How to Create a Fitness Video at Home

We’ve seen quite an uptick in fitness videos in our feeds recently due to the corona virus. Just because you can’t physically hit the gym doesn’t mean you can’t still find ways to stay active, and connect with others while doing it. Now is the time to channel your inner sporty spice and create a fun fitness video for friends and family to enjoy.

Read on to learn tips and tricks for creating your own fitness videos at home.

Tips for Making a Live Fitness Video

Going LIVE has been all the rage since quarantine started. Your neighbor is doing it, celebrities are doing – but just because you CAN go live, doesn’t mean you SHOULD. Let’s get you equipped with some LIVE fitness etiquette and tips.

  1. Let viewers know ahead of time that you are going live. For example: “Hey friends, at 7:00am tomorrow (and every Tuesday after) we will be hosting a FREE live fitness class right here on our Facebook page.” This way users can plan ahead to tune in, and you can count on more participants.
  2. Make sure you have the basic structure down. No need for extravagant planning. Live is a great way to show your authentic self, but if you don’t have a plan going in, things can go downhill quickly.
  3. Try to structure the class around things that people already have in their home. Not everyone is going to have weights, or resistance bands. Try to swap in alternatives, or sell the class as a ‘no equipment needed workout!”
  4. Give it a minute before getting started. People will need to make sure their equipment is set up, that they can hear you, and that everyone is on the same page.
  5. Ask for feedback after the class to make your videos stronger, and to encourage engagement. Example questions include: did you enjoy today’s class topic? Could you hear me okay? What would you like to see from me in the future etc.

Quick Tutorial

Not going live? We’ve got you covered with a quick how-to make your fitness video at home with Magisto tutorial here.

How to Make an Engaging Fitness Video

Having a great idea and a workout program is essential, but it’s not enough for creating an engaging video. To make sure your videos will be the best they can be, we’ve gathered some basic tips for fitness video making:

Take care of lighting

No matter how great your video is, if it’s too dark, no one will want to watch it. Take the time to make sure you have enough lighting (not too much, either). Natural light is ideal, but if that doesn’t work for you, consider investing in a simple ring light or if you want to get fancy some professional photography lighting.

Positive vibes are contagious

Keep your viewers engaged, happy, and motivated by letting your energy shine through. Make you smile and appear confident and natural when you film.

Create organized playlists

Make your followers lives easier by organizing your videos under different topics. That will make finding a specific type of video way easier and can help to explore new things.

Use various angles

While a good stationary shot always works best, mixing it with close-up to show details can make your instructions clear and the whole video less monotonous.

Make sure they can hear you

When you’re giving instructions, your viewers must hear you. As it is important to the trainees’ safety, you cannot underestimate the significance of audio quality. Buy a microphone or make sure you eliminate any unnecessary noise. 

Stay connected with viewers

Making Q&A videos, answering comments, asking your followers what kind of content they’d like to see from you – all of these are great tools to keep your audience engaged.

Be consistent

The fitness world is highly competitive, and if you don’t create valuable content consistently, you’ll find yourself left behind. Build yourself a video schedule, post consistently, and engage with your audience in order to make sure they’ll return next time.

Utilize Our Fitness Editing Style

Designed especially with fitness in mind, this editing style is full of fun masks and transitions to make your footage look fantastic! Check out an example video here.

Add a High Energy Soundtrack

Fun fact: We have a dedicated music team here at Magisto who pair our music tracks for all of our editing styles, and the tempos they produce. So no matter what track you choose – it’s sure to spruce up your video with high energy impact.

In Conclusion

We hope this post has inspired you to go forth and create your own fitness videos at home. Get started by creating your first video now at and be sure to  check out Video Ideas and Best Practices to Boost Your Fitness Business here and How to Start a Fitness Instagram Account.

Happy creating!