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Recap: The Best Marketing Videos of 2019

2019 was a mixed bag, but there is no denying that it was a year of great marketing. We conducted thorough research to find the best video ads from both big and small brands, so you’ll start your 2020 with a nice dose of inspiration.

So without further adieu, let’s welcome our top picks.

Hafod Hardware: $135 Budget, Over 2.6m Views

One of the best ads in our opinion? A humble hardware shop in Wales! Here’s something we certainly didn’t expect. The best part is the production is the cost was only $135 – which was spent mostly on buying the rights for the soundtrack. This unpretentious video ad was created by the shop owner and his friend, and starred by the owner’s sweet son. Here’s proof you don’t need to be a massive brand with a ridiculous advertising budget to be able to touch viewers.

The heartfelt ad follows Arthur, a 2-years-old boy, on his day at the shop – organizing the products, cleaning, and serving customers. After a few moments of cuteness-overload, comes the ad’s final twist. We’re not going to ruin that for you; you’ll have to watch yourself to find out. Authenticity Is Key

OK, so you probably had enough of this ad on Youtube’s pre-roll, but it still doesn’t mean it’s not great. It’s simple, straight-forward, and far from gimmicky: a loveable team leader talks straight to the camera about how improved her team’s work. Pour in some upbeat editing, footage that gives off a techy atmosphere, and excellent background music – and that’s it. Sometimes less is more.

The strength of this ad is that whether it’s true or not, it seems like it was shot in a real office with real flesh-and-bones employees. There’s something raw about it that catches the viewer’s attention in the very first seconds. The sense of authenticity is what makes this ad work; it’s what makes the viewer identify with that team leader and trust her advice.

Squarespace: Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously

Squarespace, which provides an online website builder, gave their “a website makes it real” slogan a creative twist with this hilarious campaign. With a length of 2 and a half minutes, this is more of a short film than a video ad. It even has a cinematic title: “A Cautionary tale.”

The story follows no other than Oscar the Grouch, when a Squarespace website built for him turns him into a celebrity artist overnight. To his dismay, the website makes his trash seem like genius art, and he even ends up getting his own museum. Or, as the video caption puts it, “Showcasing your work on a Squarespace site can change your life. Most welcome the change. Others describe it as ‘the worst thing that’s ever happened'”.

SimpliSafe: Touch a Real Nerve

This effective ad appeared on the last Super Bowl and portraits perfectly the stressful times we live in, monitored by technologies that only makes us more anxious and fearful. The intelligent editing slowly builds up the tension until relieving it by showing the product – a smart voice-activated security system.

The takeaway here is finding your customer’s pain points and tackling them. The whole ad is based on the insight that technology usually causes fears when it can give you a sense of security – and that’s what their product is trying to solve. The comments on YouTube prove it worked – “It really does accurately represent how our world is full of negativity and fear,” “this whole video is my anxiety” and more.

Thinx: Rethinking the Obvious

Thinx is a company that sells period-proof underwear, and their self-proclaimed mission is breaking the taboo around women’s period. That’s what this sophisticated ad is doing. By reversing the gender roles, the commercial raises the question – what if we all had periods? The answer is, according to Thinx, we might be more comfortable with them.

This strong statement connects directly to the company’s brand and product – that’s supposed to help women have better, less-stressful periods. The ad includes some controversial scenes, which were banned on some channels. It might sound like a bad thing, but that’s actually positive in terms of the brand’s positioning as a brand who fights for social change.

Vimeo: Simple Is Better

2019 was a year of change for Vimeo. They pivoted from a video-hosting platform to full-stack video creation, collaboration, and promotion service. That big change meant Vimeo needed a marketing campaign to communicate all the new tools they offer. Their solution was this dead-simple slogan: Vimeo can help. A whole new level of straight-to-the-pointness.

The campaign consists of more than a dozen funny short videos depicting young people in problematic yet relatable situations. In this example, we see everybody’s subway nightmare – who doesn’t relate to that? Instead of putting their actual digital product in front, Vimeo chose to focus on the essence of their value proposition: we can help you with your videos.

That’s it for now! Have a favorite video that you think should make our list? Give us a shout @Magisto.