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How to Create the Perfect Vacation Video

Remember the days when your families would force you to sit in their living room and look at the 200-long photo album of their trip to Mexico, with their commentary included? Well, those days are long gone now, thankfully. We have videos now. But it still doesn’t mean you should expect someone (including yourself) to watch hour long footage.

The solution? Make short, fun, and engaging vacation videos that do justice with your beautiful memories. The good news is, you don’t need to hire (or to be) a professional video editor to do that. All you need is Magisto, and to follow these simple tips and tricks.

Shooting for the Edit

Keeping a few rules in mind while you’re shooting can make the editing process much more manageable. First, try to shoot small clips of each activity instead of a 5-minutes long video of the same bus ride.

On top of that, think of each place you go as a scene location and make sure to get three shots of each to give the viewer a sense of orientation – a wide shot that creates context, a medium shot, and a close-up.

Show, Don’t Tell

If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine how much words a video’s worth. So instead of describing what we see (“we’re at the Eiffel Tour”), let the visuals speak for themselves. If you must say something or give context, try adding a textual title to the video (in case you want to edit the video by days or locations, for example).


Create your vacation video using Calm editing style

Tell a Story

The order of your video can make a big difference. It’s what tells the story. The story can be linear or based on locations or activities, your call. Still, either way, your video will be more powerful and engaging when it’s not just a random mix of different videos of photos.

Create your vacation video using Travel editing style


Concentrate on the Small Details

Instead of posing next to famous monuments, try to capture small yet beautiful moments. A good laugh, a warm cup of coffee, or any other thing that will make you go down memory lane each time you watch it. Don’t direct the people around you, try to let them act as naturally as they can so you can get good, natural shots.

Keep It Short and Concise

We can’t stress this enough: Cut. It. Out. Trust us. Yes, it’s tempting to fall in love with your material and to have a hard time leaving things out. But remember – no one will watch a lengthy video, so what’s the point in that? Instead, focus on the highlights and let go of the idea of telling absolutely everything that happened.

Making a Vacation Video With Magisto

You’re back from your pleasant trip, and it’s time to turn all of your beautiful moments into a video. Making a vacation video with Magisto is easy. First, add all of the photos and videos you took.

Making your first vacation video step1 - adding footage

Then, pick an editing style and soundtrack that will fit your trip’s atmosphere. For example, if you’ve had a relaxing holiday in Bali, “Calm” editing style can be a great fit. For a Latin destination maybe “Fiesta” can work and for a weekend in NYC try “Urban.” The same goes for music – it sets the tone of the whole video.

Making your first vacation video step3 - choosing your music

Finally, download your video to save it forever or share it with family, friends or the whole world on social media.

Making your first vacation video step4 - download or share your video