Video Ideas and Best Practices to Boost Your Fitness Business

As people need or prefer to stay home, the popularity of workout videos is on the rise. Whether you’re a professional fitness trainer or just a workout enthusiast, you can benefit from creating and sharing videos online.  

To connect with followers (and potential customers), you can make videos and upload them online or stay connected by running live sports classes online. You might also consider doing both – as each option has its advantages.

Going live is the closest thing to an actual workout class, and on platforms where you can see your trainees, you can also give them personal corrections. Uploading videos online is a great way to make sure they’re always available, whenever it’s convenient for the viewer. Try doing a mix of the two.

Live Video Tools

So you want to go live – that’s great. But how? There are many platforms out there that allow you to broadcast live videos, with their differences, pros, and cons.

Here are a few of the popular and recommended tools:


Zoom is the closest you can get to a real-life workout class. You are front and center; trainees are visible to you and each other. The chat feature allows sending questions during the lesson without interrupting, and the streaming usually goes seamlessly. Classes up to 40 minutes are free; longer ones will require a pro plan. To attend your class, trainees will need to get a link from you – which makes it possible for you to charge them for the class, but also makes it harder for you to expose yourself to a new audience.

Facebook Live

What’s great about Facebook Live is that it doesn’t require you to download and learn a new software – you can simply Livestream videos from your profile or business page. Choose your audience, invite followers, get real-time comments, and track the number of viewers at various points. The downside is you can’t see your viewers and give them personalized guidance.

YouTube Live

If you already have an active YouTube channel – you should! – going live there might be a great idea cause your followers will be notified when you go live. Choose between three privacy settings (public, unlisted, and private) and enjoy a very high quality – 4K resolution with 60 frames per second. After your live stream ends, the video is automatically saved to your channel, and your viewers can comment on real-time, which can be very useful. 

Want more tips on creating live videos? Check out How to Create a Fitness Video at Home here.

General Fitness Tips

Being a fitness trainer means much more than just leading workout classes. Your trainees expect guidance and advice from you to meet their goals. Create a video with fitness tips you stand for – keep in mind beginners who start their journey. Discuss eating habits, rituals, mindsets, and everything else thas has to do with fitness goals that aren’t the actual workout. 

Stretching Videos

Give tense muscles a relief with short stretching videos. Try mixing them up and learn from your view count and comments section what works – short ones, longer ones, focusing on a specific area, or going for a full-body stretch. Keeping a flexible body is an imminent part of any healthy workout routing – emphasize that to your viewers!

Daily Workouts

People are always looking for daily exercise routines that don’t require any equipment. That’s the type of workout that works perfectly as a video – it can be done daily, at the convenience of the viewer’s house, and become a part of their day. As the workout is supposed to be done daily, we recommend you’ll make a few different videos to hit the muscles from different angles and to keep things interesting for the trainees. Plus, keep the videos around 20 minutes – effective, yet not time-consuming. 

Song Workouts

An entertaining way to spice up your videos is by basing them on famous songs. The result is somewhere between a dance choreography and a cardio workout. People seem to love these, and it’s no wonder – they’re so much fun! Pick popular hit songs and gain instant gratification from your followers. Here are some great examples.

Exercises for Specific Muscle Groups

Full-body workouts are always great, but many fitness enthusiasts are looking to focus on one muscle group at a time. The reasons for that might be getting the most out of the workout or working on a body area that might need some extra attention. The demand calls for tons of videos you could make: exercises targeted especially at abs, lower belly, booty burn, toned arms, upper back – possibilities are endless.

Client Testimonials

One satisfied customer can do more work for you than any brand marketing. Celebrate your trainees’ success by showing off their transformation through a video and immediately gain your viewers’ trust. Let your client tell their story and say how working with you has changed their life. The more visual the makeover will be, the more inspired it can make your viewers. 

Full-Length Workout Videos

As much as people love the short 10-20 minute workout videos (and they do!), they can’t replace a full-length class that goes all the way from warming up until the ending stretches. Use the longer videos as an opportunity to go deeper in your explanations and corrections. Depending on your fitness technique, these types of videos should be somewhere between 30 to 90 minutes.

Harness the Power of Magisto’s A.I.

Here at Magisto we have plenty of ways for you to get inspired before starting your video. But before we get there, let us show you a little bit about how Magisto’s A.I. works.

Check out our Explore page

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Utilize our Fitness editing style

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Share Your Video

Okay so you’ve made your video, now what? Be sure to share your video wherever your customers are: social handles, your newsletter, and website. You can even share your story and make that your Facebook cover video. Tips on How to Start a Fitness Instagram Account here.

Share your video now, and start driving traffic exactly where you want it to go.