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How to Resize Video for Instagram

The reasons for sharing videos on Instagram are plenty. Instagram is one of the most popular and engaging social networks, where good video content is always sought after. But creating a beautiful Instagram video, as appealing as it might be, is not enough. For it to gain the attention it deserves, you need to give thoughtful consideration to its length, dimensions, and size.  

Once your video is ready, you need to decide whether you want to publish it on Instagram’s story section, on Instagram’s feed, or both. Each of the options requires a different aspect ratio to ensure the video fits perfectly.

Resize Video for Instagram Story

Instagram Story requires different dimensions than pretty much anywhere else. You want your video to look it’s best, without unnecessary thick black borders or cropping. The solution is to make sure you resize your video to portrait dimensions – 9:16. For best results, shoot all of your original videos horizontally.

Resize Video for Instagram Feed

While Instagram allows different aspect ratios, we strongly recommend you go for the square orientation (1:1), which looks best. By making sure your video has the right proportions in advance, you’ll avoid Instagram’s automatic scaling when uploading.

Resize Video for Instagram Story with Magisto

In this example, we’ll show you how to turn a vertical video into a horizontal one with Magisto. This tool is open for iOS, Android, and web.

Start by clicking “Create a Video”.

Begin creating by adding your videos and photos. In this case, we used a horizontal video.

Select an editing style.

Select a soundtrack.

Finish up and create a preview.

Once your draft is ready, choose “Edit video.” As you can see, the video is still in landscape orientation.

Once you’re in the editor, go into “Video settings”.

Under “Video orientation,” pick your desired orientation (in this case – Portrait, to fit perfectly to Instagram Story).

Ta-da! Magisto’s artificial-intelligence turned the video into a portrait one, without cropping out anything meaningful from the frame. If you’re happy with the result, click “Save.”

Once your video is online, download it and share on your Instagram Story (or anywhere you like).