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How to Create the Perfect Wedding Anniversary Video – Tips and Suggestions

Anniversaries are a big deal. We like to look at them as your personal holiday, celebrating the day two became one. It’s an opportunity to take a small break from the everyday race to cherish your relationship and your years together. A chance to say the things we never say enough. To do something special with your special somebody.

Creating an anniversary video is a great way to surprise your loved one with something beautiful you can easily share with the world, or keep just between the two of you. It’s the ultimate gift: personal, touching, and everlasting. With Magisto, creating a heartwarming anniversary video is quick and easy.

Below are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Tell Your Story

Every couple has a story – from how you met, big milestones and the small moments in between. Make a chronological recap of your relationship, and use text to highlight special or funny memories. Don’t forget to include inside jokes that only the two of you know about.


Create your anniversary video with our XOXO Editing Style

Blast from the Past

Even if you already have a wedding video, your anniversary is an opportunity to create another one that’s more intimate and focuses on you as a couple and less on the event as a whole. As the years go by, it’s nice to look back at your wedding day and add today’s remarks from a different perspective. You can also include footage from your honeymoon and highlight memorable anecdotes.


What I Love About You

This one will warm even the coldest, most cynical heart. Compile a list of your favorite things about your significant other – it can be characteristics like how generous or supportive they are and also quirkier things like the way they eat a sandwich. Praise the little things only you know about each other, and show your appreciation and love through a mix of personal and stock footage.

Happy tears (or at least watery eyes) guaranteed.


Create your anniversary video with our LOVE Editing Style


Then and Now

This one works best for couples who have been married for at least a decade. Create a funny comparison between “then” and “now” – how you looked, what you wore, where you lived, etc. Emphasize on both big and small changes that happened through the years, like additions to the family or habits you broke. Don’t forget to boost the dramatic effect with a grandiose soundtrack.


From Your Pet’s Perspective

Dog, cat, or a guinea pig – no matter what pet you have, it’s probably an inherent part of your relationship. Tell the story of your life together through your pet’s eyes, yes, with their commentary and all. For example, how did your dog see the period when you started dating or when you went away for a honeymoon? How does he feel about your leftovers, and what are his wishes for you? Keep it sweet and funny.


Anniversary Gift Ideas

After you’ve created your anniversary video, you may also want to buy your other half something. To avoid the obvious, here are a few unique and meaningful gift ideas to show how much you care.

  • Star map of your wedding night – Celebrate the day your stars aligned. Many websites offer a customized star map based on the location and exact time of your wedding. The result is a beautiful and touching piece of art you’d love to frame and hang in your bedroom as a token of your love.
  • Engraved jewelry – Jewelry is always an excellent present, but it can be much more meaningful if you engrave a date, number, or a sentence that has a special significance to you as a couple.
  • Couple tattoo – Ok, this one is for the edgier couples. Nothing says “forever” like getting inked together. If you’re into it, pick something you relate to and get matching tattoos. It can be simple or sophisticated, abstract or figurative – whatever it is, make sure it’s something you both want and feel comfortable with.
  • Bottle of wine – A gift that’s also an activity? We’re in! A good bottle of wine is always a good idea, and you can make it even better by buying one that’s from the year you got married (of course, the longer you’re married, the more expansive it will be).
  • Matching pillows – As they (kind of) say – couples who sleep well together, stay together. Get personalized matching pillowcases with saying like “his” and “hers”, “mister” and “misses”, or “my better half”. Possibilities are endless, just make sure you choose a premium quality fabric that will serve you well throughout all your shared nights together.


Anniversary Activity Ideas

Why not celebrate the special day with a shared adventure? Take the time to break the mold and create new memories. And hey – why not make a video out of them too?

  • Relive your first date – Try to recreate your first date together as much as you can. That means going to the same spot, wearing the same clothes, ordering the same drinks. That’s a great way to stop and reminisce about everything you went through together since then.
  • Take a class together – It can be wine tasting, a still-life drawing class, or a pasta workshop. Choose whatever speaks to you, and enjoy a shared experience that can introduce you to a new hobby and teach you a skill that you can later continue developing together.
  • Have fun with a romantic photoshoot – Book a photographer and treat yourself with a romantic photography session. It’s a chance to feel special and to capture your love in a beautiful way that you can keep with you forever. Tell the photographer about yourself and try to tell the story of your love through the photos.
  • Throw a dinner party – Invite your closest people, the ones that were there with you on your wedding day, and bring them together again for a small gathering at your place. You can even screen your wedding video and bring up funny memories from that day.
  • Go extreme – Adrenaline rushes are romantic too! Live on the edge with a shared extreme activity – skydiving, race car driving, rafting or any other exciting adventure.  Don’t forget to take tons of pictures and make a video you can share with friends and family later.


How to Make an Anniversary Video with Magisto


Step 1 – Connect to your Magisto account.


Step 2 – Create a new video.


Step 3 – Choose photos and videos of you and your partner.


Step 4 – Choose an editing style (like “XOXO”, “Caring Moments” or “Love”).


Step 5 – Select a romantic soundtrack.


Step 6 – Give your video a title.


Step 7 – Add your own text.


Step 8 – Save and share on social media!