and your own images. 

How to create a gif with imgflip step 2

If you want to turn a Youtube video into a GIF, you’ll have to trim the part you want. There are tons editing of options: you can also add text in any color, add an image (or multiple images in the premium version), crop or rotate the GIF, control its speed, and much more. The catch is, if you’re using the free version, your GIF will have Imgflip’s watermark on it. Plus, the footage quality of the free version is way lower. 

How to create a gif with imgflip step 3

After your GIF is generated, you’ll be able to share it, download it, or embed it on HTML pages or forums. If you want to get credit for your GIF, you’ll need to sign in to Imgflip. is a super-friendly and advanced GIF-maker which offers 3 different pricing plan. The free plan means watermarks on your GIFs, not editing after your GIF is done, and not-really-high quality. We’ll focus on creating GIFs without paying. 

How to create a gif with step 1

If you’ll enter a video URL (from Youtube, for example), you’ll enter the sleek GIF editor. Start by marking your GIF’s in and outs, then play around with all the unique editing options: effects, stickers, adjustments and more. 

step4How to create a gif with step 2

After you’ll press “Create GIF״ you’ll be offered to enter a GIF title, tags, mark you GIF as NSFW, turn the sound off or on and to remove the watermark by going premium. You’ll also need to decide whether your GIF will be public or private. 

step4How to create a gif with step 3

When your GIF is ready,  you’ll get a facebook-optimized link, a direct link, and sharing options. To download the GIF, you’ll have to sign up on

step4How to create a gif with step 4


Imgur is known as an online sharing community, but it also offers a simple and straightforward GIF creator.

 How to create a gif with imgur step 4

To create a GIF, click on “New post” and then click “video to Gif”. Notice, you can’t create a GIF from images on Imgur. 

How to create a gif with imgur step 2

Enter a video URL.

How to create a gif with imgur step 3

Trim the GIF as you wish and press “Create GIF”.

Your GIF is ready! You can give a title and a description, add tags, embed or download.



LICEcap is a very useful tool if you want to capture any area of your desktop and save it directly to GIF. It’s a software, that can be download to Mac or Windows. It’s very simple to use: After downloading and installing, just place the LICEcap window in the area on your screen you want to record. Press play, and then stop. That’s it, you have a GIF!

How to create a gif with lice

How to Make a GIF on Mobile


Giphy Cam app is kind of like Giphy’s younger, wilder sister. It’s fun, intuitive and completely free. The flow is short and simple: first, you either import media from your phone on record a new video: 

Then, play around with the app’s close-to-endless customization option: filters, background, sticker, masks, text and many more. 

Once you’re finished, you can save the file to your phone or share it directly on social networks. 

GIF Maker-Editor (android) 

A useful app that’s free but loaded with advertisements, or you can upgrade to Pro version to get rid of ads and unlock more professional filters and stickers. The app answers pretty much every GIF-related need you can think of: besides creating new GIFs, you can edit existing GIFs from your phone, break GIF into images and more. 

How to create a gif with Gif Maker Editor step 1

Let’s go over the flow of turning a video to GIF. First, upload the video and trim it. 

Then, you can decorate your GIF with filters, emojis, color effects, and tons of other options. 

Before you save, decide if you want to export the file as GIF or video and determine the speed and quality. 

How to create a gif with Gif Maker Editor step 4

Once your GIF is ready, you’ll see all its details and be able to share it. Plus, it will be automatically saved to your phone. 

GIF Guru 

GIF Guru is a basic, straightforward app. You can either create GIF from your footage or capture one with your phone’s camera.

How to create a gif with GIF Guru step 1

Just record a video, and it will turn it to a GIF. That’s it. 

After the GIF is processed you can share it on social platforms, download it to your phone, send it via mail or Bluetooth and more. 

Our ultimate conclusion is that there are tons of great tools out there to create GIFs. to record quick, fun GIFs you’ll probably want to you use a free mobile app, but for creating a GIF from multiple sources and to get more advanced options go for one of the web-tools.