Celebrate National Park Week with These Stunning Views

Spring Break is cancelled and it’s still looking unclear as to when we’ll be able to travel again. While the excitement and fun of hopping on a plane feels like a distant memory, it doesn’t mean we should give up the idea entirely. With the help of technology, motivation, and some good-ol’ imagination, we can still experience some globe-trotting while self-isolating. 

  1. Virtually Visit a National Park
  2. Live Webcams
  3. Watch the Night Skies
  4. Join the Junior Rangers
  5. Visit the Grand Canyon with Elmo and Murray
  6. Turn Your Adventure into a Video

This National Park Week, instead of hiking at America’s most magnificent parks, we’re going to do it digitally. Here’s how you can celebrate the wilderness form the comfort of your own home, no hiking shoes needed!

Virtually Visit a National Park

Check out #FindYourPark at Oregon’s Crater Lake National Park with this 360 video tour! This virtual visit will inspire you to explore any of the over 400 national parks across the country.

The National Parks Foundation is allowing everyone to virtually visit a wide variety of parks – from watching the Old Faithful Geyser in Yellowstone National Park to diving into the abundant marine life at Channel Islands National Park.

Live Webcams

Make your escape to a national park with a live webcam! Get a live look at Washington D.C.’s Tidal Basin, including the Thomas Jefferson Memorial, the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial, and the Washington Monument.

While you’re taking the virtual tour, or checking out the live webcam of your choice, make sure to read some historical, geological, and botanical information about the area – which is conveniently available on the website.

Watch the Night Skies

One of the most amazing things national parks provide is a rare opportunity to enjoy the night skies. Being far away from light and air pollution allows an ability to look up and explore the great beyond. Luckily, there are tons of breathtaking videos of the skies above national parks – and they’re available online, alongside atmospheric music. Take your laptop to bed, close the lights, and gaze the night away.

Join the Junior Rangers

Are your children missing the outdoors? Download junior ranger books for them! The interactive books explore plenty of fascinating topics that will brighten any nature-loving kid’s day: from archeology to the underwater world, there is something for everyone. Who knows, your kids might be so into it that when it is possible, he’ll join a real-life junior ranger program one day!

Visit the Grand Canyon with Elmo and Murray

This is probably the most fun way to introduce preschoolers to the natural world. The National Park Service, Sesame Street, and the National Park Foundation created a series of short videos your kids are going to love. You’ll follow Elmo and Murray across different national parks and learn together about seasons, plants, and animals. All episodes are available on YouTube.

Turn Your Adventure into a Video

Create a beautiful video out of your last great adventure! Upload footage from your favorite national park (or even from the woods near home). Select a soundtrack, tell the story with titles, and you’re on your way. Check out an example video here using our Indie editing style.

Draw Color Inspo From Nature

Inspiration is all around us! Plug these hex codes in for your brand colors and watch your video come to life with all the vibrant colors of nature.

Add Some Beautiful B-roll

Want to spice up your video with some stunning footage? Sift through drone shots, sprawling landscapes, aerial views and more in our image library.

Create a Listacle Video

Listacle videos are a great way to drive engagement, and garner shares on social (especially on Facebook). Create a fun fact listacle video to celebrate #NationalParkWeek.

Check out an example video below using our Slide editing style.

In Conclusion

Even though we can’t visit our National Parks right now, there is still plenty of fun to be had. Explore the parks virtually with your kiddos, get out in your own backyard, and record the memories you make at home.

Create your adventure video now, and share it with us on social @Magistoapp.