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5 Heartwarming Mother’s Day Video Ideas

Here’s a fact: everyone has a mother. And most of them are pretty amazing. So this Mother’s Day, surprise mothers in your life with a gift that truly comes from the heart: a personal video that shows just how much you appreciate them. To make your life easier, here are a few ideas.

Reasons You’re the Best Mom

A quick and easy way to melt your mother’s heart: make a video that lists all the things that make her such a wonderful mom, alongside matching visuals. It can be big or small things, just keep it personal and don’t forget to include inside jokes so it won’t get too cheesy.

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In Loving Memory

Motherhood is forever. Even if your mother passed away, she will always be a part of you, and her memory will stay with you forever. Mother’s Day is a special time to remember a beloved mother that’s no longer with us. Share what she meant to you and how dearly missed she is.

From One Mother to Another

Only once you become a mother yourself, can you genuinely understand everything your own mother gave you. Show her your gratitude and all that you’ve learned from her throughout the years with a personal video that will probably leave her eyes wet.

This Is Your Story

It’s time to put your mom in the spotlight. Dedicate an exclusive video that tells the story of her life – how she grew up, became a mother, and what type of mother she is. Make it all about her – after all these years, she deserves it.

A Tribute to Your Wife

Shoutout to your unbelievable partner for being a loving mother. Show her that you acknowledge everything she does for your family, and thank her for her endless dedication. Tell her you’re proud of her. You’ll be surprised how much she needs to hear that in the middle of the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

After you’ve created your Mother’s Day video, you may also want to buy your dear mother something. The stores are overflowing with gifts, but your special mom deserves a really special present. To avoid being corny, here are a few unique ideas that will make her feel how meaningful and loved she is.

  • Engraved jewelry – Gold is always an excellent present. Still, it can be much more meaningful if you engrave the names of your mother’s children/grandchildren.
  • Custom family portrait – Many illustrations online offer personal portraits. The result is a charming framed portrait of all of the family members with the unique characteristics of each.
  • Bathtub tray – Mothers deserve some rest. An adjustable bamboo bathtub tray makes bubble baths even better – now you can watch Netflix while bathing!
  • Coloring book – Yes, that’s right. Coloring books are cool now! Pair it with a box of watercolor pencils and you’ve got a sweet, meditative gift.
  • Kindle – The ultimate gift for any mother who loves to read. Yes, it’s a bit pricey, but if she’s a book lover it’s going to change her life for the better.

Mother’s Day Activity Ideas

Why not use this opportunity to spend quality time with your mother too? Take the time to do something special together. Create new memories!

  • Spa day – A day of relaxation and pampering – what else can you ask for? Treat your mother with a message and arrange for lunch. Both of you will feel brand new afterward.
  • Take a class together – It can be wine tasting, a still-life drawing class, or a pasta workshop. Enjoy a shared experience that can introduce you to a new hobby that you can later continue developing together.
  • Family photoshoot – Spend a fun day together with the whole family and take cute professional photos! Later, you can create a special album out of your photos.
  • Have a picnic – Whether it’s just the two of you or with more family and friends, an outdoor picnic is always fun and refreshing. Don’t forget to pack some wine and delicious snacks.
  • Anything she wants – Well, this day is all about her – so why not ask her what she wants to do? Her answers might surprise you. Your job is to make her dream come true (at least on this day).

Make a Mother’s Day Video with Magisto

1.  Connect to your Magisto account.

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2. Create a new video.

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3. Choose photos and videos of the mother you’d like to celebrate.

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4. Pick the right editing style (like “Caring Moments”, “First steps” or “Love”).

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5. Select touching music.

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6. Give your video a title.

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7. Add your own text.

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8. Save and share on social media!

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