How to Create Your Own Cooking Videos at Home

We’ve been stuck at home for a while now due to the corona virus, and people are starting to get a little stir-crazy. We’ve seen an uptick in food videos coming our way on social media (we thanks for the love!) We’ve also gotten a TON of requests for a tutorial on how to make your own cooking videos at home so we thought we’d give you the rundown here – expert tips included.

Read on to learn how to create your own drool-worthy demos from the comfort of your own home!

Quick Tutorial

We thought we’d start with a quick how-to make your own cooking videos at home with Magisto tutorial here.

Tips For Making Engaging Cooking Videos

Good ideas are a great start, but there’s more you need to know before you start filming cooking videos. Take a minute to get yourself prepared.

Get Inspired

Don’t know where to start? Take a look at more than 25+ million pieces of stock footage in our image library. This is a great place to get inspired or start your video by mixing your own photos with our footage.

In addition, it’s a good idea to watch some cooking videos online to learn what others are doing to see what interests you or drives traffic. Once you know the scene, you can find your unique niche.

Choose a Video Type

There are a plethora of different types of cooking videos. Before you go down a rabbit hole check out this post 13 Awesome Cooking Video Ideas with everything from: How to share your favorite dish, knife skills, meal prep, pantry raids, past making and more.

Craving a cocktail during corona? Check out this Magisto video on how to craft the perfect margarita. This video is made using our Food editing style. Find it here.

Plan it Out

Make a list of videos you want to make and build a schedule that works for you. Make time for tests, storyboarding, filming, and edits. The key to success is consistency, so try to upload your videos regularly.

Think About What to Wear

Besides making a fashion statement, what you wear can hurt the appearance of your video or distract your viewers from the recipe. We recommend you to avoid prints or white and go with bright, solid colors.

Use Two Cameras or Angles

If that’s possible, using two cameras can help you produce better quality videos. Anyway, make sure you capture two angles at least of each shot, especially close-ups, to allow your viewers to follow your instructions correctly.

Lighting is Everything

You don’t need any professional equipment to get beautiful lightened shots—just film in natural daylight when you’re facing the sun and not the other way around. If you must use artificial lighting, avoid by all means fluorescent bulbs and go for a soft, yellow light.

Let Your Personality Shine

A likable persona goes a long way, even if videos aren’t super polished. Be yourself, make jokes, share your personal stories, and win your viewers hearts.

A Tripod is a Must

Or any other way you find to make the camera stable. If you’re filming parts by hand, make a special effort to avoid shaky shots.
A Tripod is a Must for a great food video

Add Some Beautiful B-roll

Missing some pieces to your video like: Stirring, straining, rolling and more? Check out our collection in our stock library. Pretty nifty huh?

Select a Soundtrack

Music evokes the mood of your video, and thankfully for you – we have a team of experts here at Magisto that do just that! Once you’ve selected the food editing style, head on over to our recommended music section where you will find a selection of commercially licensed tracks.

Not into these? Head to our world selection, or upload your own.

Select a Soundtrack

Create a Teaser

Start and close your video with a shot of how the dish looks when it’s ready. Make it as mouth-watering as you can so your viewers will be dying to make it!

Keep a Straightforward Title

You want people to find your videos quickly and to know what they’re going to watch. No need for wisecracking – keep it simple and clear.

Communicate with Your Audience

Keep engagement levels high. Tell your viewers to share with you their finished products, ask them what they’d like to see, and make an effort to answer their comments and get to know them.

In Conclusion

We hope this post has inspired you to go forth and create your own drool-worthy cooking videos at home. Get started by creating your first video now at or by checking out 13 Awesome Cooking Video Ideas here. Happy creating!