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Introducing Our NEW Social Media Marketing Calendar

Good marketing requires determination, consistency, and planning. Coming up with content ideas and finding the best timing and platform for each is a lot of work that you just can’t do spontaneously. Having a month-by-month plan can help your content creation process become smoother, more efficient, and most of all, more effective.

Enter: Our NEW Social Media Marketing Calendar and your one-stop inspiration shop!

It’s loaded with daily, weekly, and monthly inspiration, as well as video styles and templates to help you create fantastic video content year-round. We’ve already done the research, now the rest is up to you.

3 Tips on How to Use a Marketing Calendar

  1. Know your audience – not all content is right for every audience. Naturally, world vegan day won’t work for you if you own a butcher shop. So, use common sense in combination with knowledge of your audience when mapping out your plan.
  2. Add your personal touch – as much help as our marketing calendar is, don’t forget to include your brand’s own special days (company milestones, events, etc.). Your marketing calendar won’t be complete without it.
  3. Match the right content to the right channel – map out all of your communication channels (Facebook, Instagram, website, newsletter). Then, make sure you are pairing the right content with the right platform. A funny short video can be a great fit for your Instagram Story, but not so much for your newsletter.


Pro-tip: You can also add it to your Google Calendar by clicking here to make sure you’re always in the loop 😉

Click the ‘+’ in the bottom right corner of the calendar below to download: