10 Family Reunion Video Ideas

Reunited never felt so good. Getting the family together, whether in-person or virtually (you’re on mute dad) is always entertaining, to say the least. No matter how your family comes together we created five family reunion video ideas and five family reunion slideshow ideas to reminisce, look towards the future, and ultimately bring everyone closer.

Let’s dive in!

Family Reunion Video Ideas

1. Showcase family traditions

Whether it’s your nonna’s famous pasta, your annual trip to the lake, or your great-aunt’s inevitable cheek pinching, some families can always rely on a constant. Whatever makes your family unique, create a video that showcases some of your family’s most memorable traditions.  

Throughout the year leading up to your family reunion, you can film these traditions as they take place. Or have family members submit photos and videos from years past. Compile them into one video and personalize with stickers and styles.

2. Host a family talent show

Show off the talent of your family members with a compiled video of the things your family knows how to do best. Have everyone in your family submit a video of their talent: From singing their favorite song, or telling jokes, to painting a masterpiece, or setting a record for the world’s longest nap during the workday.

Or you can have a talent show take place during the family reunion and record it as it unfolds. Once the reunion is over, you can edit the video, send it out to your family members, and post to social media so people can vote for the winner. 

3. Dancing that spans Decades 

If there’s one thing for certain, each decade brings a craze of new dance moves. Whether you’re booking a DJ for the night or hosting a virtual dance party, be sure to hit record as each family member shows off their favorite dance moves that represent their respective era. 

Each family member can submit their favorite track, or you can surprise them with a song on the spot. Watch everyone twist it out, shake it up, or whatever Fortnite dance your nephew seems to be doing these days. 

4. Make a video of your family’s shining moments 

How often does your family have a reunion? Every year, five years, 10 years? Chances are there’s a lot that happens in between the time you can all gather together. And depending on how far apart your family members live, there may be some missed moments where not everyone can join in.

Catch everyone up to speed with a video of all of your family’s biggest moments that have taken place from your last reunion up until now. Celebrate the couples who have gotten married, the new babies added to your clan, and the graduates who are paving the way. 

Pro tip: Want to move your audience even more? Add music to your family reunion video by selecting one of our commercially licensed tracks.

5. Interviews to Remember

Recording someone’s life story is one of the most memorable things you can do to honor their legacy and the historic events they’ve experienced. It’s also an important keepsake to pass down to younger generations for years to come. 

Create poignant interview questions and ask them to a selected family member. Record their responses and then customize your own video by changing the background, uploading your scenery, and other personalized touches to commemorate their story.

Family Reunion Slideshow Ideas

1. Guess who? Which family member did this baby turn out to be? 

Over the years we’ve all changed. But can you recognize your closest family members at any age? Create a “then and now” slideshow with embarrassing or adorable baby photos, have your family members guess who it is, and then reveal the correct answer with a current photo of what they look like today. 

With Magisto’s different layout options you can create side-by-side comparisons and add your own text. 

2. Family-Outtakes

There’s always that one family member that has their eyes closed in every picture or who is always in mid-sentence with their mouth open when a photo is snapped. Flip through your family photo album and collect all of the “family outtakes” over the years. You can also get family members to submit their own.

Scan the photos, or upload them to create a custom family outtakes slideshow. Create funny captions or select a humorous song to accompany your awkward family moments. 

3. Pay Tribute 

Make a tribute to one of your family members. Maybe you’re celebrating your grandmother’s 90th birthday or your grandparent’s 50th wedding anniversary. No matter the occasion, tell the life story of a prominent member of your family.

In addition to photographs of that person’s life, you can also include their favorite songs, and scan other important documents, like an old passport of places they’ve traveled, a diploma, a certificate of their achievements, or even old letters or journal entries. 

4. Friendly Competition: Create a Family-Themed Trivia Game

 You might be surprised to learn about some of your family member’s life moments. You may think you know them, but do you really? Leading up to your family reunion, have family members submit interesting facts about themselves.

Then, create a slideshow and quiz other family members during your reunion. What celebrity did Aunt Mary date in 1965? Which family member once met the President? How many times did Uncle Jack fail his driver’s license test? Whoever answers the most correctly, wins.

5. Create Your Own Photo Booth

At your family reunion set out over-the-top props that show off the personality of your family members. Appoint someone to be the designated photographer, and snap some staged and candid pics at the event (or take a screenshot if you’re having a virtual reunion).

Later you can create a slideshow of all of the photos taken during the reunion. Don’t have time to DIY your own photo backdrop? Not a problem. With Magisto’s video editor, you can upload signature scenes, and change out the background with ease. 

Create Your Own Family Reunion Video

Now it’s your turn! Magisto’s video editor makes it easy to customize your family reunion slideshow in just a few clicks. It’s simple: 

  1. Start from scratch or choose a template
  2. Upload some of your favorite photos from over the years
  3. Add stickers, graphics, and animated text to bring your video to life
  4. Add your own music or choose from our collection of over 750+  soundtracks
  5. Save and share