Beautiful Ways Video Is Bringing People Together During COVID-19

We live in strange times. On one hand the coronavirus is shutting down the world, causing anxiety, loss, and financial uncertainty. But, at the same time, this universal crisis is also creating a space of hope and change. All over the globe, people are finding new and exciting ways to seize this opportunity: to grow, to stay in, to re-prioritize.

Most of all, we are finding new ways to connect to one another while social distancing to keep ourselves and others safe. We, as humans, crave relationships. We can’t survive without them. It’s incredibly heartwarming, and reassuring to see all the creative ways people are now using video to stay connected with each other.

  1. Learning Together Online
  2. Music to Heal the Soul
  3. Culture for All
  4. Kids: Meet Your Hero
  5. Educational Children’s Entertainment
  6. Virtual Movie Nights
  7. Being Together, Apart
  8. Laughter Is the Best Medicine

Get ready to laugh, cry, and be reminded of how awesome humanity can sometimes be.

Learning Together Online

Fitness trainers giving classes on Facebook live, chefs are explaining recipes on Instagram Story and teachers teaching a whole class on Zoom. Many of us feel that if we’re already in self-quarantine, we might as well use that time to learn something new. YouTube was already filled with classes on almost every topic you can think of, and yet – most of us take advantage of that treasure trove now more than ever.


Music to Heal the Soul

Famous musicians also stream improvised virtual concerts (they’re bored and isolated too, you know). Yes, It might not be the same, but it can give you the feeling, at least for some time, you’re somewhere else.


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Chris played a mini gig at home earlier today on IG Live. @glblctzn @WHO @JohnLegend #TogetherAtHome

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Culture for All

Being stuck at home doesn’t mean you can’t get cultured. Many cultural institutions worldwide now offer online experiences you can enjoy for free from the comfort of your home. To name a few: online museum tours, broadway shows, live music performances and more.


Kids: Meet Your Hero

Are you struggling with keeping the kids entertained while in quarantine? Well, misery loves company. Since we’re all in this together, video can be a great help. For example, Josh Gad (a.k.a the voice of Olaf from Frozen!) now reads a book for your kids every night via Twitter!


Educational Children’s Entertainment

Olaf isn’t the only one helping you out. A children’s book author and illustrator called Mo Willems launched a “Lunch Doodles” series on YouTube to “find a way to be isolated and together at the same time,” as he says.


Virtual Movie Nights

Did you know that you can throw Netflix watch parties?! A chrome extension lets you synchronize video playback with others and have a group chat with your friends. That next binge-watching session just got a little less lonely.




Being Together, Apart

Naturally, we miss our family and friends, and the truth is no one knows for sure when it will be safe for us to meet them again. For the time being, video gives us plenty of opportunities to connect – whether it’s by creating and sending each other videos, having video calls, or sharing our screen with others.

Here are some heart-warming examples that we have loved seeing over the past couple of days.

Magisto is a great tool to bring people together during this time. Create a video to send to your loved one or share on social media here.


Laughter Is the Best Medicine

People everywhere are reducing anxiety levels with daily doses of laughter. Humor is a great coping mechanism, and this extreme situation inspires tons of funny videos. From a mother using toilet paper as an incentive for her kids to participate in the house chores to working-from-home memes.


Keeping in mind that we’re all in this together, follow the #Coronavirus hashtag for a break from the non-stop news cycle. It is full of hope, humor, and stories of people making shared connections.