20 Tools to Help You Stay Connected While Working Remotely

UUnfortunately a lot of you have been forced to join the work from home club during the corona virus outbreak. Having teams across the globe here at Magisto, we’ve decided to put together a list to let you know the tools that we use to stay connected, organized, and sane.

It’s important not to get caught up on having to use ALL of these at once, but on figuring out where the communication gaps are within your company and where you could use some help.

Let’s get to it!

Tools To Stay Connected

1. Zoom

Find it: iPhone, Android and Zoom desktop client for meetings

Cost: Free. Premium options available monthly.

Why we love it: Zoom makes it easy to schedule, plan, and connect with colleagues face to face. There is also free version available (win!)

  • Host up to 100 video participants
  • Unlimited number of meetings
  • Unlimited 1 to 1 minutes
  • 40 mins limit on group meetings
  • Video conferencing features
  • Web conferencing features
  • Group collaboration features
  • Security


2. Vimeo

Find it: iOS, Android, and the Web

Cost: $7 + up monthly. Premium options available.

Why we love it: Vimeo’s premium plan lets you safely and securely LIVE stream any event you need. Hosting an internal event? No worries – Vimeo Enterprise will help keep you connected. Moving events online due to the corona virus? Vimeo’s live hosting is the way to go.

  • Unlimited events & viewers
  • Up to 1080p streaming
  • Live stream to multiple destinations
  • Live Q&A and polls
  • Live graphics
  • Audience chat
  • Auto archiving
  • Studio encoding software (included free)

Full list of features here.

3. Slack

Find it: iOS, Android, and the Web

Cost: $8 + up monthly. Premium options available.

Why we love it: With all of your communication and tools in one place, remote teams will stay productive no matter where you’re working from. Slack makes it easy to stay connected in REAL time. This tool was a game changer for our team – highly recommend both the web + apps to stay connected no matter what time of day.

  • Unlimited message archive
  • Unlimited apps
  • Group calls with screen sharing
  • Guest accounts & shared channels

4. Google Docs

Find it: iOS, Android, and the Web.

Cost: Free

Why we love it: Google docs lets you work together in real time. Our team has used google docs for everything from content planning, weekly, monthly, quarterly calendars, meeting recaps and more. The possibilities are endless.

  • Share documents with your team
  • Edit, comment and add action items in real time
  • Never lose changes or previous versions of your document with version history
  • Create anywhere, anytime—even offline
  • Capture spontaneous ideas on the fly
  • Get things done, even on the plane, with offline mode
  • Save time and add polish with easy-to-use templates

5. Google Drive

Find it: iOS, Android, and the Web.

Cost: Free

Why we love it: Google Drive lets you work smarter, not harder and it is an absolute game. changer. Our creative team especially depends on Google Drive to enable large asset storage so we can quickly pop in and see Getty downloads, videos that have already been created for social, CRM use. The best part is everyone can access shared files to allow cross team organization.

  • Save time and add polish with easy-to-use templates
  • View documents, PDFs, photos, videos, and more
  • Search for files by name and content
  • Easily share files and folders with others
  • Set sharing permissions to view, comment, or edit
  • Quickly access recent files
  • See file details and activity
  • Enable viewing of files offline

6. World Clock

Find it: On your phone

Cost: Free

Why we love it:  A simple little world clock is a totally under utilized tool! We use this to see time zones across teams. Simply select the cities, and store them in your world clock so you never have to think about what time it is again.

7. Magisto

Find it: iOS, Android, and the Web.

Cost: Free. Premium options are also available. See pricing plans here.

Why we love it: We couldn’t mention tools that keep you connected without mentioning Magisto! We really do use Magisto whether it’s for creating social media assets, or to share big news with our community, but one of the main reasons we use it? To introduce new members of our team! Each time someone is hired they created a video and share it with the entire team we can get to know them – because let’s face it, video is SO much more powerful that just an old headshot.

Premium Plan:

  • Copy a perfectly formatted set of hashtags to your clipboard with one tap
  • Make videos up to 10min long
  • Full access to Magisto’s editor
  • Premium editing styles
  • Unlimited downloads

Professional Plan: Includes a Vimeo Pro plan for free ($20 monthly value)

  • Everything in Premium
  • Includes 3+ million full-HD iStock video clips and photos
  •  Advanced editing features
  •  Make videos up to 10 min. long
  •  Professional editing styles
  • 1080p HD Downloads
  • Customize brand colors & fonts
  • Add your own logo and text
  • Commercially licensed music*

Business Plan: Includes a Vimeo Business plan for free ($50 monthly value)

  • Everything in Professional
  • Styles optimized for business marketing & advertising
  • Easily export to Facebook Ads Manager
  • Email marketing tools
  • Embed videos on any website
  • Video analytics
  • Priority customer support
  • Commercial use for third parties

8. Monday.com

Find it: iOS, Android, and the Web

Cost: $25 + up monthly. Premium options available.

Why we love it: Monday is a project management tool that totally upped our teams productivity and communication almost immediately which was kind of crazy to see. It was also extremely easy to adopt for for people to get on board. We have tried other tools in the past and nothing has stuck quite like Monday.

  • Keep everyone in the loop with real-time updates
  • Contact the right people (call or @mention)
  • See how your work fits into the big picture
  • Visually analyze your data with multiple views
  • Know where things stand at a glance
  • Track time and progress
  • Assign owners with ease


Tools To Stay Organized

9. Calendly

Find it: iOS, and the Web.

Cost: Free. Premium options also available.

Why we love it: Find the perfect meeting time with super easy online appointment scheduling software, and say goodbye to phone and email tag. This is a great tool that we use for scheduling interviews or 1:1 convos with our community members.

  • Automated event notifications
  • Customizable email notifications and reminders
  • Add links to event confirmation pages
  • Invitee redirect
  • Add Calendly to your website

10. Planoly

Find it: iOS, Android, and the Web.

Cost: Free. Premium options also available.

Why we love it: Planoly easily lets you arrange the look of your instagram feed with their drag and drop feature. The free account is great, but we needed a little more monthly uploads so we upgraded. The app was created with a designer’s eye in mind – so everything you see here will be clean, and aesthetically pleasing which is exactly what you want when planning and executing your Instagram feed.

  • Visual instagram planner
  • Manage 2 social profiles (1 Instagram account and 1 Pinterest account)
  • 30 uploads/monthly per profile
  • 1 month of metrics and analytics
  • 5 latest posts for comment inbox

11. Later

Find it: iOS, Android, and the Web.

Cost: Free. Premium options also available.

Why we love it: Later helps streamline your social media strategy so you can set yourself up for more sales and success. Their features focus on visual scheduling, media management, marketing and analytics. Not gonna lie, Later’s content marketing team is 🔥 This scheduler also focuses on the job to be done and offers advice on everything from creating content, to curating your feed.

  • Visual instagram planner
  • Unlimited media
  • 30 uploads
  • Lite link.in.bio
  • Lite analytics
  • Saved photos
  • Saved captions

12. Sprout Social

Find it: iOS, Android, and the Web.

Cost: $99+ monthly. Premium options also available.

Why we love it: Sprout has been a great tool for us that has helped us with planning ahead, staying organized, and our favorite part? The social reporting tools. We have the basic account and it is more than enough for what we need to analyze our content to see what’s working month over month.

  • 5 social profiles 
  • All-in-one social inbox
  • Publish, schedule, draft and queue posts
  • Social content calendar
  • Tasking and social CRM tools
  • Group, profile and post-level reporting

13. Jetpack Hashtag Assistant

Find it: iOS

Cost: $1.99

Why we love it: Say goodbye to that scrappy Notes file you’ve been copying your hashtags from. Stop trying to count 30 hashtags every time you post! Free yourself of that whole tap-hold-select-drag-squint-drag-a-little-more-copy nonsense.

  • Copy a perfectly formatted set of hashtags to your clipboard with one tap
  • Tap and hold to combine and copy multiple sets of hashtags together
  • Toggle individual hashtags to refine your set before copying
  • Effortlessly see how many hashtags are being copied at any given time
  • Seamlessly import your existing hashtags or create new hashtag sets

14. Bitly

Find it: iOS, Android, and the Web.

Cost: Free. Premium options also available.

Why we love it: The simplest little tracker and all you will ever need. Our favorite feature is the ability to customize your links. You can also see channel data, uncover dark social metrics, and learn when and where your audience is most engaged – all in one simple dashboard.

  • Shorten and brand your links
  • Increase clicks while maintaining the tracking parameters
  • Connect your social networks for easy sharing through Bitly across social
  • Collect insights on your performance and optimize your efforts to fit your audience needs

15. Skitch

Find it: iOS, and the Web.

Cost: Free. Premium options also available.

Why we love it: We use Skitch to help visually share what we are trying to communicate across teams and on our blog. “Hey! Where is that button you were talking about?” Skitch help us out when words just aren’t enough.

  • Copy a perfectly formatted set of hashtags to your clipboard with one tap
  • Mark up photos of silly, cool, or inspiring things you see and share them via social, email, SMS, and more.
  • Open a PDF and highlight changes to skip the lengthy, confusing email chains and give clear feedback.


Tools To Stay Sane

16. Spotify

Find it: iOS, Android, and the Web.

Cost: Free. $9.99 a month + premium options are also available.

Why we love it: Two words. Shared playlists! Spotify is great for music (and now podcasts!) to spark inspiration and provide motivation throughout the day. We love the fact that we can create a playlist and share it with the team so we can feel even more connected. A great option if you are new to working remotely due to the corona virus. Share a little love today!

Premium Features:

  • Play any song, any time on any device: mobile, tablet or computer
  • Ad-free music
  • Listen offline
  • Better sound quality

17. Daily Burn

Find it: iOS, Android, and the Web.

Cost: Free. Premium options are also available.

Why we love it: Whether you have 10 minutes or 60, there’s a program to fit into everyone’s schedule. There are thousands of workouts to choose from—including yoga, cardio, strength training, pilates, meditation, postnatal workouts and more—you’ll never be bored. Don’t feel like choosing a workout? Daily Burn 365 features a different group workout class at 9am EST every weekday so your entire team can tune in together if you want 😉

  • Watch on your devices + TV
  • Hate ads? Us too. Daily Burn is 100% ad-free!
  • Access Daily Burn on your favorite iOS and mobile devices, and on your desktop or laptop


18. Microsoft To-do

Find it: iOS, Android, and the Web.

Cost: Free

Why we love it: Whether you are scheduling quick to-do’s for work, notes for a meeting, or adding items to your grocery list – this app has you covered! The best part? You can add users and sync lists between teams. Great to use for party planning, weekly grocery lists, binge-worthy shows to watch and more.

  • Create color-coded lists
  • Get your lists anywhere, on any device
  • Share lists and tasks with your friends, family, colleagues, and classmates
  • Set one-time or recurring due dates and reminders
  • Break your tasks into manageable steps
  • Attach files up to 25 MB to any task

19. Daylio

Find it: iOS, Android

Cost: Free. Premium options are also available.

Why we love it: Daylio enables you to keep a private daily journal without having to type a single line. Simply pick your mood and add activities that you have been doing during the day. Daylio was introduced to me by a therapist who uses this app to help her clients understand their daily activities and moods better over time in order to track patterns, and become more productive.

  • Use a big database of beautiful icons for custom activities
  • Explore interesting monthly or yearly statistics created from your logs
  • Customize the names of moods
  • Safely backup and restore your entries via Google Drive
  • Set reminders and never forget to create a memory
  • Turn on PIN lock and keep your entries safe
  • Export CSV document for Excel to print your entries

20. Headspace

Find it: iOS, Android, and the Web.

Cost: Free trial, $12.99 a month. A premium option is also available.

Why we love it: Headspace is your guide to everyday mindfulness in just a few minutes a day – and it works! They have hundreds of guided meditations on subjects like focus, exercise, and sleep. Our favorite features are the daily mediations with a new topic each day, and the SOS sessions. In times like this with the corona virus panic, this is extremely helpful as you can calm your mind in just minutes. Pro-tip: They also have mediations for kids focusing on: Kindness, Calm, and Focus.

  • The Wake Up to start your day mindfully
  • Move Mode workouts and mindful cardio
  • “Mindful Moments” to keep you present throughout the day
  • “SOS” sessions for moments of panic, anxiety, and stress
  • Headspace animations to teach you new skills and answer your mindfulness questions
  • Track your progress and time spent meditating
  • Buddy up and add your friends to meditate with you
  • Training led by former monk and renowned mindfulness expert Andy Puddicombe



In summary – we hope this list of tools brings you some insight into how we stay focused and productive here at Magisto. We also hope it helps bring your team closer, so you can stay more connected, organized, and sane while dealing with the uncertainty that comes with the corona virus outbreak. A friendly reminder that we are all in this together. Sending you and your team all the good vibes!

Team Magisto