Using Your Webcam like a Pro: Tips and Tools

No matter who you are or what you do, chances are you have needed to film yourself at one point or another. If you haven’t, you probably will soon. Recording videos of yourself without anyone else around to help might sound like a no-brainer, but the truth is it requires some learning and experimenting. 

The good news is, you don’t need any fancy equipment to record high quality videos of yourself. You don’t even need a camera! We’ll cover how to make professional-looking videos without actually being a professional.

Best Webcam Video Recording Software for Desktop

  1. For Mac: QuickTime Player
  2. For Windows: Camera App
  3. ManyCam
  4. ApowerREC

Best Online Webcam Video Recording Tools

  1. Clipchamp
  2. Cam-recorder

Tips and Tricks: How to Improve Your Webcam Performance

After reading this article, we guarantee you’ll be an expert in making the most out of your laptop’s webcam. Let’s get started!

Best Webcam Video Recording Software for Desktop

For Mac: QuickTime Player

Did you know that QuickTime, the native player installed on every mac, is not only a player but a decent webcam recorder? While it doesn’t have a lot of options, its straightforwardness is great for fulfilling your basic needs.

Simply click “File” and then “New Movie Recording”.

Once you permit QuickTime to use your webcam and microphone, the recorder will open. You can click on the little arrow on the recording button’s right to switch between cameras and microphones available, and to choose the video’s quality.

For Windows: Camera App

Windows users can also enjoy a simple and easy to use native webcam-recorder app. To open it, search “Camera” on the bottom left of your start menu. You can take a photo or record a video. There are a few options of recording qualities, recommend is the lowest pixel rate so you’ll file will be small and easily sharable online.


With plenty of presets and effects, ManyCam is almost overflowing with options. This far-from-minimalistic software allows you to add photos, stickers, graphic elements, text, and transitions to your videos as you record them. It can also be used for live streaming, as it integrates seamlessly with Facebook and Youtube Live. 

Though it might suffer from some overcomplexity and requires a short learning period, this software can help you add creativity and fun to your webcam videos. Available for both IOS and Windows, Free, paid versions starting at $24.


A clean-looking yet powerful software with more unveils more and more useful tools as you play around with it. Besides basic video recording, it is beneficial for those wanting to record their face and their screen at the same time – as it allows you to adjust the size of your webcam frame as part of your screen sharing. 

The software integrates with Google Drive and Dropbox for hosting and Youtube and Vimeo for sharing, all with just one click. While some features are available only for paid plans (like scheduling and recording over 3 minutes), the basic free version gives a decent solution.

Best Online Webcam Video Recording Tools


Clipchamp is an advanced free online video recorder. While it doesn’t require any downloading, you do need to sign up to use this tool, and some features are only available for paying VIP users. The experience is pretty intuitive, and there are a lot of editing options available for you to personalize your webcam video.

Once you’re logged in, click “create a video” on the home screen.

Start a new project and choose between “Record webcam” to “Record screen”.

Choose your camera and microphone input and start recording. Notice, the free version allows recordings up to 30 minutes only.

When you’re finished recording, you can use the editor to split, reorder, and even add text, media and control different video parameters.

As soon as you’re happy with the result, click “Export” on the upper right corner. Free users can export only in 480p resolution.

That’s it, your video is ready! You can download it, upload it to Google Drive, or share it on YouTube.


Cam-Recorder seems to be the best and most straightforward solution for recording a simple webcam video. No need to deal with any downloading, signing up, or editing. If all you need to do is record a short video of yourself, you’ll probably find that in this case, less is more. 

As soon as you’re on the website and without any further ado, you’re in the recorder. All there is left to do is to choose the camera and microphone input and press on the big red button to start recording. 

When you stop recording, you can watch your video, delete it, download it or share it on YouTube. 

Better Your Webcam Performance: Tips and Tricks

Finding the right desktop or online software to record your webcam video is only half the story. If you want your video to be excellent (and of course you do), there are some factors you must take into account.

Let’s go over them quickly, shall we?

Preparation is everything

Instead of diving right into recording, take some time to get ready. Write yourself down some bullets with your main ideas in order, and practice a few times before actually filming. Doing some homework will not only make your video clearer but will also help you be much more comfortable in front of the camera. 

Know your angles

Positioning your webcam’s angle the right way means a lot. Having it too low or too high can not only be extremely unflattering, but it can also make your video look unprofessional. Keep your webcam at eye level or just a little above it, and keep a reasonable head-room. 

Set up your frame and background

Your background is an essential part of your video; it’s an integral part of it. If you’re filming in a room, needless to say, it should be clean and tidy. If it’s a professional video, perhaps you’ll want to have a wall of diplomas or a library behind you. Another thing to keep in mind is your distance from the camera. Make sure you have a nice medium-shot and be careful of being too close to the camera. 

Good lighting makes the difference

No matter how good your webcam is, proper lighting goes a long way, and poor lighting can ruin your whole video. If that’s possible, use natural soft lighting by sitting in front of a window and avoid backlighting. If you most use artificial lighting, make sure it’s soft, yellow, indirect light.

Consider using an external microphone

If your video includes a lot of talking, in many cases, your laptop’s built-in microphone won’t do it. Many affordable USB microphones can easily boost up your video’s audio quality, on top of ensuring that you record in a quiet, machine-free environment.

Keep it clear

Stay focused on the message you want to get across and make sure it’s only one message with one main takeaway for the viewers. We encourage using titles throughout your video to emphasize the main topics – graphic elements are very helpful in highlighting main ideas and staying in your viewers’ memory.

Jazz Up Your Webcam Video with Magisto

Now that you’ve used the best webcam recorder for your needs and followed our tips to create the best video possible, why not take it to the next level by editing it with Magisto?

All it takes is uploading your video, then picking the right style and soundtrack (if it makes senes to your video). Once you’re done, use Magisto’s editor to polish your video by adding titles or subtitles, trimming, and re-ordering your video. When you’re ready share directly to your social channels.

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