New Skills to Learn Through Video While You’re at Home

Let us start with a disclaimer: it’s perfectly fine not to learn anything new while quarantine. It’s OK not to work out, “Kondo” your home, meditate or use this time as a self-growth retreat. These are stressful times. Many of us struggle with working from home while taking care of our kids. Some have lost their jobs. Others might worry about their parents and grandparents.

No matter what you’re going through, everybody finds their way of coping with this bizarre situation, and these different ways are all legit. You can also change, evolve, and tweak your ways of dealing with all this throughout this time you’re stuck inside.

That being said, if you have the time and motivation to use this opportunity to learn something new, that’s amazing. It might be learning a small life hack, developing a professional skill, or just diving into a topic you were always fascinated with but never had to time to explore.

Video is probably the best distance-learning tool as the visualization makes the process much more engaging and fun. Here are a few ideas that will hopefully get you inspired.

Take an Ivy League Course

Here’s a chance to enjoy FREE online video courses from the eight most prestigious universities in the world: Brown, Harvard, Cornell, Princeton, Dartmouth, Yale, and Columbia Universities, and the University of Pennsylvania. Here you can find 450 compelling courses divided into different categories such as computer science, social sciences, business, and more. 

Learn How to Cook

Gain a new skill AND feed yourself at the same time? That’s what we call multi-tasking. Even if you already know your way around the kitchen, you can always get better, and now it’s the perfect time to experiment. Whether you’re a vegan, a vegetarian, Paleo/Keto, or a good old omnivore, the internet can teach you so much. Websites like Tasty and Tastemade, Insta-chefs, and YouTube food vloggers are filled with video-recipes and cooking tips that your belly (and your quarantine buddies) will be thankful for.

You can also check out what other Magisto makers have been cooking up over on our Explore Page.

Become More Mindful

Beyond its trendiness and the buzz around it, mindfulness is a simple research-based practice that can help you stay balanced, healthy, and focused throughout your everyday lives. It can be especially helpful at times like these, characterized by uncertainty and fear. 

As it’s a simple practice that anyone can do and requires nothing but yourself and your breath, it’s a great tool to get familiar with now and carry on with you later in life. Many websites offer free online mindfulness courses with videos, articles, tips, and guided meditations. Find the one you like and start breathing.  

Get Crafty

Buying stuff isn’t as easy as it used to be, and perhaps it’s a blessing in disguise. Since we can’t just go out and buy whatever we want, why not try and make things ourselves? But creating isn’t just practical; it’s also calming and therapeutic. Just think of the fun things you can learn how to make: knitting, jewelry making, soap carving. If you have kids, they can join in for some of the projects. YouTube and Pinterest are flooded with ideas and video tutorials – just take look around and find something you feel like creating.

Learn a New Language

You might not be able to travel abroad right now, but you can immerse yourself in a different culture by taking your first steps with a new language. Websites like italki or Preply can connect you to thousands of teachers that will happily give you online language lessons based on your goals and interests. You can also start by exploring YouTube channels dedicated to learning different languages.


After you’ve learned your new skill – show it off to the world by creating a video of your own with Magisto.