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9 Types of Marketing Videos You Need to Consider

So you already know that your business needs video, and you’re eager to start growing your business with video marketing. You’re on the right track! But, you may ask yourself – how do I get started? Well, look no further. We have the ultimate list of the videos you need to kick start your strategy. They’re easy to make, essential, and results-driven. Let’s dive in.

About Us Video 

This one is a must. An “About Us” video can be used across different platforms – social media, email marketing, your website, and more. This type of video should introduce the viewer to you and your business – what do you do, how did you start and what makes you unique. A good “About Us” video can make your customers know you, like you, and ultimately feel more engaged with your brand. Who doesn’t want that?

The good thing is, with Magisto’s templates making a great “About Us” video is quick and easy. All you need to do is pick the template you like, and customize it as you wish with your footage, text, and logo. That’s it!


Video Ad

Video is undoubtedly a massive part of today’s online PPC marketing, and almost any business can benefit from video promotions. Video ads can run on Facebook, Instagram (check out our guide to Instagram ad sizes), Google ads, Youtube, etc – and you want to be there. These platforms allow you to target a video ad to your specific audience, with hopes to ultimately convert them into customers.

Generally, as the viewers’ attention span goes lower and lower, video ads should be up to 15 seconds. You can use Magisto’s templates, or start from scratch with an editing style. If you choose the latter, here’s our recommendation for an effective ad: First, start with a hook that will catch your target audience’s attention. Then, highlight your company’s offer (what are you solving for the customer?). Add a “reason to believe” (why they should choose you?), and finish with a call to action.

Here, we used Magisto’s “New Sale Alert” template. We started with a hook, presented our offer (“our prices are too”) and closed the video ad with a call to action (“shop our sale”):

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Testimonial Videos

You know what they say, happy customers are the best marketers. Don’t settle on word of mouth only and leverage good reviews into convincing marketing videos. Your potential audience is likely to trust and be influenced by recommendations of real satisfied customers.

Making a testimonial video is simple. If you have customers talking live to the camera about how happy they were with your service but that’s great. Still, you can also use written reviews and put them in the center of your video. Magisto offers a “Testimonial” editing style that was created for that need exactly. Once your video is ready, be sure to promote it through your different channels. Hopefully, it will generate new pleased customers – which you can celebrate on your next testimonial video!

In this example, you can see a happy customer sharing her positive experience with a TRX studio. The combination of her talking on audio and the footage of her happily working out with an instructor gives off an atmosphere that makes you want to be there:

Holiday Videos

Holiday videos are a fantastic way to strengthen your relationship with loyal customers and to show them you care. We’re not talking about promoting holiday sales – while we encourage them too – but just sharing heartfelt holiday greeting through a beautiful video. You can easily use one of Magisto’s festive editing styles or templates and use your own words to show your audience how thankful you are to them.

While you can always share the video on social media, you can also send it to your email subscribers list to keep it personal and intimate. Not sure what’s the best way to do it? Check out our article on how to send videos through email.

Check out this video, using our “Happy Holidays” template, already completely ready with beautiful stock footage. All there’s left for you to do is to customize the text and add your brand’s logo:

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How-To Videos

The video strategy we recommend is a nice blend of promotional ads and video content that gives real value to your audience – educational, inspirational, or informative. One highly engaging format is “How-To.” When you’re looking for an idea, focus on your expertise – what guide or tips can you give that your viewers can learn from?

Whatever you choose, try to keep it short and practical. Jump right it and try to show more and tell less – remember, most of the videos on social media are watched with sound off. Keep it simple by using Magisto’s “Tutorial” editing style or the “Tip of the Day” template.

Inspiration Video

Everybody needs a motivation boost sometimes, and an inspirational video is a great way to lift people’s spirits. Creating such a video can position your brand as a positive one, and give off the message that your business cares about more than profit.

One way to make an uplifting video is with quotes. Pick a quote that’s relevant to your business and your customers, use one of our inspirational templates (like Monday Motivation) and give it your personal touch. Another option is to give your tips (using templates “Tip for Success” or “Tip of the Day”) and to provide your own advice. The content, of course, will be based on your area of expertise.

Product Video

Videos can make your product come alive, whether it’s a digital product (like an app) or an actual product (like a garment, wig, or electronic device). A compelling product video can serve two purposes: promotional and educational. It’s promotional since It can increase your credibility and give your customers the feeling of buying your product. The educational side of is demonstrating the use of your product, analog or digital.

Magisto’s “Product Promo” editing style makes creating a beautiful product demo easy. Use product photos, videos, or screenshots and add descriptions where needed – your customers are going to love you for it.
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Announcement Video

Big or small, the best way to announce any news is with video. Communicate new features, reveal a new collection, or even celebrate a new employee – share these kinds of updates with the world. It’s a great way to spread the news and to connect your audience to your brand’s story.

So how to make an announcement video? Keep it short, sweet, and straight to the point. Luckily, Magisto offers tons of templates exactly for announcements: website launch, a new collection, special offers, and much more. As easy as it can get!

Here, we used the “New Product Arrival” template, while switching some of the footage and keeping the existing text:

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Event Recap Video

So your business hosted a great event – party, convention, or big product launch. It was a great success, and everybody had a good time. That’s fantastic! Now, leverage on that success and use it to promote your business. The truth is, nobody will go through the album of 200 pictures taken in your event. You wouldn’t either.

That’s where an event recap video comes in. Take the highlights of your event and let Magisto’s smart video editor do the rest. The result will be a short, fun clip that captures your event’s vibe without getting dull or heavy. For a perfect outcome, use our “Event” editing style.


What’s Next? 

These nine suggestions are only the beginning. The key to growing your business with video is consistency. Learn from your videos’ performance what works for you, and keep going! We’ve got plenty of inspiration waiting for you on our blog, explore page and our community.