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The Ultimate Experience Gift List to Help You Make Memories with Video

Here at Magisto we are all about making memories (and stories) come alive. That’s why we’ve put together 50 experience-related gift ideas that you can use for any occasion. Searching for: anniversary gift ideas, Valentine’s Day gift ideas, or even graduation gift ideas? We’ve got you covered.

Here You Will Find:

  1. Classes
  2. Experiences
  3. Time / Services
  4. Family Memberships
  5. Video Gift Ideas

With all of these ideas, the goal here is to create a shared experience that you can record with family and friends, to keep the good times rollin.’ Then, simply upload the footage to Magisto, and let us do the rest.

Let the inspiration begin!


1. Cooking Class

Give the gift of a cooking class that everyone in the family can enjoy. Cooking classes are an excellent way to bring people together. They are intimate, immersive, and you always learn something new. Why not record the journey and cement those memories for years to come?

2. Music

Music is something that no matter where you come to you can relate. One of the earliest forms of human connection. Giving the gift of a music class is giving someone a new skill that is sure to bring happiness to anyone around them.

3. Master Class

Did you know that learning something has been scientifically proven to make you live longer? By learning a new skill or even by taking a new route to work every day your brain creates new pathways making you healthier and happier. Master class is a great website that offers an abundance of new skills to learn. Everything from beauty and makeup, to screen writing and film making with legendary producers.

4. Painting Party

People tend to be a little shy about this one, but it’s not about being the best painter – it’s about creating a new memory together. Most of your local painting parties offer wine, and even let you bring your own food. A fun time for all. Be sure to capture some footage to create an event recap afterward.

5. Pottery

Similar to the painting parties, most pottery studios offer wheel classes or paint your own pottery nights that are great for making memories. Create a keepsake or just go to finally check that scene from Ghost off your bucket list.

6. Pastry Class

Who doesn’t love pastries?! Find a local class near you and see if they offer group rates. This is a fun one to do with the whole family – and hey, maybe next year you can take what you learned and make some goodies for Christmas morning to start a new tradition.

7. Wine making

Trend alert! Wine making in the U.S. is hot right now. Local wineries (even in urban areas and cities) are starting to produce their own wine. It is a great team bonding or group experience to take a tour, or class to see how the wine in your region is made and to learn something new. This would also make a GREAT anniversary gift idea, or Valentine’s Day gift idea.

8. Candle making

Candle making boutiques have popped up all over the country. This is another trendy class you can take with the kiddos and the whole family. A great romantic gift idea that you can enjoy for the rest of year as you soak in all the smells and fruits of your labor.

9. Coffee Class

Ah, coffee. The beverage that we can all agree on. Want to learn more about what keeps America buzzing? Take a local coffee class and learn where your coffee comes from, and the process from farm to cup.

10. Flower arranging

If this doesn’t scream Mom I don’t know what does! Take a floral arranging class and cement some memories that will mean the most to her. P.S. This would make a great Mother’s Day gift idea!

11. Personal training

Those classes are expensive yo! For most gyms, the more you buy the more you save. Load up on personal training sessions and share the wealth.

12. Yoga class or retreat

A great way to de-stress after the holidays, giving the gift of #selfcare is always a win.


Create a video now and cement a memory with Magisto.



13. Chef’s Table

We can all agree that food can bring us around a table, but what about a Chef’s Table? If you’ve never done it – it’s definitely an experience that you will never forget. Watch the team behind your favorite food work and get to see some behind the scenes magic with the people you love most. Call ahead to book a reservation, and surprise the fam by picking up the check.

14. Whiskey or Wine Trail

Whether your city is known for whiskey or wine – getting a glimpse of how the magic is made is always a fun experience. Many cities have wine trails already. Don’t have one in your area? Look to the next state over and book a bus for a day date or a weekend adventure.

15. Overnight at the Aquarium

The stuff that kids’ dreams are made of! Although this gift can sometimes be a little pricey hearing your kiddos talk about their experience 10 years down the line, will be an ROI you can count on.

16. Helicopter Ride

Our family once took a helicopter ride into the Grand Canyon – that was 15 years ago and I still can’t shut up about it. No, yours doesn’t have to be so grand, even over your hometown is a pretty sight to see. Plus, you’ll get to cross a helicopter off your bucket list!

17. Hot Air Balloon Ride

Be sure your phone is fully charged for this one folks – you’re going to want to capture all the footage you can.

18. Racing / High Speed Go Carting

These places have been popping up all over the U.S. This experience is a great gift for the adrenaline junkie in your life.

19. Escape Room

Now, unfortunately there are no phones (photo or video allowed) in these spots but it is one of the best bonding experiences you are going to get! This experience will have you talking through the possibilities for years to come.

20. Rock Climbing

It’s not for everyone, but it’s something new to try to get you off the couch and into an adventure and kids love it!

21. Theater (Opera, Symphony, Ballet)

The arts are something that no matter what age you are you can enjoy. Whether you’re a music lover, a kid at heart, or just someone that loves live entertainment – this is a gift that is great for the whole family.

22. Scuba Diving

Something you’ve always wanted to do, but never wanted to pay for. This is a great gift to give the travel lover in your life as they can use it to get certified and go scuba diving all over the world. Go in on it together and be sure to grab your GoPro to capture some epic underwater adventures!

P.S. Did we mention we have an underwater editing style that is perfection for the occasion?


23. Bowling

A tradition that never gets old. Foot the bill for your family, friends, or co-workers to join a weekly bowling league. It’s cheaper than you’d think – and the laughs keep on giving.

24. Comedy

Speaking of laughs, comedy really is the best medicine. Give a gift card to a comedy club or purchase tickets to a favorite comedian for an experience that you will not forget.

25. Ice Skating

A holiday tradition that anyone can appreciate. Pick up some cocoa and create a new family tradition. Be sure to record the little ones for videos for festive


Time / Services

26. Spa Day

Searching for a Valentine’s Day gift idea, or romantic birthday gift idea? Give the gift of a soothing soak or mani/pedi and make a day out of it. Recap the day with our Calm or Wellness editing style.

27. Personal Stylist

Trunk clubs, and stylists are not a new thing, but have recently become more affordable for all. Look into giving someone this as a subscription and a gift that keeps on giving.

28. Car Detailing / Car Wash

Where a lot of American’s spend a majority of their time. This is a simple gift to say, hey I’ve got this.

29. Dry Cleaning

Another service that you need to do, but don’t always love paying for. Grab a gift card for someone who needs it the most.

30. Cleaning Service

YES PLEASE! This is gift that not many people think of but almost *everyone* can get on board with. Hire a local service as a surprise that will be much appreciated.


Family Memberships

31. Theme Park Passes

From Disney World, to Six Flags and plenty of other in between – there is no shortage of fun to go around. Choose a surprise vacation destination or even one close to home and surprise the family when they least expect it!

Pro tip: Create a teaser video before giving the gift to see if they can guess the surprise. This one was made with our Kids Editing Style and Disney’s brand colors.


32. Movie Night / Passes

There are all kinds of cinema clubs all over the country and families especially would appreciate a gift card for a night out without the bill.

33. Aquarium Passes

These can be pricey when purchasing single tickets. Give a young family in your life this gift as a gift that keeps on giving.

34. Zoo Passes

The same as above. But kids don’t care how pricey these things are – they just wanna go! Save time and money, purchase a pass and go as often as you’d like. Many of them even offer special perks, and even nights for members.

35. Pool Passes

It may be December but Summer creeps up fast. This is a gift that will be a weight off their shoulders and will give friends or family the opportunity to make memories all summer long.

36. Children’s Museum

Give parents a break, and the kids a day to play. This one is great because most of the time this pass allows any guardian or babysitter so they can take the kids for the day.

37. Science Museum

Making memories and learning?! This one is a no brainer.

38. National Park Passes

If you’re a bucket list family, or know someone who is – this gift is a no brainer! Fun for the whole family, and fresh air at it’s finest.

39. Season Tickets – Concerts

Is there a local music venue in town that offers seasonal events or packages? This would be a great time to stop in for a gift card, or a season pass for the music lover in your life.

40. Season Tickets – Sports

Some of the best memories don’t come from winning or losing, but from the smell of the fresh cut grass and a hot dog in your hand. Another gift that keeps on giving!


Create a video now and cement a memory with Magisto.


Video Gifts That Keep Giving

41. Professional Photo Shoot – Slideshow Video

Give the gift of a professional photo shoot. Trusted photographers are super easy to find these days. Find one that matched your style and when you get the photos back create a video slideshow that you can display on a live picture frame, iPad, or Portal.

42. Legacy Video

This is one that we think everyone needs to do at some point. Sharing your legacy and life story with your family is so, so, important! Where did your great grandfather come from? What was the most epic adventure you’ve ever been on? When was it when you realized your true calling? Set up a clean, comfortable area in your home and record a simple video to pass down to your kids so that your family history can live on.

43. Birth Stories

I know we doesn’t *always* pay attention to your stories – but this one is a special one! Mostly because it’s about us 😉 Record the story of your children’s birthdays and how it all went down. This is something, I promise you, they will cherish forever.

44. A ‘Second a Day’ Video

New grand baby or living abroad? Shoot a photo or video of you each day for a month, a year, and so on – compile it all and send to your loved ones as a way to keep up with what is happening in your life.

45. Family Newsletter

Extra! Extra! WATCH ALL ABOUT IT! Who wants to read about what’s going on in your life anymore? Combine footage from your year into one video to send as a nice gift / end of year recap with family and friends.

Pro tip: Our Memories and Moments editing style would both be perfect for this occasion. Create a new video > editing style > Memories.

45. Embarrassing/Funny Moments – Collective Compilation

Whether it be family or friends, every now and then we like to give each other a hard time. Ask everyone in your family or friend group to send you their favorite memory with whoever that may be and compile a video to share with the person you love most. This is a heartfelt gift that will highlight memories of years past and plenty of good times.

46. Vacation Recap

Did you take an epic trip this year? Or a trip to catch up with family you haven’t seen forever? Unload that camera roll and put that footage to good use. With Magisto we do the heavy lifting for you, and I promise it will take merely minutes for you to compile a years worth of memories into a video that you will cherish forever.

Pro-tip: Be sure to check out our Travel Editing Style. Create a new video > editing style > Travel.

48. Family Heirloom Video

We all have those things that have special meaning in our lives. Record a video of you and your family, grandparents and all discussing important heirlooms and the stories behind them. It will mean a lot more than the item itself when the time comes to pass it along.

49. Secret Family Recipe Video

Another great gift to have on video! This is something to be cherished. Gather the fam around the kitchen island and a record your aunt, your pa, your ma-maw whoever is the cook in the family and have them walk you through their signature recipe.

50. Holiday Throwbacks

Have old VHS tapes, DVD’s of footage just laying around collecting dust? Have those files converted into digital files, drop them into Magisto, and let us make you a video that you can surprise your kids with. Nothing beats nostalgia.


Create a video now and cement a memory with Magisto.


We hope you’ve enjoyed this list and it has sparked some inspiration to create a video for you and yours. Have an experience or video idea that you think would make a great gift? Give us a shout @Magistoapp we’d love to hear it!