How to Start a Fitness Instagram Account

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms with more than 800 million active monthly users, 500 million of whom check Instagram daily. One of the most popular niches on Instagram is fitness, and it is growing every day.

If you’re looking to start your own fitness Instagram account, keep in mind that all of the most popular fitness accounts were once at the beginning of their Instagram journey just like you are now.

If you follow these simple steps, you will be able to start a fitness Instagram account that everyone will want to follow.

  1. Getting started
  2. Content Creation
  3. Tips to Consider
  4. Engaging Your Followers
  5. Successful Examples of Fitness Instagram Accounts

Getting Started

If you want to start an Instagram account that will be devoted only to fitness, you need to open a new profile just for that purpose. Even if you already have your own personal profile, it’s best to keep it for personal use and make a second one for business.

A great solution for your fitness business is to open an Instagram Business profile. This type of profile comes with extra tools and features, including profile analytics which allows you to track all of the activity on your profile.

It also provides you with valuable information about your followers and their demographics. With a Business Profile, you can focus on marketing and increase your profile’s reach. It also helps you determine which content works best for your page based on audience engagement.

The most important things your profile should have include:

  1. A clear profile picture – Since you are running a fitness account, your picture needs to be clear and high-quality. You need to show your followers that you are in shape and qualified to give fitness advice. An alternative would be a logo, but in general, it is better to use your own picture.
  2. A well-thought-out bio – Bios serve to show your followers who you are, what your goals are, and how you can help them. The only downside of bios is that they offer a limited word count, so you have to keep it concise and to the point. Read our article on how to optimize you instagram bio section
  3. Don’t be afraid to include emojis – Make sure to incorporate them in a way that would seem professional. Check out Instagram bio ideas with emoji to learn how to do that.
  4. Links – Include links to your website or other social media to connect to the fitness community. Be sure to check out how to add multiple links in your Instagram bio (with examples) section to maximize the exposure to your other channels (site, blog, special offer ect…)
  5. Share your Instagram images – If you used a platform such as WordPress to make your website, you can also post Instagram photos to WordPress.

Content Creation

Followers will flock to your page if you offer high-quality content. The type of photos and videos you post need to be true to your brand, but they should also capture your target audience’s attention. Just think about who you want to follow you and create content targeted toward them.

While there isn’t a strict formula that gives you instant success on Instagram, there are some things you should always keep in mind.

Here are some tips on what you should post:

High-quality photos

This is the most important factor of any great Instagram profile? High quality content. Your fitness Instagram account should look aesthetically pleasing and beautifully curated. People won’t follow you if your feed is filled with poor quality photos and out-of-context screenshots.

Before and after photos

If you’re looking to market yourself, posting before and after photos are a great way to do so. Show followers that your personal coaching can get them the results they want.

Just make sure to ask your clients for permission before you post their photos. Then, showcase them with a slideshow feature. You can even include clients’ testimonials to build trust with your followers and future clients.


If you want to show your followers how to do some exercises correctly, film yourself working out. If the videos last for too long, use a time-lapse to speed them up so your followers don’t lose interest.

Check out our easy video maker for Instagram or use Magisto’s ready to start Fitness video maker

Personal photos

While your account should be focused mainly on fitness, you could also post personal photos from time to time just to break the monotony. It can be photos with your friends, family, or even pets. Decide what you feel most comfortable with and post fresh and personal content. But only from time to time – keep in mind that fitness is still your primary focus.

Use Stories

Instagram stories are already full of built-in features to help you engage with your audience. You can, for example, take a poll, or leave your audience a little space so they can ask you questions directly, you can leave a link and your followers will just have to swipe up to access your website or any other external internet link (this feature is only accessible for accounts with more than 10,000 followers) or you can just document your journey as a person.

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Tips to Consider

Tag other Instagrammers

If you post before and after photos, or photos of people doing your workouts, make sure to tag them in the photo and the captions. This will make it easier for their followers to find you. As a result, you will be able to grow your own following.

Use hashtags

Most people use generic hashtags such as #fitness, but using them will make it harder for you to stand out in the crowd. A better idea is to use specific hashtags or even come up with your own unique ones. If you encourage your followers to use the same unique hashtags, it will be much easier to build your brand.

Think about your own safety

Whatever you choose to post, you should always keep one thing in mind: safety comes first. You should never compromise your own safety and well-being for the perfect photo or video.

Engaging Your Followers

If you want to master Instagram lead generation, you should engage your followers from day one, no matter how many followers you have. Without their support, you won’t be able to stay on track and do what you love, so it’s important to show your appreciation.

When you engage your audience, you keep your existing followers happy but also attract new ones. As long as you show that you care about them and want to provide quality content, they will be satisfied. Below are some tips on how you can do that.

Spark Conversations

When you post new content, invite people to comment with their own tips and suggestions. It’s important to talk to your followers and make it a two-way conversation. That is why you should always reply to their comments and thank them for their advice and replies.

Post at the Right Time

Engagement is different during the day and the evening, and even on different days. Studies have shown that Instagram users engage more on weekdays, with Tuesday and Thursday showing most engagement.

Keep an eye on your followers to see when they engage with your content the most and post at those times. So when IS the best time to post on social platforms?

Update Your Instagram Stories Daily

If you want to be on your followers’ minds, there’s no need to spam their news feed. Stories are a great way to stay prominent, as you can post over 5 images daily. Also, remember to save your best pictures for the “featured” stories section. Both your feed and stories can help you build your brand.

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Follow the Trends

Closely follow all fitness Instagram trends, and identify what has and what hasn’t worked in the past. Even though trends constantly change, it’s important to have some knowledge of past digital marketing strategies, so you can predict what could potentially work in the future.

What kind of photos and hashtags are and were trending? Which fitness accounts have the most followers and what type of content do they post? You need to have answers to these questions so you can produce engaging content.

Host Contests

Contests and giveaways are a great way to engage with your audience and even gain new followers. Offer your followers a special reward if they participate in your contest. For instance, all they need to do to win a reward is to like, share, and tag their friends on your posts. And as for the reward, a randomly selected contest winner could get a free trial of your personal training.

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Successful Examples of Fitness Instagram Accounts

Now that you are familiar with the ins and outs of the Instagram game, it’s time to take a look at some successful fitness Instagram accounts. In general, whatever you do, it’s never a bad idea to look at successful rivals and try to figure out how they are doing things. Observing what other fitness enthusiasts do on Instagram could leave you with an idea or two.

Just remember not to copy them completely. Gather ideas, see what you like about the way they post, and come up with your own perfect Instagram formula.

Dwayne The Rock Johnson

The Rock is most likely one of the biggest fitness heroes on this planet. He has millions of followers. People are literally waking up every day looking forward to seeing what he has posted and said about his exercise routines.

Just know that his workouts are brutal. If you are a newbie, following his routines might not be the brightest idea. However, there is a lot to learn from the way he uses Instagram. So, his account is definitely worth checking out.

Jeff Cavaliere (AthleanX)

Mr Cavaliere used to train the famous Mets. Therefore, that puts him above most Instagram fitness models since he possesses real-life knowledge and experience. The way this individual approaches fitness is a bit different from the rest of the crowd. Jeff always tries to combine a scientific approach with more traditional fitness routines.

On top of that, this guy is shredded and he isn’t shy about showing it. Jeff is always shirtless because he wants his audience to see how each exercise targets specific muscles. Take a look at how he films and posts mini-tutorials regarding exercises. Maybe you could try something similar?

Massy Arias

Massy is an experienced female fitness aficionado that always has a lot to share! She has more than 2 million followers and she has built quite a name for herself in the industry. On top of that, Massy is also a mom who often shares insights into her life as a parent. Massy is, no doubt, an inspiring individual that always pushes people to persevere, work hard, and not to give up when they face obstacles.

A pro tip would be to look at how she writes photo captions. The copy is almost always brilliant and brings additional value to the posts.

Start Your Fitness Account Today

If you want to make it in the world of fitness, Instagram is the best platform for you. All you need to do is build a great profile. For inspiration, take a look at all the successful fitness influencers who have already found success on the platform.

It may take time and effort until you build a large following. But as long as you post quality content and follow all of the advice you just read, you will find success in the long run and maybe even get verified. So don’t wait one second longer. Start your fitness account today!