10 Creative Ways to Actually Use Your Travel Photos

Oh the places that I have been…

While travel may be on the backburner this year, that doesn’t mean it isn’t still on our minds. However, instead of pining for the trips that could have been, reminisce on all of the trips you have taken over the years. 

Magisto is helping you satisfy that travel bug with ten innovative ways to turn your past travel photos into fun videos, slideshows, and even gifts. 

Here are some ideas to breathe life into your throwback vacations:

  1. Compile a road trip slideshow
  2. Create a “this is my town” video
  3. Make a themed vacation slideshow
  4. Add a retro style to your throwback videos
  5. Gift your “family trip” slideshow
  6. Gift your “travel buds” slideshow
  7. Create a “same place, different year” video
  8. Add an aperture effect to your slideshow
  9. Celebrate trip anniversaries
  10. Commemorate your furry travel companion

Let’s get to it!

On the Road 

Make a road trip themed video with all of your past road trip pictures. Create a map of your starting point and ending point and use your footage to fill in the in-between — From the sleeping car photos, to the rural pit stops and the breathtaking scenery along the way. 

At the end of your video you can even create a “Where-to next” section with all of your dream road trip destinations. Upload a photo of a map, plan out your route and contribute ideas to your video every time you’re missing your regular travel routine.

My Kind of Town

We’re all limited by travel right now, so why not show off all of the great things about the town you live in? Spend a few days traveling around your own city and film some of the places you love most. Whether they’re your favorite spots to eat, hidden murals, trails to hike, or parks to explore, compile them into a customizable video. 

Once your video is complete you can easily share it to multiple social media platforms. Your video can serve as a virtual vacation for other people throughout the country. And who knows, you may even inspire someone to visit your town once they’re able.

This is How I Vacation

Look through some of your saved photos and choose one of your favorite vacations. Whether you were traveling for the holidays or even a simple weekend getaway, pull together all of your best videos for a vacation-themed video.

Tell a story through your vacation video using some of Magisto’s storytelling techniques, so viewers can feel like they were right there with you.

#Throwback Thursdays

Make a weekly series of Throwback Thursday travel videos. If you have multiple travels to share, break them up into weekly series centered around a theme. Once you upload your photos into Magisto’s video slideshow maker, you can choose our new Super 8 style that adds a retro throwback vibe.

All in the Fam

Family vacations are the best. It’s a time you can relax, unwind, and be around people you’re most comfortable with. Relive some of those moments with a look-back on past family vacations. Create a highlight reel of some of your most memorable family travel moments and vacations over the years.

Add personal touches, like a soundtrack, animated text of your vacation travel dates, and fun stickers that compliment your virtual family scrapbook. Once you’re finished personalizing it, send it out as a gift to all of your family members.

Travel Buds

A lot of us have that one friend (or group of friends) that are always down for an adventure. Remind your travel bud of all the good times you’ve had across the world by creating a friendship travel video. Pull together some of the best moments from your celebratory trips and all of those embarrassing photos you took when they weren’t looking. 

Whether it was a one time vacation or a decade of travels, your friend will love to revisit where they’ve been and the people (that’s you!) they were able to share it with.

Celebrating Tradition

Some families or friends have annual vacations they take to the same destination. While it may be hard not being able to visit that place this year, you can virtually. Create a slideshow of your annual vacations over the years.

Start from as far back as you can go then build up until your last vacation. Though the destination has always stayed the same, you can see how your family or friends have grown and changed over time.


If you want to share all of the glorious travel photos you’ve stored overtime, create a “snapshot” slideshow video of some of your favorites. They don’t have to be centered around a particular vacation or destination, but rather celebrate the experiences you’ve had over time. 

This Is Us

Remind your significant other of the memories you created while traveling together. Make an “anniversary” video of the trip you took last year, two years ago, or more, with a relationship travel memories slideshow. Once you finish your video, have a date night to watch the video together. You can even recreate some of your travel moments by decorating your home in the theme of your destination, or cook a meal of the local cuisine you shared together.

Furry Tag-Alongs 

Sometimes the best travel companions are our furry friends. If your dog, or other pet has been by your side throughout your travel adventures, commemorate them in a video compilation. Magisto has video templates to celebrate your incredible dog, or your cool cat, and the places their paws have been. 

Ready to put those travel photos to use? Start by uploading your pictures in Magisto’s video maker. We can’t wait to see where you’ve been!