Mastering the April Fools’ Video Prank

Mastering the April Fools’ Video Prank – 15+ Crazy Ideas

Let’s admit, life can be pretty hard at times. Luckily, April Fools’ gives us one day of fun and pure nonsense – so let’s grab it with both hands! This annual tradition is also an excellent opportunity to playfully engage with your audience whether you’re a small business, a professional, or just posting for fun.

Instagram and Facebook Prank Ideas to Try

The digital world gives us more ways and platforms than ever to do our harmless little pranks. You can now pull off your tricks via Facebook, Instagram, Email, Tiktok, and more. This year, rule April Fools’ like a pro with these ideas.

  1. The Stalker. Choose a friend, then go over all of their posts and like each. One. Of. Them. This way, when they’ll log in, they’ll find out hundreds of annoying notifications. There you go – an innocent prank. Just like that.
  2. Fake Announcement. Create a video to let your followers know you’re moving to Alaska! Be sure to avoid anything that could be harmful to others, and keep this one light and fun.
  3. Facebook Bombing. Well, for this one, you must have a close enough relationship with the person to know they’re a good sport. Facebook bombing is the act of taking over someone’s Facebook (cause they left it open at the office, for example) to cause mayhem. You can post an embarrassing picture, add random friends, or change his language. Whatever you do, keep it reversible and in good taste, alright?
  4. Fake TV Spoiler. Here’s a simple way to make people believe you’ve ruined their binge-watching life. Post a video and spoil some popular TV series that’s still ongoing. Of course, it has to be fake, so you can later admit it was only an “April Fools’” hoax and reassure everyone.
  5. Fantasy Vacation. How easy it is to make your followers believe you’re anywhere in the world. Just post photos and videos you found online while pretending you’re actually there, at this luxurious destination.
  6. Meet My New Pet. Properly introduce your “new pet” – share a photo of an animal that would make a questionable pet. Think badger, think ant, think anything ridiculous yet somewhat believable (no one will believe you’ve adopted a grizzly bear, for instance).
  7. Fake Photo. If you know your way around photoshop, it should be effortless for you to photoshop yourself into unreal situations. Fake a photo of you with a major celebrity, winning an award or any other silly scene.
  8. Share Funny News. Casually share news articles from websites like The Onion as if they were real and not parodic content. You’ll be surprised how serious people will take anything you share on social media.
  9. A Giveaway That Will Never Happen. Post something like “I’m getting rid of my PlayStation/iPhone/AirPods/any other desirable thing” and asks who wants it, for free of course. Let people go crazy, then reveal it was all an April Fool hoax.
  10. Weird Motivational Quote. Sick of seeing cheesy inspirational quotes everywhere on social media? If you can’t beat them, strangely join them. Use online quote makers to create a post that looks like any other insta-quote out there but actually sends an odd message.

Pizzas are more important than your parents

Marketing on April Fools’ Day

As much as we love pranks, you should start by asking yourself if an April Fool’s content campaign is right for your brand? Does it fit your overall business strategy? What goals are you aiming for?

If you do choose to go for it, take it as a chance to show your brand’s lighter side. The right prank can help you spread the word about your business and build buzz. The important thing is to have an idea that fits your audience, industry, and niche. You should also keep it lighthearted and avoid anything that might hurt anybody and draw negative attention.

To set the wheels in motion, start by finding inspiration in what other big companies did in past years. Even if your company doesn’t have similar resources or reach, you can always get motivated by others’ ideas and adapt them to your own capabilities.


Google’s Screen Cleaner

No April Fools’ list is complete without mentioning Google, the ultimate ruler of funny hoaxes (among other things). Last year, they published a video introducing the screen cleanser that “cleans the phone from the inside out”.

Spotify’s Discover Weekly

Spotify’s showed once again what a cool brand they are. Users were surprised to find out their “Discover Weekly” playlist turned into “Discocover Weekly”, filled with, as you can expect, disco songs.Spotify’s Discover Weekly


McDonald’s Shakesauce

Inspired by people actually dipping their french fries into their milkshakes, the fast-food company pranked everyone on Twitter by announcing a new sweet series of dips. Maybe it’s not such a bad idea!


Netflix Buys Seth Rogen

While no one really believed this was anything but a joke, this video is another example of Netflix’s self-deprecating humor. This is one of the things that make them such a loveable brand. The video’s description text is hilarious as well.

Timex’s 25 Hours Watch

The watch brand came up with a joke we all can only wish was real: a “25th Hour” watch, which they describe as a “groundbreaking discovery”. The video takes itself very seriously, which is also part of the fun.


YouTube’s SnoopaVision

Another example of a video that’s clearly a joke, yet it’s fun enough, so we don’t really care. The funny yet sophisticated video shows Snoop Dogg coding and acting all techy and we’re 100% here for it.


SodaStreamME by SodaStream

SodaStream went very far with this one, and the result is remarkable. They hired none other than American astronaut Scott Kelly to be the face of the company’s new innovative product. According to the hilarious video, it turns out that astronauts deal with a pretty unpleasant burping problem while out in space. SodaStream claims to solve this problem with a new invention.


Honda’s Polite Horn

It might be just a joke, but Honda came up with a real problem here. We all know that issue when you’re driving, and you wish to get someone’s attention gently, but the car’s horn always sounds aggressive. Honda’s solution? The polite horn.


Duolingo’s Passive Aggressive Owl

An example of how a prank works best when it refers to a real inside joke the brand’s audience shares. Duolingo’s language-learning app is known for its somewhat annoying push notifications, and they’re exaggerating precisely that in this video. Meet duo, a real-life passive-aggressive owl that will follow you wherever you go so you won’t miss your daily practice.

To sum things up, April Fools’ is a wonderful occasion to spice up your content with humor. When done right, it can boost your engagement and help you reach new audiences in a fun way. That being said, make sure your jokes are in good taste or you might end up doing more damage than good. Happy April Fools’!