Introducing – Our New Collection of Templates

With the recent launch of the New Magisto we are working harder than ever to develop more ways to help you tell richer stories. Which is why we have added over 250+ new templates to our library over at

But we’re not stopping there! Be on the lookout for our library to be updated with new templates from here on out. Now, it is easier than ever to create videos for any occasion. Check out our monthly social media content calendar with daily ideas and inspiration for your feed.

What are Templates?

Templates are ready-made video creatives. Our experts here at Magisto build the video and offer you a complete version that is ready to go as-is, or you can customize and make them your own with colors, fonts, layouts and more.

What is the difference between a style and a template?

Styles are what add style and flair to your videos with beautiful graphics and transitions. Those are actually creative guidelines for our AI (artificial intelligence) engine while creating and editing the video.

Templates, on the other hand, are pre-made videos in a draft state, with specific messaging, that only require a minor adjustment (or can be used as is) and can be immediately shared on social media.

Customizing Templates

Templates are ready to go as is, or you can make them your own by:

  • Adding your logo
  • Adding a signature scene
  • Adding titles and text
  • Swapping the style
  • Selecting a new soundtrack
  • Customizing colors and fonts
  • Changing the layout and scene duration
  • Changing the ratio: square, portrait, or landscape
  • Uploading your own photos and footage

Template Library

Our new template library houses hundreds of new templates in 10 different categories. Everything from birthdays and holidays, to bridal showers and baby announcements. Whatever that special occasion may be, you’ll have somewhere to start.

Check out a few examples from our new collection:

Sip and See

Invite friends and family over to say hello to your new bundle of joy.

Upgrade With Our Sale

Share your sale with your followers with this retro look.

Sweet Summer

Share your summer sentiments with this sweet note.

Start Creating

We hope you’re as excited as we are to give our new collection of templates a shot! Read more about how to use templates in our Help Center and as always, feel free to reach out to us with any questions.

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